I've had a hell of a year so far, kids! Jesus. 2013 is turning out to be one of the most exciting years of my life; if it keeps up like this, I just may die. So the big Bangs & Blush 'Bowties & Party Dresses" New Years Eve party was a total hit - the place was packed, the mood was great, the people were awesome. I had been sick all Christmas break, literally down on my knees sick, but managed to plow through NYE and it was a wonderful evening. New years day, and January 2nd I spent most of in bed. Sheer exhaustion; see, this is why I always get sick around Christmas. It's the most insane|intense|extreme month of the yeah with 10,000,000 fucking things to do and see and go. By the end of it all, I always collapse into this shit-pile of kleenex and Neo-Citron. So, I was sick and tired yadda yaada. Wednesday, I wake up in the early morning with the most extreme stomach pain I've ever had paired with violent puking. Jesse took me to the ER. 5 hours at Mount Siani Hospital later, I'm in a gown hooked up to an IV curled in a ball waiting for the Reaper. But I came out alive, and here I am! Ready to get this fucking year started right, again. So maybe you should come out and party with me tomorrow night where I plan on dancing like a wind-up monkey all night long. I'd pay $5 for that! Happy New Year, everyone! 
Clinton's on New Years Eve just when we opened doors!
The girls on New Years Eve!
The time I thought I died. Fuck yeah, 2013!