Halloween Shopping
So it's no secret that Halloween is my favorite time of year, so when it comes to Halloween shopping... I'm a fucking pro. Whether it's for a costume or decore, I always know the best places to go! Dollarama and other dollar stores are always great. Fancy costume shops always suck me right in, too. My real problem with Halloween shops is that they tend to be pretty pricey... but there are a lot of D.I.Y. ways to do it up big and not break the bank!  Value Village/Salvation Army/Goodwill is always a good bet when it comes to getting a costume down for next to nothing, and from there on focus on keeping the big bucks for important pieces, such as a wig. And websites/Youtube tutorials always help; a few years ago I went as Betty Boop for Halloween and from a Youtube tutorial video learned how to do  the make-up; after that, I had the red dress in my closet already and probably didn't pay more than $20 for the wig! Do some research and you'll be surprised to learn you can make an incredible Halloween costume for next to nothing with a little creativity!

After a long day of stresses and struggles, there's nothing more relaxing to me than lighting a few candles and kicking back. Something about candle light. 

Peggy Bundy
I have decided that I'm going to be Peggy Bundy, my favorite TV Mom, for Halloween this year. Stay tuned, bitches.

Cool Office Stuff
I'm an organization freak, so when it comes to making sure I get my shit done on time, I like to do it in style! There are tons of places to get really cute office and work related products in places you probably wouldn't think - Dollarama, Urban Outfitters, General Tao (853 Bloor St. W) and even making your own (experimenting with cool and different papers, paints and other materials) would be so easy to give your work a little pinch of awesome!

Ah, layering. Thank God the weather's perfect for it, because as soon as it's jacket weather it's time to layer! Layering up your clothes can really breathe new life into pieces that maybe you've neglected a bit. Try mixing and matching some tops with different cuts, collars, lengths and materials. Keep a slim leg if your layering becomes a bit boxy. Try it out for yourself, and get to creating!