today i woke up to terrible news; davy jones from the famed rival band to the beatles, the monkees, passed away after suffering a heart attack at age 66. he was a little bit of a hero in this girl's eyes.

around the age of five, "the best of the monkees" was the first album i ever purchased for and by myself. i continued from there on for years to ruin my family's every day life by playing all of my monkees albums over and over and over and over and over. i would watch the monkees sitcom on much music every night before bed. then my aunt introduced me to the monkee's first and only feature film, head. i was obsessed. and to this day, hearing the music of the monkees warms my heart and takes me back to being a kid. now, i can't pick favorites either - but davy, lord was he cute. he was little, but he had pipes! he was funny and he made me laugh a lot. so it's sad sad news today at shirk magazine headquarters folks, but at least we'll always have the music, man. rest in peace little davy, we will miss you.


two 'obsessed with' features in one day? well aren't we lucky! i've recently discovered an artist lad by the name of Cari Vander Yacht who's not only a rad painter, but he's created a whole bunch of amazing gif art using old photographs. you can check out his site by clicking HERE, but i thought i'd throw you all a few examples to get your saliva going. 


a very very very happy birthday to one of my idols, cindy wilson from The B-52's, and it's her birthday today! happy birthday cindy! you're super rad!


My Awesome Boyfriend
The incredible photograph seen before you (and below) is one that I was shown through giggles by Jesse's mom and sisters the last time I was over at their place for dinner. I literally responded with, "Jesse? No, no... that can't be Jesse." But it is! What a babe! Check out that gear! And who's the lucky lady who got to spend that afternoon hitting the slopes with mister Jesse Labovitz himself? This is a game-changer, folks. 

My New Kate Spade iPhone Case from Lindsay
My Bangs & Blush other half and lady friend Lindsay just arrived back from a week and a half visit to San Francisco; as always, upon her return we cocktail and she tells me tales of complete relaxation and tranquility and then I start thinking about taking a vacation... and then she pop's out of her purse cute little things for me, including this adorable new iPhone case from Kate Spade! What a great gift, just my taste. It's up there with the Robot ring Phil got for me and the umbrella hat Jesse will be wearing all summer while BBQ'ing. Thanks guys!

Washed Out
I discovered Washed Out when I started to get into Portlandia, which I'm surprised hasn't been featured on TILF yet... but anyways, the second I heard Feel It All Around, I knew I needed to find out who this band was and get their album asap. Lucky for me, their entire EP Life Of Leisure is good from beginning to end, and their newest full length Within Or Without is apparently great too... though I've only heard a few tracks off of it. This is a great band to play on days like this; calm, grey, rainy, chill. 

Water Chestnuts
Man, I love these things. Crunchy, cool and the texture is amazing; I love water chestnuts! According to Wikipedia, a water chestnut is:
a grass-like sedge grown for its edible corms. The water chestnut is actually not a nut at all, but an aquatic vegetable that grows in marshes, underwater in the mud. It has tube-shaped, leafless green stems that grow to about 1.5 metres.
Delish, get me some of that! 

Horshack Sundays at The Orbit Room 
First and foremost, a) if you haven't been to the Orbit Room, change that: 580 College St. Toronto. And b) if you don't know who Horshack are, change that by visiting the Orbit Room on Sundays! I started going there because Jesse and his best bud Ryan (pictured below singing on the mic) started bar-backing there. The band has become good friends of ours now and they play an all-killer no-filler set of classic rock from the 70's/80's every Sunday night. It's a guaranteed great night out. And I'll always be found sitting at the Orbit Room bar by myself watching them. Creepy? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.
And look, there's Jesse on the drums!
These Nails, I WANT 'EM NOW!
Where and how can I have these nails? I want em now! NOW!


it's been a while, i know! i've been slacking on the things that i love, especially on fridays! but not this week, not today, not like this! here we are with the triumphant return of things i love fridays!!

The Classic Blanket/Cup Of Tea Combo
so my friend and business partner lindsay has been away on vaycay in the lovely san francisco the last week, and she put up some beautiful iphone instagrams; one totally summing up what my perfect idea of relaxation means... the classic "blanket/cup of tea" combo. growing up with a lot of lady tea-drinkers in my family, at the end of the day it was always my mum and i curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a throw blanket each. now exhale and let your day's stresses just melt away.
ahhh, bliss.
Sitting In The Tub During A Shower
this may be something that only kids should and will do, but fuck that, i know you do it sometimes too! don't lie! sometimes it's a wonderful feeling to crank the shower on high heat and park your ass down in the tub and just let the hot water do the work for you. one time i even fell asleep in the tub doing that exactly. yeeeep.
Bouffant'ing My Hair
my hair's currently in that awkward growing-out phase (when the hell isn't it), and the mullet-ness has returned with a vengeance. because i don't want to take any scissors to it just yet, i've decided to just pin it up every day instead. and since i've started doing that, i've been somehow getting a bigger and bigger bouffant every day and i love it! i need to get some actual photo evidence of this as soon as i can, but in the mean time...
the foxy ronette's - wish i looked this good!
To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar
having recently rediscovered this awesome film thanks to my friend trevor, i've fallen back in love with the 90's hit starring patrick swayze, wesley snipes and john leguizamo about, what else, drag queens! i will never ever get sick of this movie; quite the contrary. i think i just might start a daily mantra of watching this before i leave the house.
"Where... is... the boddddaaaaay."
This Song
a. lot.

Sweet People
last weekend, a lovely and stylish little lady who's been coming to shake rattle & roll/fuck it for a while now with her tall friend jeff, brought and HAND MADE lindsay and i half a dozen little cupcakes each with delicious icing topped with sour watermelon candies (in honor of our baby/johnny dirty dancing themed party) and ... just look at how fucking cute this is! such a wonderful feeling to meet nice people like her who go out of their way to do such kind and sweet things. thank you so so so much again; stuff like that melts my heart :)
look at how cute these are! and she even included a little valentine and everything. what a sweet heart!



1. Stutter - Elastica
2. Black Tongue - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. You Da One - Rihanna
4. Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials cover) - Amy Winehouse
5. Money Grabber - Fitz & The Tantrums
6. Yoo Hoo - Imperial Teen
7. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window - The Beatles
8. Dammit Janet - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
9. Miserable - Lit
10. Inbetween Days - The Cure
11. Train - Goldfrapp
12. What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club

i've talked about it before, and i'll talk about it again; i'm obsessed with ardene flats! they're cheap, simple and cute. i've been waiting for months now for the spring shoes to pop back into stores, and last week i happened to be in the mall and my eyes caught a rainbow coloured wall full of flats! 2/$20 later and i'm in shoe heaven.



yesterday while running some errands along bloor st. west, i stopped in my tracks when my eyes caught a store front window full of adorable things. i had not seen this store before; my area is pretty desolate when it comes to interesting cute shoppes. without being able to find a store name or sign, i waltzed inside to find a huge store full of, what else, more adorable things! talking to a very sweet employee there, she told me that GENERAL TAO had only opened a few weeks ago. i spent a good twenty minutes in there, and in that time learned that they not only carry a shit load of cool housewares/gifts/stationary/gadgets, and a lot of kirkland stuff (one of my favorite companies), but the prices were cheeeap. cute stuff for cheap. who can go wrong. next time you're in the bloor west christie - ossington area, stop into general tao; i know i will be back there in a matter of days for sure.

store front! 
i bought this little "pocket change" plate for $7.99! i also bought my girlfriend a little something for her birthday, but  i obviously can't post thaaat!




beetlejuice is my favorite movie, hands down. sure, i'm a lydia fan, but catherin o'hara's character delia deetz who's a total spaz/new york sculpture artist to this day hold's down some serious style. and i've also come to realize that i will probably end up looking like delia deetz one day. and then my sculptures will come to life and tie me up.


Just another day at Shirk Magazine headquarters! 



Are these shoes not incredible? Click HERE to be sent to the tutorial of how to make these babies; I'm making me a pair for the summer!

Lately, Izzy's been a really good cat. He, no lie, actually said the word "mama" to me last week and so far have been able to get him to to say it a few other times with the help of some fresh raspberries. 
Jesse and I have been cooking some incredible meals lately together; this is a photo of a dinner we had last week. Fresh chicken breast stuffed with thick cut bacon, both from the butcher, and stuffed with goat cheese, bread crummed and then served with a delicious balsamic salad, a banquette and red wine. Hell yeah.
Jesse and I had a Free Times visit and got ourselves some cheap afternoon pints. It's a nice thing to do here and there. 
Went to visit my grandma Margie and she showed me these two photos that she found after years and years of thinking they had disappeared. The photo (above) shows her at age 15/16 with her medal/trophy collection from her diving years. My grandmother was such a skilled diver that she was training to compete in that year's Olympics; she would've made it if the London-based ceremony had't of been cancelled that year due to the war. She's still a gold-medalist to me.
Look at her insane form! Look at this insane dive! Nuts!
Oh, and she's gonna just love this; here's my grandma Margie last week from me showing her how to use the Photobooth ap on her new iPad. Lovely.
The Marvelous Darlings re-formed and played an insane show last Thursday at Sneaky Dee's with Troubadour and The Get Nuns. I was right at the front of the pit for the first half of the set but had to get out of there because I was literally about to have the crap kicked out of me. Look, there's Jesse! 
Here's the crowd just before things got insane on Saturday at Shake, Rattle & Roll! Now that we're DJ'ing on the Clinton's stage, I get to look at all your pretty faces all night!
Self-portrait, by yours truly.