today i had to do some running around, and luckily it's everyone's friday and a beautiful one, too. come with me as i take you on a journey west of ossington on bloor st. in toronto as i walk about my beautiful neighbourhood. it's life's little pleasures that make me smile like a birthday clown.
here's where christie pitts park is; just a few blocks away from my street. it's always such a lovely, breezy, green area to walk through on bloor st. 
just a little down the street, here's the place i call home; clintons. 
right across the street from clintons is tacos el asador, the best mexican food in the whole fucking city.
i don't know what this place is, but it's clearly a korean after-hours called "joker lounge". jesse and i get a real kick out of daydreaming what it's like in that place. 
a little more east down the street is pour boy, a cute little bar i've been meaning to hit up but have heard lots of good things about. i'm putting this on my toronto to-do list.

here's my favorite produce market on bloor, and they also have an amazing selection of fresh flowers and plants.  i cannot resist every time i pass the place.

this place cranks out some of the tastiest korean treats i've ever had; brown sugar korean pancakes, walnut cakes and amazing coffees. i strongly suggest you take your sweetie, sweet-tooth and your sweet self to this joint.
this is an amime/kawaii/cute asian thing store called me & you is completely irresistible. i decided not to go in today because i definitely would've spent some cash.
need i say more.
i don't want to get into it, but sonic boom is moving, i am sad, end of story. 
typical toronto; pass brunswick and bloor to see an incredibly talented pianist tickling the ivories right on the street corner. everyone passing her were going, "that's awesome." and it was. 
finally home. can't be out too long or else izzy will get lonely. i love my little hood!



fuck canada day fireworks; bangs & blush've got your fireworks right here.

song of the day

currently sitting in saving gigi on bloor a block away from my house waiting for the rain to stop. i just ordered their pear/walnut/honey balsamic salad and it's fucking unreal; especially with an iced americano on the side. the sun's back! what the hell's going on today? 


disposable cameras
the other day i was in a walmart with jesse's very pregnant older sister. there was a big sale on disposable cameras, and it transported me back to brittney ten years ago where i actually used a disposable all the time. the excitement of waiting to get them developed, and putting them in photo albums, is so much fun to me. so i took the ol' camera out the other night, and here's one of the gems; brittney and bowden ripping.

coffee/latte designs
i love latte designs, so much to the point when sometimes i don't even want to take a sip. how do people do these? how do people even make a latte? this is why i never applied for that job at starbucks. that, and the old, rich white women who i'm sure have no problem asking me for a double/skinny/non-fat/rare-milk brand/sprinkle something or other. and i wish more places were doing cool shit like this. if you know of any places in toronto (other than black dog coffee), drop me a line.

cheap yet adorable shoes
i think the key to a great wardrobe is a lot of variety in plain, simple and classic things that you can easily match with everything and anything. that, and great shoes that mix and match easily, too. if you're a shoe-junkie like me, you know a fancy footwear habit can be brutal on your bank account. that's why i stock up on cheaper shoes so that if they get a lot of wear and tear on them, at least i didn't spend a whole lot. i'm a big fan of joe fresh shoes; i got me a pair of these cute babies (below) last summer for $39.99. But when it comes to the summer, you can pretty much always find me in ballet slippers/flats. when i buy my flats, i get them from ardene; they're mega cheap (two pairs for $20) and they're super sweet (bottom). 

two door cinema club
i've been hearing a lot about these irish boys for a while, but never gave them a chance (or a listen) because i just thought they were another flash-in-the-pan indie band. finally took a listen to their album tourist history and i've been listening to it non-stop. this is my favorite song on the disc.

my brother
it's my little brother patrick's 22nd birthday today! he's the man. the man's man. the man's son, even. here's the most unattractive photo of him and i, together. happy birthday!



pretty proud of my latest poster creation.
http://brittneytownsondesign.blogspot.com for more stuff.

happy birthday to my boyfriend/room-mate/best bud jesse. he's hating that he's twenty-eight today, but i've tried numerous times to explain to him that he looks like a teenager. here's to twenty-eight years of awesomeness, plus another million more to come. i have declared today universal jesse day. celebrate. celebrate hard.


my summer soundtrack, already.

bangs & blush have two special events in store for you! we're very excited to be bringing rule britannia to clintons, where two of the best up-and-coming djs (and super nice dudes) dj craig and dj alistair will be bringing you a night full of punk, post-punk, nu-wave, electronic, britpop, british invasion, new romantics and more. sure to be a huge hit, and sure to keep your legs and feet moving all night long.

then we're super excited to be bringing back fuck it for the third time; you know what they say, third time's a charm. a night full of all of yours and our favorite guilty pleasures from the 60's to now. guaranteed a hilariously fun night out! visit the bangs and blush blog here, or our twitter here for all our full listings, updates and news!


cts vintage nouveau
i just recently discovered this little shop barely a block west of spadina, north side of queen. so many cute knick-knacks, it's like a sexier version of a value village. and the owers/employees there are so fucking awesome and nice. watch this little video from blog: 

"M'Eye On"

mochi ice cream balls
these things are every sweet-lovers wet dream. my friend gene ho and i were driving around mississauga years ago and stopped by a t&t supermarket. gene grabbed a box of these, in vanilla flavour, and assured me that i was about to have a heart attack. these things are like little frozen ice cream dumplings. i... i can't even describe to you...

jesse things
when you live with someone, you're going to see all of their sides; the good, the bad, the funny, the serious... even the ugly. but my favorite part of living with jesse so far (aside from him just being an ultra rad dude) is discovering what makes him tick and learning about his mannerisms. to me, call me weird, that shit is fucking fun. i could just sit there and watch him for hours. yesterday i watched him hail a cab. the way he went about whistling for it, followed by a very manly "finger point" to grab the drivers attention made me chuckle warmly. he's definitely "king lean". the way i ever-so-neatly fold his clothing and place it gently into our shared dresser, followed by not even a full day until i return to the drawer and it's in complete shambles... how does he do it? his collection of all-natural products kill me, too. but that shit seriously works magic. and how no matter how hard he tries, he still can't remember where most of his things are in the house. i love learning things about jesse, and why i love him so much is that he's never a bore. he's an open book of pure entertainment, in the best possible way, and i totally get off on digging his brain. i gots mad respect.

red hair
it's summer, and you know what that means; brittney cuts off all her hair and dyes it strange colours. i was really wanting the jane asher look, so i went for a cute bright red. makes my eyes pop and change is always nice for the brain.
and then there was me two years ago with the exact same colour/cut. oh look! that's when i was so solemnly stressed i actually had finger nails to paint.

"katie" stores
i'm sure you've passed a few of these stores in your day and took one look in the window and was all, "fuck that club-whore shit!" well, let me tell you ladies... i finally dragged my ass into one of these stores (i think it was the spadina/just north of queen location) and there's tons of cute-as-fuck stuff. they tend to put more of the slutty things in the front window, anyways. but everything is straight from china, so although it may be cheaply made, the stuff IS cheap and most of the time different from all of the other stuff you'd find in our crappy, down-town toronto retail line stores. as a matter of fact, the other day i bought myself a beautiful black/pink/red floral, flowy tube dress for $15. i'll definitely be wearing it a lot this summer.

this song
when i was a wee one, i used to drive through snow on dirt roads to the community centres of brampton and milton to see this band, cuff the duke, for a measly $5. i got into them hard; fun, home-body feeling music that to this day reminds me of my teenage years so hard it hurts.