My 26th birthday is coming up in a month. I guess it's sort of juvenile to still excite myself over getting old, but it's more or less just an excuse to get myself something nice to celebrate making it past another year... barely. Crawling, more like it! I'm gettin' old, but life's good. So here's a fancy list of pretty things I'd like to have in my possession in celebration of being 9,463 days old!

A"Big Girl's" Purse

So what I mean by a "big girl" purse is a bag that's beautiful, a little more expensive and a lot better quality than those cheap bags you can get at all of the big chains that end up falling apart pretty fast. This beautiful green Kate Spade ($398) is right up my alley; a lot more than I would usually spend on a bag, but I think it's worth saving up for and treating myself to, don't you think? A lot more realistic than this $3,759 Miu Miu, that's for sure!

A Big Gold Watch
For years and years and years I've been looking for the perfect gold watch. I used to visit the St. Lawrence Market on the weekends when they would have a huge, outdoor and indoor antique market. I must've collected at least 4-5 mens gold watches that I never even bothered to get fixed. I needed a nice new watch! The thing is, is I'm not much of a jewlery wearer; I think wearing a big gold watch would be about the extent of my accessory wearing... but at least it serves a purpose in making sure I'm always on time! I love this very popular Michael Kors watch (just over $400), but I also really like this Nixon ($225); it's big, gold, chunky and affordable... and that's what I like!

An iPod
So I've been running on the same iPod for nearly three years; it's treated me well, and I never leave the house without it, but it's not big enough for my music collection. Thus, I have to pick and choose what music I want and don't want on my current iPod at any given time. I find this unfair, and call me a punk but I don't want to have to put all my music on my iPhone because I want to keep as much memory on that bitch as possible! So, I don't need much... no iPod Videos/iPod Touch's, just give me the Classic iPod so I can put all my tunes on it and I'll be happy. 

A Southern Accent Pecan Pie Birthday Cake
Us here at Shirk Magazine are HUGE, HUGE Southern Accent fans. If you've never been before, head to 595 Markham St. Toronto IMMEDIATELY. Anyways, aside from the incredible Cajun/New Orleans/Creole cruising and the best cocktails I've personally ever had made for me, a huge reason alone to visit this incredible spot is the pecan pie. It's world-famous, apparently. And it makes sense why. Now, to have a whole birthday cake of this? Happiness.
A New Tattoo
I've been dying for a new one! It's just one of those things that one rarely has enough money just sitting around to be spent on tattoos that often... well, for me anyways. And I've always thought a great gift to get someone is paying for a tattoo. Clearly my mother won't be onboard with this request but perhaps, Jesse...?

A Top Shop Gift Certificate
I love me some Top Shop, need I explain more?