christmas is just around the corner, and all of those sweet, heart-warming christmas time memories are starting to bounce around in my head like sugar plums! i remember christmas eve dinners at my grandma and grandpa daniel's house just at broadview and danforth; incredible smells, incredible food, lots of laughs and wonderful music. my brother, cousins and i were completely spoiled; giant bags of toys and crayons and paints and brushes and canvas's - i always feel so lucky to have been brought up in a very creative, artistic and fun family! my grandma betty would be in the kitchen cooking up food so good that my mouth still waters thinking about it today. my grandfather would be sipping scotch and timidly playing the piano. 

these memories are still so dear to me, and the reason why i love christmas. and there's nothing more in the entire world that brings me back to those days than this:

if i don't get the chance to say it - merry christmas, happy holidays etc. - have a good one!