today i had to do some running around, and luckily it's everyone's friday and a beautiful one, too. come with me as i take you on a journey west of ossington on bloor st. in toronto as i walk about my beautiful neighbourhood. it's life's little pleasures that make me smile like a birthday clown.
here's where christie pitts park is; just a few blocks away from my street. it's always such a lovely, breezy, green area to walk through on bloor st. 
just a little down the street, here's the place i call home; clintons. 
right across the street from clintons is tacos el asador, the best mexican food in the whole fucking city.
i don't know what this place is, but it's clearly a korean after-hours called "joker lounge". jesse and i get a real kick out of daydreaming what it's like in that place. 
a little more east down the street is pour boy, a cute little bar i've been meaning to hit up but have heard lots of good things about. i'm putting this on my toronto to-do list.

here's my favorite produce market on bloor, and they also have an amazing selection of fresh flowers and plants.  i cannot resist every time i pass the place.

this place cranks out some of the tastiest korean treats i've ever had; brown sugar korean pancakes, walnut cakes and amazing coffees. i strongly suggest you take your sweetie, sweet-tooth and your sweet self to this joint.
this is an amime/kawaii/cute asian thing store called me & you is completely irresistible. i decided not to go in today because i definitely would've spent some cash.
need i say more.
i don't want to get into it, but sonic boom is moving, i am sad, end of story. 
typical toronto; pass brunswick and bloor to see an incredibly talented pianist tickling the ivories right on the street corner. everyone passing her were going, "that's awesome." and it was. 
finally home. can't be out too long or else izzy will get lonely. i love my little hood!