ten days until halloween!
the british are coming! the british are com-...eugh, um, halloween is coming... speaking of coming, i'm still coming down from all the neocitran. anyways, i can't believe halloween is only ten days away! this has been the weirdest halloween for me ever so far because jesse and i don't have cable; because of this, i haven't been able to enjoy all of the traditional tv show episodes/tv movies that are in constant circulation during this time of the year. i miss my tree house of horror episodes! all of the halloween/freddy/scream movies! the turner classic movie showings of all the original frankenstein's, dracula's and other creature features! and mostly; beetlejuice cartoon re-runs. but that's okay, i've already spent over $50 at dollarama on halloween crap; do you have any idea how much fifty bones gets you at dollarama? my costume is almost done as well, but still needs work. none the less, my pumpkins will be carved soon and my big bangs & blush halloween party is next saturday! i can't wait!
joe fresh sweaters
finally hit up the new joe fresh on queen west last week and got myself some amazing sweaters. they always fit so comfortably, made with quality thickness and stitching and i mix and match them with everything in my wardrobe. i've been wearing them nearly every day for a week now. please don't repeat that.
go go go joe!
jesse and i have spent the last 5 days, since saturday to be exact, in bed pretty much nearly all day. coughs, runny noses, hot/cold sweats, body aches, you name it, we had it! but that motherfuckin' neocitran takes you to a drugged out far off land of painlessness and body warmth. makes you sleep like a tranquilized bear, too.
way too much of this.
finally getting an iphone
it happened! it's awesome!

jesse (again)
good lovey bear hugs for me.

turkey subs
i fucking love turkey subs. personally, there's nothing better than a home made turkey sandwhich/sub, but on the go it's my favorite fast food snack. and there's something about my strange habit with sub toppings; this what i usually get on my sub: lettuce, tomato, onion, black and green olives (and lots of them), and barbecue sauce. seriously, have you ever had olives on a sub before? it'll change your life; try it.
"i'll have that as a combo. thanks."
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