Got yourself some New Years Eve plans yet? Well, you do now! Bangs & Blush are so very very excited to announce a very special edition of Shake, Rattle & Roll on New Years Eve; it's our Bow-ties & Party Dresses party where we're inviting you to ring in the new year with us, in style, and dancing to the best of 60's soul/pop/rock'n'roll until they kick us out!

Get your ticket today in a very special PRE-SALE at Clinton's Tavern; they're only $15 each, and you can save yourself the scurry of trying to figure out what to do on New Years Eve; this is going to be THE ultimate NYE dance party, and we recommend you get your ticket now! 

We can't wait to say good-bye to a wonderful year, and ring in an even better one with all of our favorite swingers and shakers, we look forward to seeing you then!

693 Bloor St. W


after opening just before october of this year, the county general (queen st. and shaw) has been a mad-house full of torontonians looking for incredible food, delicious cocktails with a warm yet chic vibe of a dining experience because they know that they can find all of the above at the big c.g. i've eaten there three times now; firstly, because i heard the food was inane, but secondly because jesse and i's chum aja sax manages and designs all of the featured cocktails... heck, she was even featured in the grid's bar section this week! but it's now become a journey of tasting everything the county general has to offer on their menu's; so far, i've tried the pork belly & steamed buns ($12), which are basically pork sliders... incredible. made with a milk bun, each had different toppings; one being home-made bbq sauce and green apple slaw, one had avacado chutney and cilantro and the third had kim chi oozing off the bun. absolutely delicious. then, the other day my pal adamo and i went for a late lunch where i tried the 6 oz burger (which you can see jesse ordered with peameal bacon and cheddar on it, $12), which was too good to form words to describe it. then today, i tried their fried chicken thigh sandwhich ($12) which is served on a milk bun with avacado chutney, cilantro and green onion. jesse ordered the fries, which are hand cut and served with home made ketchup, and i ordered the side salad which has red onion, sliced radish and a dressing that will make you drool. 

if you're in for a delicious cocktail instead, you're in fucking luck. they have multiple menus of drinks, cocktails, hot and cold bevy's of all types; it's quite a specialty of theirs. i tried the hot apple cider ($5) and i'm still all warm and gooey inside from it. but the food, THE FOOD! the kitchen is open until 3 am as well, so don't give me any crap about grabbing a drunken slice of pizza or shwarma after your concert, treat your stomach with love. where ever you are, run to the county general now. now! 

936 queen st. west toronto


i seriously love my job.

all photos by becca lemire, taken at shake rattle & roll; the ultimate saturday night 60's rock & roll and soul dance party brought to you by bangs & blush! only at clintons!



my grandpa bud, on the right.

i'd like to say quickly that today, i'm thinking of the young men like my grandfather who at ripe ages of 17/18/19 had to live through some of the worst situations, sights and sounds that have ever been witnessed in history. all in the name of their country. i have mad respect for my grandfather, and anyone else who has been involved in any war; but i hope that we can take all that we as humans have learned about war, and strive to fight for peace instead. thank you, bud. 


this photo
guh... thanks mom and dad. here's my younger brother patrick and i; he was probably 3, i was 5. standing in the fucking worst possible place to take a photo. we look like assholes. we're just struggling to open our damn eyes. anyways, this is me and my little brother. notice the pearls?

my new bed sheets
sometimes buying new linens can be as joyous as finding a new dress. this is what i've become.

constantly drinking teas of all types
i've just recently conqured this horrible cold that had jesse and i completely bed-ridden for over two weeks. since then, my constant tea drinking has spilled over into my new health kick and jesse and i cannot get enough. 
this happens at my house.
90's janet jackson
don't get me wrong, i absolutely love old 80's janet jackson songs; nasty, what have you done for me lately etc., but i loved when the 90's came around how janet was going through this "trying to find myself" shit but her albums started getting really fucking good. not only that, but um, she had some pretty incredible 90's style. here are some of my favorite janet hits from the 90's.

jesse's police radio iphone app
so jesse just downloaded this app where you can listen onto any north american police radio. it's fucking insane. we've spent hours already listening to chicago, new york, detroit and baltimore... insane stuff! if you have an iphone i strongly suggest downloading this ap; not only is it FREE but it's incredibly entertaining. 
im sorry, i had to.

buffy the vampire slayer on netflix
finally, something i actually want to fucking watch on netflix.