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My 26th birthday is coming up in a month. I guess it's sort of juvenile to still excite myself over getting old, but it's more or less just an excuse to get myself something nice to celebrate making it past another year... barely. Crawling, more like it! I'm gettin' old, but life's good. So here's a fancy list of pretty things I'd like to have in my possession in celebration of being 9,463 days old!

A"Big Girl's" Purse

So what I mean by a "big girl" purse is a bag that's beautiful, a little more expensive and a lot better quality than those cheap bags you can get at all of the big chains that end up falling apart pretty fast. This beautiful green Kate Spade ($398) is right up my alley; a lot more than I would usually spend on a bag, but I think it's worth saving up for and treating myself to, don't you think? A lot more realistic than this $3,759 Miu Miu, that's for sure!

A Big Gold Watch
For years and years and years I've been looking for the perfect gold watch. I used to visit the St. Lawrence Market on the weekends when they would have a huge, outdoor and indoor antique market. I must've collected at least 4-5 mens gold watches that I never even bothered to get fixed. I needed a nice new watch! The thing is, is I'm not much of a jewlery wearer; I think wearing a big gold watch would be about the extent of my accessory wearing... but at least it serves a purpose in making sure I'm always on time! I love this very popular Michael Kors watch (just over $400), but I also really like this Nixon ($225); it's big, gold, chunky and affordable... and that's what I like!

An iPod
So I've been running on the same iPod for nearly three years; it's treated me well, and I never leave the house without it, but it's not big enough for my music collection. Thus, I have to pick and choose what music I want and don't want on my current iPod at any given time. I find this unfair, and call me a punk but I don't want to have to put all my music on my iPhone because I want to keep as much memory on that bitch as possible! So, I don't need much... no iPod Videos/iPod Touch's, just give me the Classic iPod so I can put all my tunes on it and I'll be happy. 

A Southern Accent Pecan Pie Birthday Cake
Us here at Shirk Magazine are HUGE, HUGE Southern Accent fans. If you've never been before, head to 595 Markham St. Toronto IMMEDIATELY. Anyways, aside from the incredible Cajun/New Orleans/Creole cruising and the best cocktails I've personally ever had made for me, a huge reason alone to visit this incredible spot is the pecan pie. It's world-famous, apparently. And it makes sense why. Now, to have a whole birthday cake of this? Happiness.
A New Tattoo
I've been dying for a new one! It's just one of those things that one rarely has enough money just sitting around to be spent on tattoos that often... well, for me anyways. And I've always thought a great gift to get someone is paying for a tattoo. Clearly my mother won't be onboard with this request but perhaps, Jesse...?

A Top Shop Gift Certificate
I love me some Top Shop, need I explain more?

my upcoming Istanbul trip
so i'm leaving to go to istanbul during the beginning of may for a week with my dad! i haven't done much research on the place yet (except for a few anthony bourdain No Reservations episodes), but slowly i'm starting to realize that instanbul is a magical place like no other. it's literally the line that divides european and asian culture and swirls it all together; i can't express to you enough how excited i am to try the food, the drink, the shopping, the night-life, the music, the language... it's truly exciting. and of course, i plan on keeping you all in the loop during my trip. just you all wait, instambul - may 2012, coming to shirk magazine!

so now that i've decided to curb drinking beer for a while considering how much it makes me feel like a complete sack of shit every time i consume it, i've resorted to drinking cider instead. call me crazy, but nothing compares to a cold tall glass of cider with a million ice cubes floating in it. the crazy part is, i'm starting to get some pretty bad hang-overs from just a few of them, so i'm going to have to make this a light treat here and there. and hey, a little gin could never hurt either. yay alcohol!!

last month being 25
time passes too quickly now. it's making me nervous. i'm always thinking that life's passing me by way too fast; that kids are growing to fast, people are dying too fast, and that i'm looking in the mirror and wondering where the hell my 17 year old self went. shit's cray, but what better way to look at life instead by celebrating the fact that i even made it this far. here's to a month left of the first quarter (knock on wood) of my life! that's right, 100 or bust!

my honey balsamic vinaigrette recipe
i've been making this dressing for a while now, and i think i have it down to true perfection. this dressing works on literally any salad; it could be a bland green salad with little to no toppings, or covered in goat cheese, avocado, strawberries, walnuts... you name it - it works! obviously be sure to taste the dressing as you're measuring to see how you like it, but here's what you start with and this is how i do it, montell jordan style:
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp. soy sauce
  • 2 tsp. honey
  • 1 clove garlic, minced 
  • salt and peper to preference
  • 1 pinch of sugar
what's wrong, fat man? you still believe you don't make friends with salad? well try this dressing out for size!
try playing this song as you're making your dressing; it just might end up becoming the best, most tasty salad bringin' DA FLAVA.

random gifts from friends
my dj partner and pal lindsay darling surprised me with these lovely teeny-tiny awesome fast-food cards from a japanese paper store the other day; obviously she knows me well, because i fucking love stuff like this. i honestly most of the time won't even use them; just keep them in their packages to look at forever. for...ever.

i'm a lucky gal. i've got the best boyfriend in the world everyone, and i just wanted to shove it in your face. and twist it around. like when people get pie's thrown in their faces in movies. that's how i want to smash into all of your faces that my boyfriend is the best. nah, all jokes aside, i've got the best man a lady could ever ask for. and i just had to say it.

shake, rattle & roll make up
twiggy really had something going on when she engineered and revolutionized this classic 60's mod/go-go look. and it's so easy to do! i may have to put up a make-up tutorial one of these days on shirk or the bangs & blush blog, but here's a photo of my make-up did last saturday night. all i need to invest in are a few pairs of really good faux eyelashes. i'm telling you girls, it works on any face and looks incred! try it out yourself!


probably my least favorite thing in the whole world is blindly in the dark searching in your under-the-sink bin for a bandaid and then accidentally running your finger over a loose razor blade IN your toiletry bin and then having to really dig a lot harder for a bandaid than you originally thought.
doesn't quite work with my story, but you get the idea.


We're oh-so excited for the upcoming Philip Tetro's Madonna Party that we will be co-presenting and DJ'ing on Thursday March 29th at Clinton's with our talented panelist from MTV’s 1 Girl 5 Gays! Oh-so excited indeed that we had to have our pal Philip get in on the action we like to call 8 Songs! It's one of our favorite featurette's here at the Bangs & Blush Blog, and today we're asking Philip what his Top 8 Favorite Madonna Songs are... a very daunting task for the biggest Madonna fan we know!

*  *  *

"The juxtaposition of sex, religion, a black jesus, and my choir boy days all mixed into one. It’s an amazing song with an amazing message that I could relate to as a young catholic gay boy: God is sexy."

"My love of Latin culture, the Spanish language, Madonna with dark hair, sexy men dancing in the streets, and a sense of longing that’s so evident in Madonna’s voice. We all want to escape to a beautiful island, don’t we?"

"Madonna’s return to pure, simple, catchy, fun pop/dance music. She made disco cool again thirty years later, with an accompanying album and tour that changed the course of pop music as we know it today. Dance music post 2005 tried to mimic what Madonna did with this song, and that influence is still seen in music seven years later."

"Madonna as a sex-crazed, successful business woman who has sex with strangers, smokes too many cigarettes, and is clearly not happy with anything in her life. She dies at the end of the video and is taken to heaven on a crane with Christopher Walken. Perfect."

"The emptiness and sadness Madonna feels in this song and video are so palpable, my heart hurts just thinking about it. It’s sung about someone so cold and closed, and you feel the pain in her eyes when she resorts to turning into crows and multiple versions of herself to escape the hurt. Artistically, one of the best Madonna music videos ever."

"This song taught me at a young age that it doesn’t matter who I am, where I come from, or who I want to be, that I am special and, at a young age, taught me how talented I am. I used to pose in mirrors and follow the choreography in this video which, I know for a fact, gave me the confidence to be the artist I am today. I still listen to this song at least five times a day."

"Madonna with cornrows, being bound in an all-leather outfit trying to escape the box that society put her in helped me to understand that I need to be free of cultural and societal chains if I ever want to accomplish anything. Madonna taught me to express myself, not repress myself, and that is the mantra I live my life with every day."

"A fun, up-beat song about not being able to help yourself from falling in love with someone the more that you are with them. Family values, sexual innuendo, pure fun, harmonies for days, dance breakdowns, and Spanish guitars make me fall deeper and deeper in love with Madonna each day!"

Find Philip with us, Bangs & Blush, this Thursday at Clinton's (693 Bloor St. W) for the sweatiest Madonna party ever - Philip Tetro's Madonna Party! Thank you to Philip and MTV Canada!


troubalour is one of my favorite toronto-based bands right now, writing and playing tunes that sound like they're straight out of 1976. good times all around when these guys play!
i'm back to wearing a spring jacket and i couldn't be happier. never have i really been so sure that weather has a very intense effect on me, and lately i've been in such good spirits with all the sunshine and warmth. keep it comin', earth.
to celebrate our early spring, jesse and i went to utopia for our favorite daiquiri in the city! we both strongly suggest you try it and we promise you won't be disappointed. 
izzy and i just havin' a cat nap. he's been a real jerk-off lately, but when he's sweet... he's really sweet.
it was my cousin katie's 21st birthday last week, and what did i get her for her birthday? a mexican wrestling mask in an adult size. enjoy katie!  
my park hangout days are back! this week alone, jesse and i found ourself meeting and running into friends at the ol' bellwoods nearly every day. it's been wonderful, hasn't it? and here's the lovely and beautiful clare!
jesse and i went to our buddy matty d's shop imporiam which is just a little north of queen on ossington. this ladies hat made of birds that have been dead for nearly 100 years sure looks hot on jesse. pimp-like. 



so, i just realized that i haven't talked much on shirk lately; i usually obsess about something, post a million photos or link a youtube video for everyone's enjoyment.

this has been easy.

i guess lately life's been so topsy-turvy lately (in the best way possible) that i haven't really given myself the time to stop and smell the roses. 

but things are pretty fantastic.

where i am in my life right now compared to what life was like when i started shirk... wowza. it's almost as if that brittney townson never really existed. sure; i started this blog as an easy escape out of having to design an actual website for graphic design school for my final thesis project; i managed to debate with most of my professors about letting me do my project with a blog, in which they all finally okay'd it... but it really (obviously) for me turned into something a lot more.

i've been writing blogs since grade 9; i remember being one of the first kids i knew 'round the block with internet at the time. i would design these awesome blogs on geocities, REMEMBER GEOCITIES? and write about whatever. eventually my friends with computers/internet started asking me about my blog, and i'd give them the address. i watched as my little geocities "visitors" number tab started ranking in results. then i realized, i had a very important tool at the end of my finger-tips; people were reading what i was writing and reading it a lot. i eventually started to write about high-school gossip; people the readers actually knew from school OMG LOL!!! i remember even writing some dirt about some stupid bitch we all had to bare going to school with, and i heard through the grapevine she knew it was about her. that was some killer gossip; shit was sweaty for a while. learned my lesson; stopped with the high-school bullshit, and finally started a blog a lot more fun to write for. i had started writing as a music journalist a few years back for a few online publications, and that was great and all; but i was working under someone else's schedule, on someone else's release date and... i'm sorry, i'm just a mother-fucking procrastinator. give me a date, and most of the time i'm there doing it an hour before it's expected. that, and it just kills me creativity-wise. i've always been this way. i need to have that spark in me give me a shock down my arms when i have a brilliant idea; it's the only reason i have a blog. something jolts me and then i run to the computer. this is the way i want my blog to be! 

and with all the amazing positivity in my life lately, including an incredible job as a full-time DJ and promoter as half of Bangs & Blush, incredible friends and the man of my dreams, writing and running this blog has been a real treat and something i'll definitely look back on years from now (if technology hasn't advanced so much that i have no fucking clue what i'm doing) and say, holy fuck. those were definitely the best years of my life.

that's all i really want you guys to know. if you've been reading shirk for 5 days, or 5 years... thank you for letting me have an audience for this TNT of creativity that needs it's way out of me. it's gotten me pretty far in a lot of ways. and it's definitely seen it's ups and downs... but then again, so have i.

brittney loves you, ok?