I got myself a pretty little package in the mail today, for my brand new Hercules Deejay Console and DJ Headphones finally arrived! A big thank you to Hercules (and my buddy Justin). 

The first thing I opened up were the Hercules Deejay headphones, which are pretty fancy. These babies have a 5-30KHz frequency, so the sound is like a warm blanket to your ears. And the thickness of them in general are just what I look for in a pair of headphones; they feel very sturdy and durable and stay comfortably on your head. Another cool feautre in these phones are the rotating earcups and swivel support, which makes it very easy if you need to rip them off your head really quick. I plugged them into my sound system hooked up to my record player and was super happy with the sound, so whether I'd be using them for working (DJ'ing) or listening to my records it's a deep, warm sound that's easy on the ears. 

Then the Console came out of the box. Not only is the console light weight, but it's made nice and small as to take up less space. And I've got small hands, so this is a perfectly sized console for me. After downloading the DJuiced software, I found it super easy to find my way around the program. I plugged the Console into my MacBook Pro via USB in a cinch, and just like the program I usually DJ with (DJAY for Mac), it runs through iTunes or any other file on your computer with music files in it. From there on, you can control everything from your Console! Easy directional buttons, play/pause/sync buttons etc., make it a quick learn. Speed stuff up, or slow it down with the cool little light-up record scratchers and record your mixes down and save them. I found myself messing around with it for nearly an hour before I realized! 

Though I'm more of an A to B Dj type of girl, I feel there are endless possibilities with the Hercules DJ Concole RMX2, and I'm a huge fan of the Hercules Deejay Headphones. I will definitely be using it again, as my drummer boyfriend and I have both been doing home recording for years. I would love to get into Remixing one day, so perhaps this is the tool to get me started? Again, the possibilities are endless! Thanks Hercules!