So, I've had a borderline sick obsession with Rachael Leigh Cook since I was a very young lady. Babysitters Club? Strike? She's All That? The New Found Glory music video for 'Dressed To Kill'? I mean COME ON. She's the fucking cutest thing in the word, and I was always drawn to her because she played characters that were always awkward like me. The woman is a star. But, in most people's eyes, her real time to shine came when she stared as Josie in Josie & The Pussycats – easily, and shamelessly, one of my favourite movies. Not only is it fucking hilarious, but the music's great and it's so fun to look at! Visually, it is one of the best from the 2000's. And the fashion kills me; I remember as soon as I left the movie theatre after seeing it I pretty much ran out and got the 'Josie' hair-do the very next day. Arms raised high for the incredible costume designer, Leesa Evans – "She got her start on the set of 'Clueless'. Need we say more?" Here's why we will forever be CHANNELING Rachel Leigh Cook as Josie from Josie & The Pussycats!

...and just for a delicious treat for your senses: