my boyfriend is the best. starting this past monday, jesse and a few fellow musicians/over-all good guys have been going to schools in and outside of the GTA to play a whole slew of live music for little kids mostly ranging from kindergartners to grade two's, teaching them about popular music, canadian music, giving a bit of a music history lesson and over all blowing these little kids minds. here's jesse (first photo) with a group of kids, mid autograph session. then below is my good friend tom giving a few autographs to some adorable little guys! how fucking cute and awesome is this! we need more stuff like this going on in schools and for our kids who have minds like silly putty; ready to be shaped and molded! 

when you expose kids to stuff like this, it can end up becoming a life long inspiration for all of them to do and be great things and those are the kind of kids that i hope to raise on day. keep up the great work, boys.