escaping from the city
bangs & blush were in dire need of a break from the city, so what did we do? we packed up our girl holly, bathing suits and a lot of white wine and headed to... blue mountain! we got facials, massages, ate some great meals, met some hilarious locals and mainly were just our typical a-hole selves. it was excellent; if there's one thing i recommend it's just getting out of toronto (or where ever you're from) just for a few days for the sake of your sanity. give yourself a break. exhale a bit; it's really good for the soul. and after so long of working together and barely seeing each other outside of work walls, getting away and getting to know your fellow "employees" can be a hell of a lot of fun, as well. 
"what's peggy bundy doing at the collingwood tim hortons?"
wearing sweaters in the summer
i realized yesterday that nothing in the world makes me more agro than when it's really humid outside. i can't fucking stand it. i feel gross, smell, my hair looks like shit and i can barely breathe. after myself and the girls got back from blue mountain i realized even moreso how bad toronto can get on a really hot summer day. but when i was in blue mountain, it dropped to about 17 degrees at night, clean air, nice breeze... at night i was wearing a sweater. a motherfucking sweater. do you have any idea how sadly excited i got about that? i'm wearing a sweater and leggings and it felt so fucking good to actually have a bit of a chill for the first time in what felt like forever. i know as soon as the snow comes, i'll be bitching, but it was surely a fucking nice change up.
jesse's haircut
my boyfriend jesse, who you all know by now, has had long hair for many years now. i don't know, i really loved his long hair; i thought it was totally babe-like and totally rock & roll. but with the hot weather, and jesse's having to drum in that heat, the long hair got a bit too much for him so he decided to get a hair chop at the garrison last week. he ended up getting it done a lot shorter than i thought he was going to, but it ended up way better than i expected. i thought jesse was a super babe before, but now he's got mega babe status.

courtney love
love her or hate her, courtney was definitely one thing aside from being a rock star crazy bitch; she was fearless and fashionable. and i like that.

or the "laying down game". either or, it's fucking hilarious and always brings fun to any situation (especially those that include drinking). i have quite a collection of planking photos now but i decided to introduce the laying down fun to our blue mountain trip. lindsay, holly and i took the resort by storm by laying on everything that we could. don't deny the greatness. 

my job 
having a job where you're constantly excited and looking forward to going to work is probably the best feeling in the world. my lovely partner lindsay and i are bringing you yet another sure to be scorching edition of shake, rattle & roll tomorrow night. i DARE you to come out and try to out-dance me, just you TRY. but first, you need to add us to twitter if you haven't already yet. BAM: www.twitter.com/bangsandblush!

this song


it's so strange how all of a sudden someone who explodes into the lime light, someone we embraced so quickly once we all heard "rehab" for the first time, became the butt of every joke with her drug/alcohol/relationship issues. she was in and out of hospitals, falling over on stage, forgetting lyrics and had dramatically lost so much weight. amy was messed up, yeah, but she was the first to admit it. who were we to judge her, anyways. but if there's one judgement i can make on her character, it's the fact that she was probably one of the most sociable, extroverted celebrities when it came to her fans. she struck up conversations with them on the streets, outside of her house, while shopping, at the train station, like she had known them for years. she was always accommodating and eventually even became friends with a lot of the photographers who waited for her outside of her camden flat. she'd autograph anything, take a photo with whomever, and was always excited to meet one of her fans. i don't know, i think that speaks volumes. she may have struggled with her addictions which eventually might've been the reason behind her terrible, far-too-soon death, but as a person she seems like she was one hell of a diamond. it's a real shame, because i think if people had a little more faith in her, she might've had a little more faith in herself. whatever. rest in peace, amy. 


bangs & blush dj the 2011 brightworks summer party

wanda woodward
i've always been obsessed with movie characters that i wanted so badly to be when i was younger. one of my favorite films forever has been cry baby, and there was always a certain string that the character wanda woodward (traci lords) struck to gain my attention; maybe it's the fact that she's a complete fucking bombshell, or that she eats nails (and your balls) for breakfast. all things considered, i just may get as much plastic surgery as possible done to become wanda woodward. yup.

impatiently awaiting the new season of dexter
my girlfriend jen got me hooked on dexter years ago, and there hasn't quite been a show that's left me so close to falling off the edge of my seat. i'm obsessed with the show, the characters, the suspense, the writing and of course the mother fucker himself, michael c. hall. what a babe. showcase announced yesterday that they're releasing the much anticipated new promo trailer for season six. and i'm dying here. DYING.

my cat (who's absolutely ridiculous)
so, just an update: jesse and i have figured out that our cat izzy likes: 1) blueberries 2) raspberries 3) strawberries... okay, just... just berries in general 4) watermelon 5) popsicles 6) motherfuckin' LETTUCE and now 7) sitting on his ass. every time i come home, i'm wandering around the house cleaning, not really paying that close of attention to him etc., i turn around and he's fucking sitting on his ass on my bed just looking at me. it's quite remarkable, and he can stay there for a really long period of time. my cat's weird, man.

this song
gee - the crows

traditional tattoo flash
i actually just featured this on the bangs & blush blog (which you can read here), but i've been thinking a lot lately about getting around to filling in a lot of the spots inbetween most of my larger tattoos. stuff like little hearts, stars, keys, teeth, feathers, skulls, bows, etc. obsessed.

greenhill shark sweatshirt
i found this shirt somewhere, some blog or something, and i stopped dead in my tracks. i need this sweatshirt. because it looks awesome on, but you can do this:
how fucking awesome is that? it's made by a company greenhill (who's other stuff is not nearly as cool as this, but at least they have one thing going for them) and you can buy them here. oh, and if you feel like picking me up one on your journey, please, go forth. 

jesse's drunk dancing
here's a photograph of jesse and i on our last trip together in jamaica. note jesse's leg stance. you know what that means? jesse's busting a move. and i'm there watching (and attempting to dance) pretty much dying. i don't laugh because of jesse's dance moves, he's actually got the smooth moves of a stallion; it's the fact that jesse dances so RARELY that i tend to just die from joy overload. look close and see that we're the only ones dancing, right in front of the damn resort band stage, and there's over 100 people on the other side of that little moat of water to my right side that are probably sitting there going, "who the fuck are these drunk americans?" well, we're drunk canadians! and my boyfriend's caught the dancing bug and i'm riding that wave as long as it goes.

making an ass out of myself



what the fuck was THAT today? do the gods hate us? are they trying to punish us for our awful, awful sins? it's the sins, isn't it. 

never have i expected in my twenty-five days upon this earth that my skin would sizzle like bacon. you could probably've cooked bacon on my skin that was about to be made into bacon. i unfortunately had to leave the house today due to the fact that my internet pooched out. i walk, and walk, with my laptop, to saving gigi where there is NO air conditioning about about THIRTY hipsters surrounding me desperately trying so damn hard to look like they're totally fine with sweat dripping down the shaved side of their head. i, on the other hand, had no choice to be there for i had work to do and it had to be done PRONTO. i ordered my ice americano to make it look like i wasn't just there to steal their wifi, and sat in front of a fan probably older than the building itself blowing particles of 1942 on me. got that shit done, drank that shit fast and struggled with my breathing every step of the way. after an hour of shedding 25% of the water in my entire body, i had to walk back home. in direct sunshine the entire way. i was going to start crying at one point i think. all i could repeat to myself was, "STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF."

so in lue of me losing my mind during the hottest july 21st ever, here are photos of me wearing a really thick sweater. probably the thickest sweater i own. 




the awesome rule britannia flyer (left) and dj's alistair and craig (right)

these two true brit boys are about to dominate your dance party when they bring their rule britannia party to clintons this friday, and i couldn't be more fucking excited. lindsay and i went to their opening night and were excited by our two suited gentlemen friends and their irresistible set-list of british artists and bands ranging from the 60's to now that we just had to have them give clintons a try. but who are these guys, you ask? shirk magazine asked them five questions each, no more/no less and you can tell that the amount of cheekiness these guys ooze is both hilarious and contagious. 

SMHow did the both of you come about dj'ing in Toronto?
AI don’t normally talk to the press after the news of the world revelations, but I will make an exception. I wanted to hear Common People by Pulp and be able to dance to it in public, plus it get me out of the house.

C: I ran and Dj'd nights back in England and just fancied trying it out here. Plus, I really miss listening to this kind of music loud, so I’m being selfish by being a part of Rule Britannia, its completely for my own eargasmic needs.

SM: What were and are your most important musical inspirations, growing up compared to now?

AThe first CD I ever bought was Bone Thugs N`harmony, so my taste as a kid was off, but now I would say its Arab Strap or Aztec Camera. I listen to a lot of Scottish bands.

CGrowing up with my dad listening to Tears for Fears, The Jam & Rolling Stones, I obviously thought that music was shit when I was 8 just because my dad thought it was good. But big respect to him now, he has taste! Now I dabble in everything, but I’m always pulled back to Indie dance and Electro.

SM: You boys are still new to Toronto; what are your favorite and least favorite things about the city?
A: My favorite part is the ability to get brunch. My least favorite is the eggs Benedict at Sneaky Dees.

C: Favorite thing: The girls on bikes. Least Favorite: The mental restriction on alcohol

SM: The eggs benny at Sneaky Dee’s is fucking disgusting, isn’t it? Anyways, can you tell us a little bit about Rule Britannia and what to expect?
A: The best of British Music from the last 50 years. Stuff that you will recognize and stuff that you may not, be prepared to dance, and have a good time.

C: Cheekiness.

SM: Describe yourself in one word.

A: I want to say awesome, but I think I will settle for hilarious.

C: Cheekiness.

a big thanks to the rule britannia boys, craig and alistair, for being super awesome and make sure to dress to impress, dance and party with us this friday at clintons for the rule britannia party! 



when i was a wee lass, one of my favorite films was, of course, annie. i've probably seen it around six thousand times. it being one of my favorite movies, my favorite character from the film had a huge impact on me (which is so much more apparent to me now in my young adult life); we're talking about bernadette peters as "lily st. regis", rooster's slutty con-artist girlfriend. first of all, bernadette peters is fucking incredible. secondly, her character is such a hot minx. such a minx! i'm either going to name my first child lily st. regis, go as lily st. regis for halloween or start some really creepy lily st. regis online fan club where i'll mail all the members lily st. regis pins and a monthly newsletter about how awesome lily st. regis is. sound good/creepy?


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my lady friend clair took me to el trompo for the FIRST time the other day, which is ridiculous because i'm in the market at least once a week and i've never taken the time to try it out. it was unreal good; some of the best mexican i've had. the soft tacos (both beef and tinga chicken) were excellent, the pico de gallo was delicious and the tall-boys of tecate were only $5. get your ass to el trompo for some el goodness.

i picked this little baby up in kensington market for $30 bucks last monday. since then, i have successfully annoyed the fuck out of jesse. i'm getting there! just you wait! when you're walking down the streets of toronto late at night, there's a chilly breeze and you get a feeling that someone's following you. you quickly scurry into an alley way to take cover and calm yourself. then you hear a distant, "weeeeeeeeeerrrrrr" and IT'S ME FOLLOWING YOU WITH AN ACCORDION. 

it never gets old. ever.

what's better than a well-made $10 bra? or more pairs of underwear to last you a few months in space for super cheap? nothing. i just visited the joe by my parents house yesterday and grabbed myself and jesse a shit-load of fresh socks, undies and bras. jesse's more of a sports bra dude, himself. jokes. anyways, now that i think about it, jesse and i are totally at that point in our relationship. you know; the point of buying each other underwear. and not even like, sexy underwear. cotton fucking underwear. it's sort of awesome.

it's been months since jesse's had a proper hair cut. he's telling me he's going to cut it all off. i'm very on the fence about this, because where i have never seen him with my own eyes with short hair and would be incredibly curious to witness it, i fucking love his long hair. i love it. it's my favorite. i want to braid it, or maybe just scalp him and wear it like a hat. jesse's hair deserves a goddamn fan club.

i literally just finished this book the other night. it was a great read. as if he was sitting right in front of you telling you his life story; i really enjoyed it. tons of sex, drugs and rock & roll. that's about it. he almost died around eight or nine times or something like that, and he tells you every grim detail. it's delicious. and if you're a huge g&r fan, it's a must-read. as a matter of fact, i used to fucking hate axel rose; always thought he was an asshole. and where i thought this book would include adler talking a lot of shit about him (which he did to an extent), he actually gave me an appreciation for axel rose. just read it.


so, i'm quite aware it's saturday. but i was being a good pal and helped a close friend move yesterday. so here i am picking up my slack and giving you one of shirk's most popular features one day late. let's pretend it's friday again, shall we?

my grandma bought a tassimo coffee machine and barely used it; so she kindly passed it over to jesse and i who have been using it nearly daily, and multiple times daily. so delicious. when i was working a 9-5 cubical job, i couldn't get myself into gear until i had at least one (maybe even 2) coffees. jesse prefers the lattes. here's a photo of him learning how to make a latte! look at jesse learn!

tonight lindsay and i are bangs & blush for the second time in a row; last night's fuck it party was a hilariously amazingly funky fresh fun time. but tonight, my bread and butter, shake rattle & roll is back! i can't wait to shimmy shimmy shake in my second home, clintons. maybe do a little of this:
followed by a little of this:

my door girl holly's boyfriend told me about this video. i'm really glad he told me about it.

so i've been saying the last few months that i wanted to try and hit up every good ice cream joint in the city of toronto by the end of the summer. doubt it's gonna happen, but i made some dreams come true earlier this week with my good lady friend clare. we visited big chill (566 college st.) and got ourselves some deliciousness. 
got myself a brownie/caramel type ice cream in a waffel cone. unreal.
clare ended up getting the same.
and it was really fucking good.
jesse's gotten me completely addicted to the since-cancelled hbo show the wire. it's unreal good, well written and i have a hard on for mcnulty; the star and drunken asshole/bad-ass cop. we've already watched two seasons in a matter of a month or so now, and slowly making our way to finish season three. ever seen this show? a lot of critics say it (was) the best show on television, ever. wowza.