I've been writing and blogging about the Toronto music scene since 2005, so it's always great to review a musical project from a friend, from the city. You feel an automatic connection to it, naturally. But when you listen to a friend's music for the first time and you actually really like it; man is that ever awesome. This particular friend of mine is Zaid Khan, and he just wrapped up his Toronto-basd solo project Shallow Waves after a year in the making. The album “Situations” drops on January 15th, 2016. After hearing the first single, "Tired", I'm dying to hear the rest. It's hard, it's catchy, it's dirty, it's spooky ; it's everything I love in a song. Listen to it now! If it's a taste of what Shallow Waves is made of, this is sure to be one of 2016's most delicious releases.

"Situations" will be available through all major online avenues (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) as well as a limited number of cassettes to follow.