Beach/Cottage Therapy
It's usually around this time of year where I start to go completely bat-shit crazy unless I get the chance to skip out of town for a few days here and there and turn the ol' phone/laptop/brain off. I've been very lucky the last two weeks to have two different cottage/lake experiences; one, with my lovely work/life partner Lindsay Darling in the town of South Hampton off Lake Huron, and the second with Jesse, some old friends and Luke, Jesse's buddy visiting from England. It was his first cottage experience ever! Look below to bask in the cuteness of Jesse and Luke enjoying a little peace and quiet together. Other than that, it's been me either a) laying in sand, with a little smoking/swimming in-between, or b) laying on grass, with a little smoking/swimming/bbq'ing/badminton'ing in-between. It's been a real good start to this summer, and just what my brain and body needs right now. 

My Awesome Boyfriend
My beautiful, hilarious, talented and wicked boyfriend Jesse turned 29 last week; his mom posted this photo on his Facebook wall to commemorate his 10th birthday and the very first drum kit he ever got; how fucking cute is this? So excited, he didn't even put pants on! I love the guy to death. We've been having a fun summer together so far!
How retarded is this.
Baby Gabe!
Jesse's totally wonderful nephew Gabe just celebrated his 1st birthday! Happy birthday, little buddy! Here's Gabe at his birthday party last weekend, totally losing his mind as he eats his first piece of cake EVER. This is also his first taste of suger EVER. My little monster!

Summer's here, and the time is right for peeling and mashing avocados and adding that saliva-inducing green paste to nearly everything I eat. I love me my guac'! Seriously - burgers, chips, sandwiches, omelets; you name it, I put guacamole on it. But the best guac I've ever had still belongs to El Trompo in Kensington Market... my favorite Mexican restaurant in the city! Run and grab yourself some, son!

Bathing suits 
Just like most women, I've always been somewhat self-conscious about my bod in a bathing suit. God, who doesn't feel weird peeling off clothes to reveil pretty much all you've got to work with in front of judging eyes. But lately, I've been enjoying a real DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK doobie and smoking the hell out of it. So when a camera was pulled out to take a photo of me in a bathing suit at the cottage the other day, do you really think I actually gave a fuck? We should all hang out in bathing suits all the time! What's better than the bathing-suit/no make-up/dirty feet/washing your hair in the lake sorta life? It really makes it hard for me to adjust back to the over-the-top/materialistic life-style we lead in the city. Let's let our guts lose every once and a while, who really gives a fuck. Fuck. 
Clare and I before we dove into the canal!
Friends Who Become Family
I've got some wonderful friends. My dear, old, beloved friend Gene (pictured left) is moving to Calgary in a few weeks to take on an incredible career opportunity and I couldn't be happier for him. I love him to death, will miss him a lot and will always be his pal... just one of those situations where you realize your friends are family and you're stuck with them forever. But in the best way possible. Just like my brother-from-a-different-mother Trevor (right), who has been one of the most incredible people to me in my life. He's mother-fucking stuck with me, too! Here's to good friends who see you through the worst, and are there for the best. Friends who'd help you hide a body... right guys? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

Electric Chapel
Coming soon.



Hey my little Shirksters! Been away from the ol' desk the last few days to get away with my pal Lindsay to head up and get some beach time in. The timing couldn't have been more perfect; have been stressed out with a bunch of things the last little while. There's just something about mother nature and her way of scooping you up with a cool breeze, a wavy lake and soft sand to take you away from it all . Will return to the city (and Shirk) on Friday! Enjoy your week, and Toronto- stay cool!


Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon as the "Girl Group" in Little Shop Of Horror's! 


Bangs & Blush were featured in an incredible article written by PAUL AGUIRRE-LIVINGSTON for The Grid. Head over heels happy. Read it HERE now!