i've been wanting an original kitty kat clock for years! and i finally found a website that sells them. too bad they're so damn expensive. but! i will no doubt be handing over the big bucks, because this mother fucker needs to be on my kitchen wall STAT. 



hey fellow shirksters! today was a nice lazy sunday; just what i needed. after already hours of my married with children marathon, i ventured outside where i ran into my awesome landlord jeff. he showed me this small drawer unit that he found in his garage; if i wanted it i could have it! luckily it's nice and small, just like my apartment, and i've been dying for a little extra storage space. so with my collection of "collectors" beatles magazines that have been just sitting around, i used them to my delicious advantage. all you need are some scissors and rubber cement and you can go to town, baby!
i've got a lot of beatles magazines!
just gettin' started!
rubber cement is one the greatest inventions, ain't it?
hope to see you at the piston and on the dance floor this upcoming saturday when beatlemania! returns once again! bangs & blush know how to throw one hell of a dance party, so grab your guys/girls and put on your dancin' shoes!

i tend to post this a lot after coming home from shake rattle & roll/socializing/drinking and jesse just so happens to be away for some reason for this particular occasion. probably because since i met jesse, i've realized that i CAN exist totally perfectly with someone/can't live a single day without him. so then i become all girly, stare at the window, "i wonder what he's doing now" shit happens and then bam, i'm posting this song somewhere.

so please forgive me; i'll do it this one last time.

goodnight ('morning?), jesse.


Since I left for Turkey a few weekends back, I've missed two weekends of DJ'ing in a row. Luckily, my lovely business/ass-shaking partner Lindsay and I were playing at a beautiful wedding last night in Toronto, so I sort of got my groove back. But TONIGHT.... tonight, 
I've missed my Shake, Rattle & Roll SO MUCH! And I can't wait for all of you hip chicks and cool cats to make your way onto the dance floor. Men, suit up. Ladies, get'cher hair did. We're gonna look good, feel good and hurt SO good after a hip-poppin'/heel breakin' good time tonight on the ol' Clinton's dance floor. So happy to be back, and so excited to DANCE!



Giving it up to my amazing grandmother who continues to kick some amazing ass. Love you, Margy!


last month, we were posting play lists about celebrating the fact that summer was just around the corner. well bitches, summer's here. get in your back yard, crack open a beer and press play.