As always. It's been quite a busy summer for the both of us! Tiring, stressful, you name it. But it's also been a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to Jesse and I also having some time away together at the end of August! I need me some Jesse time!
Mr. Baby Gabe is getting big now. He's walking, talking a little and every time I see him am always blown away about what a little intelligent trouble-maker he is! Jesse and I could squeeze him 'till he pops. BABY GABE!
My gal-pal Sherrie is one of those girls who always looks like a million bucks whenever you see her; great taste in everything, especially her jewelry. A few weeks ago we were watching our men work at The Orbit Room where I was, as usual, grabbing and examining her necklaces and going, "So fucking cool!" She takes a necklace I was looking at off her neck, puts it on mine and goes "Oh, you can have it - I made it!" The girl gave me this: (which I apologize, the photo's a little blurry but it's a miniature totem-pole with turquoise accents), and it's beautiful. Just like all of her other stuff! Great taste in little trinkets, chains, jewels etc. Sherrie and I are working on getting some of her stuff shot so I can show all you other Shirksters what this very talented young lady has got to offer. Look out for it!
Last week the Tigers Inc. and myself went out for some food and drinks for the first time at this Little Korea gem Owl Of Minerva (700 Bloor St. W) and ended up having a completely affordable riot. Aside from the tasty food that's served all night, the beverages (especially HITE) were super cheap. Thus is why we all drank a shit ton of this stuff. A nice pale-ale that comes at $4 a pop. Drunkenness will ensue. I'll disregard telling you about the bottle of $15 Korean vodka we got as well. Talk amongst yourselves. 
MY (sortof) NEW LIVING ROOM (sortof)!
My lovely and awesome landlords surprised Jesse and I with this totally amazingly comfortable/sexy new backyard furniture last week, and they're just the best that they totally share it with us. Considering Jesse and I don't have a living room. Well sir, this is the next best thing and it's just lovely! Kicking my feet up, having friends over for late-night back yard hangs or just relaxing and reading a book... it's not good, it's great!