so, all of you by now must know that we here at shirk magazine are obsessive the simpsons fans. i can vouch for that by saying that my sense of humor (what is was, has become and will grow to be), is because of the simpsons. i was a lucky kid; my parents let me watch the simpsons from pretty much as early as i can remember, where i knew of a lot of other kids who weren't allowed to for years. so, not only have i kept the same excitement when i happen to stumble on an episode of the simpsons on tv since i was a five year old, but i never ever tire of it. it still makes me laugh just as hard. the writers for the simpsons were serious fucking geniuses, like ahem, conan o'brien? incredible, because conan was also a huge influence on me in terms of my delevoping sense of humor... he was also a writer for saturday night live before he landed his own talk show. maybe i should be writing this article about how conan o'brien, NOT the simpsons, shaped me into the weirdo i am today. that's another article for another day, because today's subject is too important to pass up; ladies and gentlemen, here's shirk magazine's list of:
Baby On Board - The Be Sharps
how could this not be on the list, for it's obviously a direct beatles let it be doc/last rooftop performance ever ode, but the whole scene is hilarious and memorable. and the george harrison cameo kills me.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
this is one of the funniest moments in simpson history, as bart changes all of the lyric books to the sunday church hymn with sheet music for iron butterfly's very epic psychedelic "in-a-gadda-da-vida". shit gets funny.

The Stonecutters Theme (We Do)
this whole episode is just ridiculous.

Dr. Zaius

See My Vest - Mr. Burns
this has got to be my most favorite song pretty much ever featured on the simpsons. kills me every time!

Canyonero Jingle
the singer, the narrator, the whipping noises, krusty... everything about this is incredible.

inspired by one of the best musicals ever, the music man, this song just may be the best. 

Who Needs The Kwik-E Mart - Apu
this was a song sung a lot in my house growing up.

The Garbage Man Can
nice cameo, U2.


pinapple & cheese pizza
yes, most people call this pizza "hawaiian", but it's not because i don't like the ham/sausage... just give me the pineapple and cheese. where did i pick up this strange food craving, you ask? years ago, when i was about 15/16, i used to hang out with my old bud theo nearly every day. theo was my first close vegetarian friend, believe it or not, and his favorite snack was pineapple and cheese pizza with a glass of chocolate soy milk. so, i'll leave the chocolate soy milk, but i loved the pineapple/cheese combo, and since then that's pretty much the only pizza topping i'll take when it's not massimo's margarita pizza. nom nom nom. 

peek-toe flats
i've always been a big believer in the chinese supermarkets and china-town shopping. the amount of cute, cheap things you can find there if you just open your eyes is outstanding! the other day i walked into a cute housewares place on spadina, just north of dundas, and aside from getting a huge bag of wood chopsticks for $3 and a few firetruck red paper lanters for $2, i got a pair of these for $6! they're oh so cute!
yves klein blue
post-WWII artist yves klein became obsessed with this deep, rich blue and featured it in most of his artwork; the french artist found it incredibly inspirational. and i'm frankly frantically searching for anything i can get my hands on in this colour. it's so vivid, and feels endless when you stare into it's hue. and it's a good sign for me because refinery29 (one of my few favorite fashion trend sites) is telling me that it's going to be a big trend for fall 2011. bonus!

funky junky in kensington market
this is me and boyfriend jesse's favorite store. we try to visit at least once a week for new finds, because the pickers/owners of funky junky have serious talents towards finding strange, unusual and fucking incredible vintage and kitsch pieces to sell. i've bought everything from ashtrays to kitchen stuff, jewelry to old photographs, vinyl to books... you name it! make sure you hit the middle of augusta in-between college and dundas next time you're in the market!

alanis morissette's "jagged little pill"
i was 9 when this album was released, isn't that fucked? all i remember is buying it on casette and listening to it every goddamn day for nearly a year. it was a good album, and you can't deny that; it was ranked the number one selling album of the 90's from the billboard 200. fucked up! i could probably remember nearly every word to every song if i were to listen to it right now. looks like i'll be trying to find a copy of JLP on vinyl. that's right, JLP.

the boom boom
my delicious, talented and hilarious gal pal kara has a voice that can make a grown man cry. you might've recalled her old band "karamel"? well, now the boom boom is here; it's hard-hitting bubble gum electro pop at it's finest. and i'm oh so proud to tell ya'll that kara's definitely back and better than ever! did i mention they won a huge contest on perez hilton?


CNE'ing With My Dad Day
yesterday my dad called me up with a sudden urge to pay a visit to the CNE. if you don't live in toronto, the CNE is a annual two-week long carnival that always happens the last two weeks of august on the exhibition fairgrounds. it's been going for 133 years this year, isn't that insane? anyways, my dad and i were looking for a good time, some crazy food, to win some prizes and take in the ol' cne air, for neither one of us has been since i was at the ripe age of nine years old. it's been a while. 
here's the cne grounds, just after the sun decided to pop it's head out! my dad and i wandered around for a while, taking everything in, grabbed a beer in the corona beer tent and watched a horrible band play.
then we made our way to the infamous cne food building where rumors of all types of food are offered deep fried and on sticks this year; we obviously had to find this out for ourselves.
here's a photo of my strange meal of choice: deep fried mac n' cheese balls. they were more like mac n' cheese cubes. not incredible, but pretty tasty. and i could only eat two of them.
my dad got himself a really good burger (i should know, he gave me a bite) from the same place that's been offering that crazy burger with krispy kreme donuts for buns that everyone's been talking about. i'm glad he just went with the regular burger. 
and to top off the amount of deep fried goodness, my dad and i tried our first blooming onion. this was actually quite delicious and pretty fresh. i'd eat one again!
to finish our day off, my dad ended up making a killing at the game where you have to smash porcelain plates with baseballs and won this giraffe that he named "jesse", where as i won the little stuffed domo after popping six, count 'em, six baloons in a row with darts. take that, carnies!


‎"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. "

Jack Layton, August 20th, 2011


communist's daughter
i've been hitting up this very tiny dundas and ossington bar for years now, and it's still a dear favorite of mine. with a huge sign out front that says nothing regarding this place being called "communist's daughter" and really no sign of it being a bar at all; until you look in the tiny front window you don't realize the many people constantly squished at tiny tables in this microscopic gem. the staff are all super nice, the vibe is mellow and relaxed and the jukebox is another fan favorite. i love this place, check it out if you haven't.

my job
i have the best job in the whole world. i cannot wait to party extra hard this weekend as Bangs & Blush are taking the drake hotel by storm tonight, and then saturday it's back to the basics of good ol' fashioned wholesome fun at shake, rattle & roll. us ladies strive to develop an insane saturday night dance party every single weekend where you can check your shit at the door, wear what ever you want, have a blast with your friends and dance like no one gives a fuck; because really, the beauty of a Bangs & Blush party is that people let loose to the max. come dance like you've never danced before and we guarantee you will leave the place with a huge smile on your face; that's the Bangs & Blush way.

the little dog
jesse and i used to live together only a block away from this place (which just opened this year at college st. and manning in little italy) and when it opened we were a little jealous. because after we finally tried this place after a night of drunken bowling a few weekends ago, we were ever so pleased to find really cheap ($1.30 each!) montreal-esque steamed hot dogs with an unreal list of toppings. they were delicious, and i will be back. oh, i will be back.

jesse and i have the bowling bug. we currently have a few friends who are getting super into it with us as well, and it's only a matter of time before i'll be designing league shirts for our teams. maybe a take off of the simpsons "pin pals", eh? here's a photo of jesse about to get a strike (probably) at the bathurst bowlerama. it's super ghetto, but oh so hilarious. who wants to come bowling with us?

this photo
i recently died my hair a little darker. i like it. and i like this photo. because that man in that truck is thinking, "damn, that's a nice hair colour."

this video



this was probably my favorite show during that strange aged 8-13 age gap i had where kids shows are the worst but you're still not quite into that 70's show. growing up a big warner bros./bugs bunny & tweety show girl, i loved animaniacs because it was by the same creative team. AND because they based one of the main characters voice on this dude:



60's updo's
i love my hair short, because it shows my neck and i think my neck is one of my best features. not to mention the fact that it takes me about 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. none the less, i still appreciate the look of a classic, feminine up-do. if only there was a way to somehow keep my short hair while it still looks up-do'ish, make any sense? i need some help here. and i'm starting to miss my bangs. i think i want the maureen starkey.

v by 69 vintage
so i've been rollin' into this joint for a while now, and the clothing here is incredible. right across from the 711 on queen (by trinity bellwoods, 198 walnut ave.) this little gem features almost art gallery-like exhibits of vintage clothing and accessories; the current "show" is called "get dressed at max's farm" which includes stuff from the woodstock/60's hippy era. it's fucking incredible, and the woman running the show, maggie groat, knows what she's doing. head in there as soon as you can, but be forewarned; you will buy something.

i stumbled across this tumblr the other day and i'm obsessed with it. i don't know who the writer/blogger is per say, but this girl (guy?) always compiles their blog with the most inspiring, strange, bizarre and beautiful images that after i finish reading it, i usually get a huge boost of creative energy to go do something really... creative. i like that feeling.

the counter
so the other night jesse and i were looking for something open, for a snack, after midnight. with sneaky dee's usually as the closest option for us, and me not wanting kings crown nachos (because let's face it, it's the only good thing they've got on the menu), a friend of ours asked if we had been to the counter yet. just a little south of king st. on bathurst, the counter is a 24 hour diner with diner food amped to the max. the interior is also gorgeous; looking just like a 1930's joint and the waiters dress in bow ties and suspenders. but the food, not bad! they have a breakfast burger, which has a donut for a bun, insane mac and cheese and lots of all-day breakfast options. i'll be back there again, very drunk, very soon. 

this song
because it reminds me of him.

fuck it
it's tonight bitches, am i going to see you on the dancefloor? because i better.



they're called young guv and they are: ben cook on lead vocals and guitar, john sirdevan on guitar, ryan gavel on bass, jesse labovitz on drums, robin hatch on keys and backing vocals and dennis p on sax. this is a clip of them playing last friday at the wonderfully sketchy imperial pub in downtown toronto. and the song they're playing is called firing squad. i was standing directly behind the guy shooting this video the entire night and kept thinking, "this guy better upload this shit quick." the only thing about this video i wish was different is the fact that you can't see jess that well; but you can sure as fuck hear him



 proud to say my best bud is the worst singer in the world.


i just got off the phone with a really good friend of mine, adamo ruggiero. he often tends to be a good ear with a good piece of advice to follow soon after. we're both emotional cleaners. good to hear that i'm not the only one, because for a while there i was starting to think i was an odd girlfriend/person/human in general who had a strange mental disorder. we all go through waves in our lives where things can be really good, or things can be really hard. work, family shit, friend shit; whatever, we all surf that shitty wave of shit eventually and we all deal with it in our own ways. how do i take lemons and make them into lemonade? i redecorate my house. call this a minor form of ocd maybe; but i love to clean, and i love to organize when i need to take my mind off of something negative and make myself feel positive afterwards with the end result of my hard work. since jesse is going to be home a lot more often with me now, i've been focussing mainly on creating an inspirational work area in my little home. an "office" without it actually being an office. here's what i've done so far.