HOW JESSE NEVER JUDGES so i'm at work, right. and i had to calculate tax on an invoice. i was sitting on google for 5-10 minutes searching "how to calculate hst". is that not the stupidest thing you've ever heard? ever? i was ashamed before, but no longer; i'm not afraid to admit, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TAX/BASIC MATH EQUATIONS. so instead of panicking at the office, i call jesse. shoots me back an answer point blank with no judgement or snark in his tone of voice. all i wanted was the answer, and that's what i got. thanks jesse.

i love stock photos.

DEEJAYING WITH LINDSAY it's been a few weeks, but we're back baby; bangs & blush are taking back clintons tomorrow night with our valentines day edition of shake, rattle & roll: bangs & blush have a crush! deejaying has become my haven for relaxation, good times and letting loose. and it's even better when my partner fucking leaves me in stitches laughing, dances around like an idiot with me and helps me plan killer parties. i can't wait for tomorrow night ya'll, and i hope to see your faces. and never forget: DRINK. DANCE. GET MESSY.
and did i mention that we've got 400+ valentines for FREE at our featured valentine kiosk where you can come and write a valentine to your sweetie-pie/crush, care of bangs & blush! you know you want a fucking reptiles & bugs valentine.

YOGURT fuck, i've been eating a shitload of yogurt lately! my favorite is peach and raspberry. it completely kills any craving i have for anything. and i love buying insane amounts of fresh berries like blueberries, wild berries...and just throwing that shit in there, mixing it up and enjoying the FUCK out of it. FUCK I WANT THIS MUG... TWO OF 'EM.

THE SALOON SALON located just a pinch east of ossington on harbord, the saloon salon is a cute little spot run by two amazingly talented hair dressers, kat marcus and daina schreiber, in what used to be called glam. jesse had been getting his hair cut put daina for years and swore by her, and i recently met kat at a party where she was super awesome and complimented me on my hair. i said i needed a bang cut, and she flashed me her saloon card. went in, and not only is it super close to my house, super cute and the ladies are super nice, but my bang cut was dead on perfect. i totally recommend this place for peeps who want an affordable yet incredible hair cut/style by someone who truly knows their shit. visit their website to check out kat and daina's creds if you don't believe me! http://www.thesaloonsalon.com

BLACK BEATLE BOOTS i need me a pair. i've had some beatle-boot fakes before, but i want the ones with buckles on the side. i've been looking everywhere but toronto has insanely disappointed me. i found some cool black leather vintage boots at queen of vintage in parkdale in autumn but... where the hell do i find em? i want babies like this: