Southern Accent
jesse and i ended up finding ourselves at souther accent the other night (located south of bloor on markham st., just by honest eds!) and it's gotta be one of the most memorable night's out for a meal i've had in years. the food was incredible, the atmosphere was awesome and the service was wonderful. romantic, too! i definitely intend on going back; even if it's just for a slice of that fucking pecan pie; i DIED.

Terrible Christmas Songs
what can i say, i'm a sucker for christmas. i haven't gotten into christmas-sweater-wearing territory yet, but i'm sure that'll come around my late forties. any who, who can resist a good ridiculous christmas song? it's the only time of year they'll allow that crap on the radio, and i love it. might as well enjoy it! here's a few of shirk magazine's favorite terrible christmas songs:

My Incredible Friends/Family
i've had a hell of a year. i know i talk about this a lot, but never have i had a year that i can think of with so many high's and low's; the high's being insanely great, and the the low's being god awful. but, such is life! and i wouldn't take back any of it. and i wouldn't have had  my high's without my incredible friends and family. thank you.

New Years Dresses
time is running out, and i need a new years dress, PRONTO. new years dresses are always so much fun, so sparkly, so feminin yet skanky, what a great combination! now, all i have to decide is what colour i'm going to go with...
and i need to look real good, because this new years eve is sure to be the most insane. the most! and you know why? because bangs & blush are taking over clinton's with SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL: BOW TIES & PARTY DRESSES! i absolutely cannot fucking wait!

The Paper Place
i've been in this store time and time again, mostly when i was in design school and needed to get myself interesting paper, stamps, stickers and other gagets and cute things. i took myself here yesterday for some christmas shopping inspiration and ended up cutting a few people off my list with just one visit! if you're a creative type like me, get your butt over there; i guarantee you'll spend at least 20 minutes looking at every little thing in the whole damn place. 887 queen st. west! 

Top Ten Lists
this, my friends, is always my favorite time of year; this is when everyone releases their best and worst lists for everything - music, film, world events... you name it. and i love it! 

My Dinky-Ass Christmas Tree!
i've since put some nice gold ribbon around this bitch since getting this photo developed, but it's still a dinky-ass tree! and my cat constantly attacks it/breaks the decorations! and my boyfriend hates it! but it exists, so everyone GET OVER IT.


to all of my little shirksters:

sorry i haven't been updating that often lately! pretty shitty of me. life's been busy, you know? that, and i'm sort of just waiting for 2012 to come and slap me across my bitch face with some inspiration and excitement. because once that happens, watch out! you'll be so addicted to this blog that you'll stop sleeping, stop going to work, destroy all of your close relationships, resulting in you losing your house/car/job and then having to live under a bridge! yeah, that good!

enjoy your holiday season, and i'll try my best to give you some good shit to cap this bitch of a year off.

shirk magazine
(a.k.a. brittney townson)


It's that time of year again, bitches! Nothing can beat that warm feeling and nerdy glow that grows inside me during the holiday season. For me, it has nothing to do with the gift giving and receiving; it's the snow, the hot chocolate, the christmas songs by Wham!... who could possibly resist? But just for the fun of making a "wish list", and having clearly stolen the idea from Oprah, here are some things you may find on our Christmas list! Mom and Dad, READ CAREFULLY.

MAC Make It Perfect Brush Set
Having good quality make-up is one thing, but having an outstanding set of brushes can often make the world of a difference. I'm a lover of all MAC products, but their brushes are specifically super sexy; the brush set they offer with multiple brushes such as a blush brush,  a basic eye/cheek brush, a brow brush and etc., all come in this lovely case and often go for under $30. Miss Shirk herself couldn't wait until Christmas so she ran out and bought herself this just the other day. So much for patience. But what a great gift idea!

Typewriter Initial Watch from Urban Outfitters
Us here at Shirk are NOT watch wearers, but this one in particular tickles our fancy. The watch, that comes in a variety of "models" of all the letters of the alphabet, makes for a gift that's not only quirky, different and practical, but personalized! I need to get me one, because I think it's about damn time I grew up and wore a damn watch.

Cute New Tights
A girl has got to have fun, playful tights in her wardrobe; it's the easiest way to jazz up a dull or plain outfit that needs a bit of a kick. These tights are available at MODCLOTH, and are some what pricey; but you can find others just like this all over the place, like Sears, The Bay, and boutiques that specialize in stockings/socks/etc. I need me some tights! 

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
When I was a wee lass, I used to roller blade every day, all the time. I never really used to roller skate ever; it seems like it's becoming a dying art. Well, not any more! At Urban Outfitters, you can find these adorable roller skates, in a variety of colours, on their website for purchase right now. And YOU KNOW I'm seriously considering gettin' me summa these.

A New Tattoo
My mother would slap me across the face if I asked for this for Christmas, so I'm just going to go right ahead and ask Mr. Shirk for this gift instead. Nothing says I love you like paying for a piece of art work that will be on your body forever; the gift that keeps on giving! I've been craving an Izzy (my cat) portrait for a while, so we'll just see if a certain someone wakes up with an "I.O.U.: One Tattoo" in her stocking.

A Top Shop Gift Certificate
Love TOP SHOP and ya'll know it! It's a bit pricey, but this UK clothing line that just touched down in Toronto earlier this summer seems to be designed by people who are secretly watching me and know what I like to wear. I waaaant!

A Record Player
It's about that time for a new record player! My old one has served me quite well, but it's time for an upgrade, especially considering I have some very old, valuable vinyl that I want to listen to, but don't want to scratch up with just any record player. The Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable is pricey (about $400), but you gotta pay the big bucks for amazing quality! 

That concludes Shirk Magazine's Favorite Things list, just in time for Christmas; it's already December 1st for crying out loud! Never mind making a wish list, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? We haven't started, so pray for us. Pray hard. Happy Holidays!