this is what lindsay and i saw today. this is real.


sample sales
just got back from a fred perry sample sale. left with a lot of stuff. my god, why aren't there more of these! a pal put it best; "look at the tag. it says fred perry. we associate this label with middle to upper class folk with good taste and a clean look. yet, right beside it is a 'made in china' tag. strange? no. we shouldn't reeeeally be paying these high prices. but a sample sale? fine." it's true! i love my fred perry but jesus, it can be pricey. but i went all out. i got three shirts and a wallet for jesse, and a shirt and a bag for myself. all for the price of probably a shirt and a half at store cost. now i can look fabulous without the guilt. 
i look pissed because just a second before my cat ate my last strawberry. little fucker.
true friendship
it's one of those things where you can't really appreciate it until you're in the worst of times, but my lord, if there's one thing i cherish (and cherish giving as much as receiving) is true, bend-over-backwards, i-would-help-you-move-a-dead-body friendship. as i am just beginning my 25th year of life on this earth, i've been through my share of highs and lows with good friends, shitty friends, drama, bullshit and all the rest. when you manage to nab yourself a friend who you realize will never judge you, think anything less of you for the mistakes we're all put on this earth to make or put you down for anything at all... hold the fuck onto it. real true-love friendship seems to be something rare to come by in these days of social circles, cliques and people who hang out with people/in places just to be seen... sometimes we've all got to stop kidding ourselves and realize that if you're friends with someone who you'd do anything for and they wouldn't do the same, that maybe it's just not worth it. seems cold, right. we all have friends for certain reasons, and there are definitely different levels of friendship that everyone experiences in their every day lives... but those ones that are extra special should be kept extra close to your heart. you know who you are. i love you, i know you love me, and i'm here for you no matter what.

bangs & blush's summer of 2011
it's not even "technically" summer yet, and us ladies of bangs & blush have had the floodgates open with the fire of 1000 suns. holy fuck, this is gonna be a crazy one, ya'll! we're so excited to bring you SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL every single saturday; i cannot even express to you how fucking lucky i feel to be able to call this my job. in lue of that, lindsay and i want to give back to all of our dearest friends, supporters and fellow dance-floor babies and invite you to our one year anniversary party next saturday at clintons! there will be pins; oh yes, THERE WILL BE PINS.

honest ed's jewelry section
i've been wanting a "brittney" necklace for a while. jesse tells me only hookers wear name necklaces. well i guess i'm a hooker. because while i was shopping for some knick-knacks at honest ed's the other day, i found in the "jewlery" section a fucking brittney name necklace, spelled correctly, for fucking 99 CENTS. well fuck me sideways, because i bought one in gold and in silver. 

"fire fingers" nimmons
do you know this guy? YOU SHOULD. sean nimmons is the man with the plan, when it comes to the keys he's the bees knees. i recently just gave him the name "fire fingers". he liked it. i like it, too.
photo by yours truly, taken at the ride the tiger show at the orbit room last week
my familia
so izzy has turned into quite the little terror. he's teething and biting fucking everything (including my hands and feet, CONSTANTLY), breaking breakable shit all over my house, climbing behind the tv chewing on the cables and just over-all being a little shit. he's stressing jesse and i out hardcore. but at the end of the day, you can't help but love the little slut. i'm very happy with my boys. cannot complain.

this song


i miss jesse.

cold eats, sans hot treats.
so i'm trying to talk jesse and i's old room mates to do a "cold treats" tour of toronto. this entails visiting every popular/delicious ice cream/sundae/milkshake/gelato spot in the gta by the summers end. this all comes along with one of the funniest stories i tell (and most people don't find it that funny when i tell it because it's one of those 'had-to-be-there' sorta things) but a few years back, i was in a dairy queen (DQ) in brampton. i roll in there, middle of a hot, sweaty night somewhat intoxicated with a few friends. the place is empty except for a middle-aged indian dude standing at the cash wearing a hair-net and a very unpleased smirk on his face. you will see that i noted above that i was somewhat intoxicated, so it will only make sense when i say that i asked that fine hair-netted gentleman for a cheeseburger. he replies with:
"i'm sorry ma'am. there are no hot eats. only cool treats."
laughing yet? funny at all to you? did you reeeeally think about it and give the potential of this story being actually funny into consideration? the consideration it deserves? ANYWAYS. in the spirit of one of my favorite shows of all time, diners drive-ins and dives, i vow to taste all of the cool treats this city has to offer this summer. if you have any ideas/recommendations/comments please leave your comment at the bottom of this post! ICE CREAM 4 EVER.


the rapture
the world is ending tomorrow. so i'm gonna drink myself into a stupor and do this:

bangs & blush
holy buh-jeeesus, bangs & blush (myself and lindsay darling) have been some busy-ass bitches lately! us ladies are working hard day and night (and sipping cocktails inbetween) to bring you lots of amazing times in your near future this summer! new parties, new goodies and new music is on it's way. add us to twitter, visit our blog or add yourself to our facebook group for all the sweet stuff. 

magic pony
i've mentioned magic pony before in an older obsessed with column (which you can read here) but since that article was written, magic pony has moved it's store front just a little west on queen and it's as cute as ever. i went in there the other day and left only spending a little over $20, which is incredible for me considering i want to own one (or maybe two) of everything in the place. here's the goodies i walked away with, and when you get the chance... make sure to visit their store/website. www.magic-pony.com

vinny massimos
my favorite pizza place in the city of toronto, ladies and gentlemen. if you haven't experienced the flavour sensation that is vinny massimo's margarita pizza ADD IT TO YOUR LIST OF THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS. oop! what's that? you have 48 hours. GET TO IT. 

name necklaces
i've always really wanted one of these, but i was sort of waiting for the whole carrie/sex & the city fad to disappear, because let's face it; sarah jessica parker's stylist really bought those back with a vengeance. and now i want one! 
f.y.i. this is not a real spelling of my name. this is a hooker take on it. and i prefer it in gold. so there.
kansas couture
this little darling named katie has her own blog called kansas couture, obviously based out of kansas, where she shares her daily outfit choices amongst other cute things. the real kicker about her is that she puts simple, adorable outfits together using items from every-day stores that are super cheap and affordable. check her out, ladies! http://www.kansascouture.com/

macho man randy savage
rest in peace, buddy.


my new tattoo
yesterday i ventured to my favorite tattoo shop in the city, pearl harbor in kensington market. my talented, timid and sweet artist daniel innes always delivers. this is for my beautiful, strong and absolutely hilarious grandma betty. 

my buddy phil
my delicious, cat-loving, secretly-batman buddy phil is really funny. i'm trying to talk him into letting me create and write a new blog based on things he says and funny photos of him. maybe if i let him come over to meet my little kitty he'll give in.

fuck it
it's finally here, the party everyone's been talking about. FUCK IT makes it's way to clintons once again tonight where Bangs & Blush will be delivering an entire night of guilty pleasures from the 70's to now. think about ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES. 

my boyfriend
HA! what else is new. but seriously. jesse's the coolest person on the planet. having got to share bringing up a kitten with him the last few weeks has been so much fun. we've got our own little familia now. and the other day, jesse brought me home four of the last original beatles records i've been meaning to add to my collection. isn't that just... awesome? me's a lucky gal.

korean bbq
now don't get me wrong, i've been to a korean bbq before. but it was a long time ago, and in mississauga. jesse and i took a walk east on bloor the other night looking for somewhere new to dine out. we were also stoned, so it only makes sense when jesse saw a painted "ALL YOU CAN EAT: $14.99" sign on a korean bbq restaurant window, that we went inside. we got the chicken, beef, spare rib and salmon and a lot of veggies. i also ordered some sushi on the side. it was a feast. we didn't even get through our first course. and not only that, but our really bitchy waitress didn't give us the thumbs up on when our hot plate was ready to use, so jesse and i are sitting there, tripping balls looking around at other people's tables to see if we were doing it right. we got really full really fast after that. it was hilarious also watching jesse struggle with chop sticks. US CRAZY KIDS.

the donnas
no shame, i fucking love the donnas. it reminds me of being a teenager, summer time and keg parties. they also remind me of awesome 90's movies like jaw breaker. boys can talk shit all they want, but these girls provide some pretty credible hair metal. 


bitch, you be crazy.
i think the best investment a woman can make (aside from a great leather coat, a good pair of pumps, upkeeping a good hair cut and finding that signature perfume scent) is dishing out the bucks for a really good, professional pair of tweezers. i picked up myself a pair at shoppers drug mart yesterday, and yes, they were $21. a bit much for tweezers you ask? maybe. but my sleek brow will fight and win against your brow any day. ANY. DAY. 



this song is infinity times better than any song you think is the most bad-ass song you've ever heard. nothing you consider "cutting-edge" or "super hipster so it's gotta be genius" will ever compare to it. ever.