this afternoon was quite pleasant. jesse and i woke up with nearly twelve hours of solid sleep in us, a visit from our dear friend alex bowden, some amazing, authentic and incredibly tasty mexican food at tacos elasador (bloor st. & clinton, i swear by it) and a little shop for things we needed around the house at honest ed's. on the walk back home easbound, and mind you that's walking into little korea, we stopped by a place called jodo kwaja, which means "walnut cake" in korean. the boys ordered a little bag of walnut cakes, which are literally walnut flavored little cakes in the shape of walnuts filled with a red bean filling. looked good and all, but my eyes wandered to the korean pancake image on the menu and i decided to order one in the brown-sugar flavor. imagine the softest, hottest thin cake filled with brown-sugar syrup that just drips down your fingers. it was the most fucking amazing thing i've tasted in a long time. and now, i will make sure to visit this place frequently. and it was only $1.30 for one. what a fucking delicious decision.



so i rolled into sephora today and just needed, NEEDED to get myself a hot pink lipstick. and i had been curious to check out kat von d's make-up line as well. though she may be engaged to a nazi vanilla gorilla, i still think her make-up jobs on her show l.a. ink are ballin' (and being a fellow snow-white skin/black hair'd girl myself, it only made sense that she would be shooting right for my demographic). i bought her electric hot pink lipstick, retailed at $25 CDN, called "backstage bambi". i like. oh, i really like.


it's ridiculous to think at one point that i barely ever gave indian food a chance. then again, maybe it was because i was eating really bad indian food. banjara, located right next to christie pits park on bloor st., has become my most favorite treat to eat (jesse and i ordered it last night and knowing that when i get home i have left-overs for dinner is pretty much what got me this far today) and it's quite literally living up to the hype. the butter chicken... *salivating*... just, order this food. and order it good.

this happens to me a lot. i don't like surprises that much in terms of being thrown off-course, plans changing... i'm a very organized, scheduled person. thus, when something is thrown at me i'm not expecting nor know how to deal with, i... sorta loose my shit. not at people, but within my own mind. hence why i have no finger nails. i've been juggling a lot of stuff at work lately, and didn't really know what i was doing at times. i convinced myself that i was gonna lose my job. i sat on it for a few days, and after this morning realized i really had no reason to freak/worry at all. i do this in other situations sometimes and i always look back at myself and shake my head, or sheepishly apologize (aka sometimes getting feverish jealous/suspicious in certain situations due to a dumpy past full of anti-trust issues). sometimes i just need to know when to relax, and trust me, i'm the first one to admit it. people always compliment me on how easy-going and laid back i am, and yes, i am in a lot of ways. but i can also be insanely obsessive compulsive, nit-picky and needing to know the facts from beginning to end about certain things as well. meh, what can i say; at least i've got a decent balance of chill/insane within me. no one's perfect, even though that makes me want to gnaw off my fingernails even just thinking about that statement. "what!? no one's perfect? what do you mean!? how does one get perfect!? I NEED TO BE PERFECT".

i call jesse "man-baby" because he literally is... a man... baby. sure, he's got the body of a man, stubble and the whole deal, but sometimes i smell his head and he smells like a new born infant. what the hell? like, new-human smell. slap that on a piece of cardboard and hang it from your rear view mirror. and jesse being a drummer, he has these massive, thick man-hands. but when he sleeps, he sleeps like a baby; they curl up and rest up next to his head. literally, a man-baby. it's insanely precious. and he's gonna kill me for this.

what i see in the morning

most of the music recorded in the 50's and 60's; stax, motown recording artists etc., were all incredibly talented musicians because, unlike today, recorded the majority of their tracks live off the floor, uncut. that's pretty remarkable, considering these bands had upwards of 8 live musicians, back-up singers, the whole shebang. i listen to 60's motown and rare soul pretty much daily. i've noticed a bunch of tracks where i'll hear (usually a sax) go a little off key, and will forever remember it and eventually even look forward to that part in the song when i listen to it. weird, i guess; i've noted fuck-ups in the following three songs. but i love it.

yes yes, ya'll; it's finally happened! for nearly a year shirk magazine has been the home-base for bangs & blush info (aside from our facebook page and twitter) but now us ladies finally have our own blog, full of photos, events, news, playlists and other random fun stuff like music news, facts, top-ten lists and interviews! if you haven't been to it yet, click HERE or click the bangs & blush logo (the pink circle) located on the far right side of this blog. wooo!




"pie, remember when i told you i would eat you last? I LIED."


have you read dlisted.com? if you haven't, seriously... go there now. it's just a typical celeb/entertainment gossip/news blog along the same lines of perezhilton.com, but it's fucking way funnier; sometimes i literally laugh out loud reading this shit. i read it nearly daily, too. here's a little taste of something that made me nearly spit my coffee onto my shitty dell laptop this morning:
"If Ursula the sea witch rose from the dead, crawled onto land, scalped Ariel and then started over as an afternoon-shift receptionist at a Carlton International Hair Salon in Santa Ana, CA, she might look like Wynonna Judd." - www.dlisted.com



early in the eve, brittney and lindsay meet at clintons and as they await the arrival of their lovely door girl holly (above) ...
their sound-guy bo helps them get the place sounding it's best. he sits behind us all night and watches over us like a mama hawk.
meanwhile, the lovely christina prepares fresh limes and lemons for all of your tasty mixed drinks
and reidun fits in a quick snack before a long night of serving the thirsty crowds. MMM.
now we play the waiting game.
as the dance-floor starts to fill up...
brittney and lindsay dance up a storm!
and sometimes we let our special party posse into the dj booth.
by doing so, sometimes members of our party posse steal our winter coats.
and sometimes a smoke break is greatly needed.
but then it's right back to dancing the night away!
and after last call has been announced, the clintons ladies start to clean up the sticky bar top
we give the very tired roy a hug good night and go on our way home, awaiting the next super awesome, super crazy edition of shake rattle & roll!

find the ladies of bangs & blush giving you a crazy dance floor to the sweet tunes of 60's rock & roll and soul, every saturday night at clintons!
meet us there again two saturdays from now where we're giving you the best valentines day dance party in toronto!

timothy townson; father/husband/life insurance agent/french-canadian socialite

song of the day


this is my coffee table that is too small for anyone to use. i store books/keys/knick-nacks. that little red table belonged to my grandma. that mirror belonged to a friends grandpa. the rest is pretty much ikea.
right accross from the useless coffee-table area is the record corner! above the record table is some flyers i've designed for both jesse's band and my dj nights. that painting was given to jesse by his dad; the artist is unknown, but for sure a torontonian. my orange chair was garbage-picked.
my fireplace doesn't actually work, but we light candles in it and it feels just like the real thing. next to it is our massive 42 inch hd tv and our movies/playstation 3 are hidden in the cabinet underneath.
right accross from the tv is our bed/couch. we call it our bouch. no art work up on the walls yet, but soon! follow that hall and it takes you to the other end of the house.
this is what the entrance to my bathroom looks like; i have beatles framed on my wall and red towels; even a personalized towel! our toilet is very new... japanese looking. 
here's the sink/getting ready area. it does me just fine.
here's what it looks like when you walk into my kitchen! my kitchen set belonged to my great aunt; it's original from the 50's. there's my new radio on the table that jesse got me for christmas/his bong/flowers he bought me yesterday when i got mad at him. 
here's a better view of my kitchen set. jesse and i do everything here. 
opposite of the kitchen table, here's my fridge and wall shelf. we keep our booze/useless things on this shelf. we fully motivate our guests to leave us funny notes with our magnet letters on our fridge; can you tell my cousin katie was over?
and finally, my laundry room just looks like a laundry room... but here's my clothing rack. 

bangs & blush (if it were 90 years ago). i'd be the scandalous one, for sure. slutty m'gee!
60'S/70'S ROCK STAR HAIR if you've been reading shirk magazine since the very beginning, or are just a real friend of mine, you'd know that i've been struggling with having patience to grow my hair out for many years. looks like i'm half way there and i'm going all the way, mother fuckers! so when it's finally to the length i desire, i've decided that i want to have a 70's rock star hair do; something crazy, with a fringe and a big heap of insanity on my skull. what do you think?

WHEN BOYFRIENDS ARE SORRY we all fuck up; lord knows i fuck up way more than a regular person should, but even when a little bit of an arguement arrises between jesse and i (and yes, it happens) it's usually fixed and behind us in a blink of an eye because we're able to take a step back, realize how stupid it all is, apologize to eachother and kiss and make up quick. yesterday was a rough day, stressful for the both of us, and after a bit of mouthing off to eachother, jesse comes home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a little stuffed toy kitten (apparently to tide me off while i impatiently await a real kitten) and scoops me up as we both shared a mutual apologetic embrace. i would've been just as happy to kiss/hug/see him when he got home anyways, but the beautiful flowers were a cherry ontop to the delicious metephorical sundae my boyfriend is; although he made be made of ice cream,  i'm the one who melts.

BEING A GRAPHIC DESIGNER before i applied to colleges/universities, i was a drama major at an arts highschool. before i thought i wanted to be an actress, i had been painting/drawing since i could hold a crayon. i decided to put the acting aside and go back to my roots when it cames to post secondary eduaction and applied to george brown college's school of design. since then, i've been designing everything from this blog to merch for bands to magazine layouts to flyers for events and parties around the city. i seem to be designing flyers more than anything lately, but i love it. check out an example of my recent work:

and you should fucking come to this party, because it's gonna be off the hizzook.

if you're ever looking for someone who knows their shit, whether you need an album cover for your band, a flyer/poster for an event or a header design for your blog... i'm your bitch.

VACATIONS well it looks like brittney's finally going away on a vacation for the first time in years. and mind you, most of my vacations have been to new york or a strange land we call iceland. this time i'm going to let the typical middle-class white girl in me out; all-inclusive resort with non-stop booze and sun. though, i will surely refrain from coming home with beaded braids in my hair... i promise. just looking forward to wearing sun-dresses, sunglasses and big sun hats. as a matter of fact, i need to compile a visual shopping list:

BERCZY PARK this itty bitty park, located right in the middle of wellington and front st. just a little east of yonge st., is right outside of my office window. on a sunny day, it's absolutely breathtaking, and even in the winter it's quite a sight. i like to go sit out by the fountain whenever i get the chance to take a break and go outside. when i was a kid, my grandfather (who was a painter) used to always point out the "window painting" on the side of the infamous tringle building and every time i look at it, it reminds me of him. it's a little security blanket for me in this insane city.

toronto, 1895
toronto, now.
TODAYS SONG OF THE DAY i think i've said this before, but i wish i could go back in time, make the rolling stones let me sing on this song and then die really fucking happy. one of the most badass rock & roll songs ever in my opinion, i'll never ever get tired of this track.