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with the official shirk magazine 2011 clothing strike commencing tomorrow, i guess i technically have one more day until may to shop for anything other than food, transportation, bills and any other life necessity. and i really have no interest. i'm not necessarily a "shopper" type... okay, wait scratch that. first problem is denial; second step is admitting. ha! everyone's a shopper these days. the point is is that i'm a visual person who knows what i want before i go into a store. i don't just throw my money away freely to the wind and i think hard about something before i buy it. i think the major problem with consumerism these days is that everything is a flash in the pan money grab; get your neon-graphic tee's now while they're really cool because kanye is wearing them! get your john lennon circle sunglasses now because gaga wears them and soon everyone else will be too and then you can say you wore them first! alright, i wouldn't buy either one of those things, but you get my point. it's really stupid. i need to start buying what i really need. not to mention, i'm also an emotional shopper. when i'm stressed, i'll buy something. when i've had a reeeeally, and i mean reeeeeeallly bad day, ah maybe a new pair of shoes would be nice. i'm sure i'm not the only one, but all excuses aside, it's not good! i have lots of things i want to do in the next year such as visiting london england, paris and other parts of europe. i want to start saving so that jesse and i can buy a house sooner than later. i'm also due for a new macbook and other little life expenses like dental crap, buying a car, etc. but the whole point of this ramble was to again reinstate that i have one day left before a month of absolutely no purchases for things other than things i really need. when i woke up today it was crappy, grey and rainy. i am without umbrella. so, ladies and gents, the final purchase before the big clothing strike will be an umbrella. but what KIND of umbrella? does one really need to think that hard about umbrella shopping?

can someone please lend me $1,000 so i can go directly back to jamaica because i'm seriously losing my fucking mind in toronto + in this office + in general?


song of the night

if you hear jesse and i whispering "ride the snake" to each other a lot, here's why.

Ride the snake by mario0318
oh haaaay, spring!

is... is that what i think it is? a solid glimmer of hope of a soon-to-arrive spring for the city of toronto? after returning to toronto via jamaica last week, stepping into the icy, snowy streets in moccasins without socks was a frightening (and freezing) hit in the face after spending a week with sand between my toes. the last few days however, have been absolutely beautiful. not entirely warm enough to bring out my spring jacket just yet; but blue skies and sunglasses are my bag, baby. spring is my favorite time of the year. put away your salt-stained boots, watch things grow and feel a ten tonne weight lift itself off your shoulders. it's a fresh start! get a hair cut, buy some new shoes, pick some flowers at the market and ride your bike to work! so many pretty new things are coming out for spring 2011 fashion; the seventies are totally coming back with a vengence, because everywhere i go floral patterns blind me and extra-long dresses and skirts drape over clothing racks. lots of denim, heeled sandals and straw hats. it's all so delicious, but i've decided to do something that i've been needing to do for a while... take a break from shopping. working right around the corner from the tourist/shopping district of downtown toronto can hurt myself and my wallet. i don't even have a dresser at home yet and my clothes rack is over flowing. what the hell am i going to do with all of these clothes, anyways? i need to stop shopping. so, i have decided that the entire month of april i will be presenting CLOTHING STRIKE 2011 - no, i will not be wandering the city naked, but i will mearly put all of my clothes to use, get rid of what i realize i don't need and stop throwing my hard-earned money down the drain with constant clothes shopping! and that includes shoes, too. SHOES. there are some special features regarding the clothing strike to come in the near future, but in the meantime april begins in just two days and i need to start leaving my debit card at home. this is something that shouldn't be hard for me at all, and i'm not a big spender in anyway... it's the power of the sale rack/second-hand treasures that kill my cash. suck it, retail!

friday april 1st
shirk magazine presents
clothing strike 2011



stewart copeland
ranked as the fifth best drummer of all time by rolling stone magazine, stewart copeland really has nothing left to prove when it comes to his talent as a drummer. i'm a rediculous police fan. i'm a rediculous steward copeland fan too; and his insane fills, energy and creative integration of music styles all rolled into one makes him my favorite drummer (aside from jesse, of course). yeah, sting this, sting that... and of course andrew summers is incredible too, but i always thought stewart carried the band. still does. my brother bought me the most recent police come-back tour dvd for christmas last year and to watch copeland, a full head of grey hair, play the drums like he's fourteen years old really blew me away/warmed my heart. who else can get away making most public appearances wearing drum gloves and NOT look like a fucking idiot? this guy.

wakey wakey eggs n' bacy



found this little gem for $6 at aldo accessories; who knew? my favorite bling.


by far, my recent trip to jamaica was probably the best vacation i've ever been on. never have i ever met so many wonderful, happy and kind people and never have i ever been so goddamn relaxed. i can tell, because i'm home now and i can still feel the jamaican laid-back way of looking at life within me. erin, ryan, jesse and i spent seven days sleeping on the beach, eating great, fresh food and drinking rum non-stop. we visited friends in the town of famouth, trelawny who fed us the best jerk chicken and fish i've ever had, introduced us to their families and took us for walks to different beaches and even an underground cave. we sampled the best of the jamaican herb and swam for hours in the ocean. i'd easily turn back to the airport and board another flight straight back if i could. jamaica, i will see you soon.
view from my beach chair on most days
jess and i's view from our balcony
erin and i having some red stripes at our friend tony's independent resort,  time and place
here's the underground cave we were taken to; fresh and salt water mixed mineral water was to the far left where we all went for a dip; some straight up indiana jones shit right there.
i know this is a weird thing coming out of my mouth; brittney townson, the all-the-time black-wearer herself, but i really wish toronto was as colourful and cheerful as jamaica. lots of yellow!
overjoyed, i guess.
late-night shenanigans

the boys got some killer burns
gwen stefani
gwen has and will always be one of the biggest influences on me in my life. not only was i a huuuge no doubt fan when i was a kid, but i pretty much still am and am not afraid to say i am anxiously awaiting the no doubt come back. but in terms of style, before all of the harajuku stuff, gwen was an ever-changing camelion who never failed to blow me away and inspire me to dye my hair a crazy colour or start rocking hounds-tooth and stripes at the same time (who woulda thought!?). so gwen, hay girl... love you long time.

coconut rum
this is pretty much all i've drank the last week. and what's even more scary is how i'm not sick of it. my drink of choice in jamaica was coconut rum and fresh pineapple juice and yum yum yum... so i stopped by the duty free in the montago bay airport and picked my mom up a little bottle of it for $3. i hope she can enjoy the fruity drunkness that i did. 
coco mania coconut rum
me enjoying the coco mania coconut rum

the specials
i don't even know what to write here; i'll be honest, i'm a little hungover at work and drinking really shitty toronto office building "coffee" (note that i use the term coffee lightly) and even though i hate my life sorta right now... the specials playing in my ears straight from my ipod makes me believe that everything will be okay again. soon. ONE DAY.

yet again, the boss himself has proven his awesomeness to me after a wonderful trip together. you can really tell a lot about if a relationship is going to work based on traveling with them; it'll either go really smoothly or end in horrific disaster (usually there's no middle), and what's worse is getting sick of whomever you're with. none of the above with jesse and i; as a matter of fact, once we got home and parted ways to go about our regular individual activities, we both really fucking missed each other. that's a good sign of some kick-ass lovin' if i've ever seen it.


shirk magazine will be on a two-week hiatus, starting tomorrow; jesse and i are off to jamaica right after lindsay and i finish deejaying tomorrow night's heartstrings.tv launch party at the super market with host adamo ruggiero! shirk will return with one kick-ass edition of things i love fridays and i'm sure lots of photographs and stories will be shown immediately after what is sure to be one hell of a trip. so take it easy, shirksters, and be sure to visit clintons next saturday for shake rattle & roll! i will be there dancing in spirit.

see you soon!

brittney townson
writer/creator of shirk magazine


mother nature; the media's take

mother nature; reality

japan, you are in my thoughts today.

canada its days like today that make me realize how fucking lucky i am to live where i do. it's strange, i seriously never ever watch the news in the morning. but this morning, i couldn't sleep. i tossed, turned... gave up and turned on the tv. my half-open morning eyes burst wide open to the full screen scene of a dirty, black wave made of sea water, lumber from destroyed houses, cars and debris moving across a flat japanese farm landscape at a pace so fast it stopped my heart. what the fuck happened? i struggled to get dressed and ready for work while trying to juggle watching the news as well. collected the facts. jesus christ, this is fucking serious. and it's been with me since i got up this morning. "i read the news today, oh boy" is right. thank god that i live in canada where we all bitch and moan like assholes about wet snow. thank fucking god that has pretty much been the worst that we've got here. i am more proud/thankful/relieved to be canadian than ever before today. i always freak myself out thinking about if something like that will ever happen here... you never know. so maybe i'll just skip the diets, health obsessions and drink myself silly, eat mcdonalds every day all day, smoke packs amongst packs of cigarettes and pfft, shoot up some heroin! why not, right? i mean the world is COMING TO A GODDAMN END.
googled "canada" and this is what i got.  can i get a flying canoe, please. thanks.
denim i obviously love jeans, who doesn't. i pretty much wear jeans every day. i love my black jeans. i love my dark blue jeans. but i love my jean jackets, and jean shirts. people always wonder if it's too much to wear two different pieces of denim that are different colours; i say fucking go for it. it's weird if you wear a shirt and jeans at the same time that are the same wash. currently i'm wearing my black jeans, a dark blue jean shirt with a grey shirt, and might i say, i look incredible. in...credible. and now there are tons of new washes coming out at places like h&m and the gap; very light blues, which i probably won't ever wear personally, but it looks great! the 70's are really coming back with a vengeance this season with huge, high-waisted flares... and ladies, with a pair of clogs/platform sandals, you pretty much can do no wrong.

stretching sitting at a computer desk all day is not good for the back. nor is sleeping on a really bad bed. i do two of these things. well, actually, my bed is pretty sweet; two 3 inch thick layers of memory foam on that bitch; it's more or less my god awful ikea pillows. i've started doing stretches at my desk and sometimes it's so desperately needed, it feels like one would feel after finally letting go of that shit that you've been holding in for three days. sorry. and then this morning i woke up way before my alarm, so i was literally just laying there, nuzzled with a thick quilt up to my neck, and because jesse is away i stetched in my big bed for nearly fourty minutes give or take. holy fuck does that feel good. the best are the sounds i let out when i stretch, too. huge, bear-like grunts... almost a little to bear-like to be coming out of a female. but you gotta let it out. i got kick! i got stretch, and i got kick! IIIII'M FIFTY.

disco sucks it's finally here! the launch of bangs & blush's brand new party, disco sucks, is tonight at clintons featuring our pal rich spinning disco vinyl. you best be believin' that lindsay and i have some killer tunes, killer outfits and a fucking disco light ball above the dance floor ready to go. BURN BABY, BURN.

my hatred for elvis i hate elvis. i like that documentary of him on tour in the 70's, because it's hilarious and he seemed like he was a pretty nice dude. every christmas my family and i always listen to the elvis christmas album, it's a tradition, but it's always a joke. sure, when he was young, he was a babe. i like hound dog, jail house rock and that's about it. i hate his other music, i hate his movies and i hate most elvis related things unless it's one of those swinging clocks where his "legs" rock back and fourth... i want one of those. but that's it. i hate elvis.

discovering a personal theme song so, it's no secret that my name is brittney. this name has been both good and bad to me; most of my childhood i was the only brittney in every class, and i had only met my first other brittney in grade 8. after that, around fucking 1997, britney spears hit the scene and then my life was mildly over from there. every where i went, "oh, you're name is brittney? britney... speeeears?" and then recieve a stupid asshole grin from whomever said it, like they really believed they were the first mother fucker to think of it. but then "it's britney, bitch" came around and that wasn't so bad. i used it a lot. but the only thing that sucked for me was that there are no songs about girls named brittney! all of my girlfriends have their own song named after them... i mean, i guess i have jessie's girl by rick springfield. and miley's party in the u.s.a. has "and the britney song was on" line which i always bust a move like a dirty whore to when i hear it. but while doing my research for rare disco tunes for the disco sucks party (see above), i found this little diddy: RIDE ON BT! get it? bt? brittney... townson... that's me!


jesse's been in edmonton to play drums at the national aboriginal achievement awards with lucie idlout! he sent me this photo via text a few hours ago. he's currently awaiting the first sound check for the big show, which apparently will be televised friday night! what a baller. 

girlfight! march 4th at 99 sudbury
photo by becca lemire of shedoesthecity
channeling my inner runaway for disco sucks. ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!