hay gurl hay, it's your girl brittney up in here. i've just realized it's been quite a while since i last wrote on shirk about something in more than just a few sentences. shirk magazine is my baby, but sometimes life gets in the way and the baby has to take a back seat. but it means a lot to me to have a space somewhere in hearts and minds when i see how many people actually read this crap. well, it's not crap, but my mother tells i swear way too much. 

i didn't have the chance to write anything last weekend, which was thanksgiving for all you non-canadians, so here's my chance to express how thankful i am. thankful in life in general, and especially thankful when i have that feeling that i'm doing something that people enjoy. 

okay, enough soft stuff, let's have a lookie at some stuff i really fucking wish i had in my closet right now. it makes me realize that it's probably a good thing that i never shop online, cause bitch would be brooooooke.