in this crazy new featurette, i am bringing you stories, reviews (including photographic evidence) and my over-all two cents about food in the city of toronto! and today we're going to start with a teeny photo-essay of some of my most recent food adventures; some good, some bad. gettin' hungry.

here's a photo of jesse enjoying a lovely home-made lemonade from southern accent (595 markham st., just by honest ed's!), one of jesse and i's favorite restaurant's in the city. they serve incredible cajun/creole/soul food, including what we ate that night; pre-fix including yam soup/blackened chicken/garlic mash/collard greens/the best fucking pecan pie in the city. i was going to take a photo of my dinner, but i forgot as i was lost in flavor/pleasure town while eating it.
this, my friends, is a wedding cake belonging to my recently married friends, robin and erica black. and yes, those are the ninja turtles. need i say more. 
as erica and robin black's wedding drew to a close, a delicious buffet of homestyle chili (with an insane selection of toppings including sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, green onions etc.) and fresh bread rolls was served. most of my friends, pictured here, went back for seconds and even thirds. yum.

considering the wedding was in niagara falls, i couldn't help but not visit the iHop the morning after. with one killer hang-over, i was soon feeling on top of the world and full of lard after my strawberry pancakes/eggs/home fries/uncooked bacon/$4 water coffee/sunny d for what's supposed to be orange juice. i nearly spent as much on this breakfast as i did for my damn hotel the previous night. jesus christ.
then last night, my lovely and talented cook of a boyfriend made one of the most killer steak fajita dishes i've ever had! the boy can cook, what can i say!


it was a slow and steady slope, but i finally got over the hurdle that was accepting a new year. fuck, cut me some slack; i live in a basement apartment, consistently fight vitamin-D deficiency, the four hours of sunlight i get while working a night job as a dj/following the trails of my working musician boyfriend and the shitty toronto winter can reeeeeeeally get you down. but i've decided long ago that i'm kicking 2012's ass, and so what that i got a bit of a late start. 

things at shirk are getting juicy! we've got a whole slew of exciting new features, fun stuff and interesting things to see and learn coming soon to shirk magazine! our creativity is our life's blood, and it's flowin' angry like when an elderly person reads the newspaper! 

just you wait and keep your bloglovin'/bookmarks set STRAIGHT: set them to SHIRK!


will be post-poned until early next week. just you wait! i'll give you this for the time being:


so far, 2012 has been pretty sweet. i've been busy as hell, the creative juices are flowing, i've got some kick-ass friends who are riding this wave with me and i'm always looking forward to the future. like anyone else, i have no idea the kind of year we all have in store, but i'm looking at it all through rose tinted glasses and hoping to sculpt this year into the best one in brittney townson history. who's down!?

my new foam-top mattress
what a god-send, thank you ikea. the other day i catapulted (literally) myself to ikea to get some much-needed items for around the house. one item being my lovely new foam-top mattress. $150 later, my bed has completely transformed and i'm sleeping like a baby drunk on breast milk. gross, but a good analogy, right? i finally got my red shag carpet back, too! we had some minor flood problems last year (our house is over 100 years old, so understandably...) but everything's fixed now and izzy the cat is loving the shag.

jesse in a suit
here he is on new years eve. well slap my face and call me bruce, what a babe. 

our mild canadian winter (so far)
there was a day, i think it was last tuesday, where the temperature dropped to over 15 degrees below zero, and that was the high for the afternoon! it was a terrible day, and i was praying that the rest of the winter wouldn't be as harsh. but then the cold subsided, and today feels like a lovely spring day in toronto! sunshine, a some-what warm breeze... i can deal with this. 
just shoveling a pathway to the end of the drive way! typical!
the christie pitts light tiger!
every year, right in front of christie pitts park on bloor st., koreatown sets up this symbolic torontonian winter display; the light tiger! i've been looking forward to when they set it up for years and years now, and i always smile with delight that first day i see it; then i know winter has definitely arrived!
this song


huzzah, it has arrived! now that it's only a few days into the new year, i've finally rid of my 2-day hang over, and i'm ready to take on the world! i vowed myself these things for what's sure to be the best year of my life. with that kind of attitude, it's sure to work out, right? ... right?

1. Grow Hair Longer (Too Many Chicks Are Hitting On You)
for years, people would always tell me how cute they thought i was with short hair. to tell you the truth, the longest my hair has been since i was 12 was just a tad over my shoulders. this time, i want to grow it long and grow it RIGHT. i would always give into the easiness of short hair (and an instant cure for my bordem). well, no longer i say because i'm going to make jesse the luckiest man in the world, because soon his girlfriend will look as incredible as this! admit it, you're jealous:

2. One's Body Can Be A Little Too Bootylicious
as i get older, i realize the ol' badonk-e-donk is gettin' a little... lively. jesse and i have decided we're gonna start taking care of ourselves a little better; it's been on hold for a long time coming, and now it's time to do it right! just don't hate on me when i have a 6-pack; just sayin'!
see, you can tell it's me; just look at the ass!
3. Get The Hell Out
i feel it in my bones; this is my year to travel. i want to get out of the country a bit; use my money and put it towards something incredible. i've been planning on doing the ol' new york city/montreal pit stops, then perhaps an all-inclusive warm spot with a beach and then i need to visit my most anticipated vacation yet: paris. je t'aime. 

4. Bangs & Blush Do... The World
2011 was an incredible for bangs & blush; and we're hoping for at least double the awesomeness in the new year! our plans exactly? to make you dance. dance until you die! DIE. here's a photo of us at new years in our very retina-burning coloured dresses: