how many times now have i mentioned my boyfriend, seriously. i guess it clearly shows that i'm obsessed with him. obsessed in a way not meant to be taken in a "i'm not sitting next to that bitch on the subway" fashion. i mean that i'm pretty fucking aware of how lucky i am to have the boyfriend that i do. he has got to be, not only the kindest person to me that i have ever met, but pretty much everything about him i think is the fucking bomb tits. he's the kind of boyfriend that every girl secretly dreams of having but sadly a lot never find. he's the sweetest, most sensitive, aware and loving person i've ever met; at the same time he's hard as fuck, never takes bullshit, gives you the hard truth and will probably kill anyone who hurts the people he loves the most. that, my ladies, i think is the best kind of man i've ever known of. and i, one lucky bitch, get to have him. for whatever reason he seems to think i'm pretty cool; so i'll be counting my blessings every day and so fourth. if you ever happen to find a man like jesse... hold on, and hold on tight.

the blues brothers
i was one of the lucky ones where my parents had "the blues brothers" on vhs around the house since i can remember. at a young age, i'm going to guess 5 or 6, i was in that phase where when i found a movie i liked, i obsessed over it and watched it nearly every day until my parents pleaded with me to for the love of god stop watching it. this was one of those movies. i think the reason i found my entire musical obsession and desire with soul music is single handedly because of this film (though adventures in babysitting is pretty up there). jake and elwood with forever be two of the most important pop culture icons for me, and fact that these men went to jail for their love of soul and blues makes feel that i'm not alone in that exact plausible sacrifice. we're on a mission for god FOREVER.

i will eat a lot of this whenever you offer it to me, period.

i have to say, i'm a big autumn fan. if you've been a shirk reader for 2+ years now, you'd know of my countless entries regarding my obsession with autumn. leaves changing, sweaters, pumpkins, pies, halloween, ghost stories... what the hell is any fucking better? i agree, summer is awesome. so awesome. but for some reason, my heart belongs to autumn.

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