the thursday edition

tomorrow is good friday, and the whole city gets a day off. where i'd love to provide all you lovely shirksters with some good ol' things i love friday tomorrow, i'd much rather take a day off just like everyone else. thus, here we are, doing the weekly things i love fridays one day early. who caaayahs.

that thing you do
man i don't know why, but i've been super jonsing to watch/rent this movie lately. used to be, and still is one of my favorites. liv tyler... what the hell ever happened to that chick, anyways? POINT IS, this is a mega guilty pleasure of mine. tom everet scott is a total fucking "you're-so-hot-i-could-kill-myself" babe, too. 

the b sharps
i'm a stupidly obsessed simpsons fan, and i always remember the b-sharps episode being one of my favorites. "baby on board". classic. not to mention the dozens of beatles references, and even a little guest appearance by my favorite beatle george himself!

no one should ever be allowed to use this at work. i, on the other hand, couldn't resist.


she does the city
not only is this one of my favorite blogs, toronto-based or not, but all of the ladies who run the joint have to be some of the nicest girls going right now. also, they've had a big hand in helping out bangs & blush with getting their parties off the ground since we first came together nearly a year ago. thank you ladies for everything, keep up the great work and SISTERS ARE DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES.

today's song of the day

being a graphic designer
i love being creative, and i love building something from the ground up in terms of creating a look and feel to a company, event or identity. doing posters for my friends is also a lot of fun and quite rewarding. in terms of shirk, bangs & blush, my old band and everything else i've ever been a part of, doing my own design work and not having to pay a single cent for it is also a huge, juicy cherry on top. i plan on crankin' out some crazy-ass shit this summer.