60'S/70'S ROCK STAR HAIR if you've been reading shirk magazine since the very beginning, or are just a real friend of mine, you'd know that i've been struggling with having patience to grow my hair out for many years. looks like i'm half way there and i'm going all the way, mother fuckers! so when it's finally to the length i desire, i've decided that i want to have a 70's rock star hair do; something crazy, with a fringe and a big heap of insanity on my skull. what do you think?

WHEN BOYFRIENDS ARE SORRY we all fuck up; lord knows i fuck up way more than a regular person should, but even when a little bit of an arguement arrises between jesse and i (and yes, it happens) it's usually fixed and behind us in a blink of an eye because we're able to take a step back, realize how stupid it all is, apologize to eachother and kiss and make up quick. yesterday was a rough day, stressful for the both of us, and after a bit of mouthing off to eachother, jesse comes home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a little stuffed toy kitten (apparently to tide me off while i impatiently await a real kitten) and scoops me up as we both shared a mutual apologetic embrace. i would've been just as happy to kiss/hug/see him when he got home anyways, but the beautiful flowers were a cherry ontop to the delicious metephorical sundae my boyfriend is; although he made be made of ice cream,  i'm the one who melts.

BEING A GRAPHIC DESIGNER before i applied to colleges/universities, i was a drama major at an arts highschool. before i thought i wanted to be an actress, i had been painting/drawing since i could hold a crayon. i decided to put the acting aside and go back to my roots when it cames to post secondary eduaction and applied to george brown college's school of design. since then, i've been designing everything from this blog to merch for bands to magazine layouts to flyers for events and parties around the city. i seem to be designing flyers more than anything lately, but i love it. check out an example of my recent work:

and you should fucking come to this party, because it's gonna be off the hizzook.

if you're ever looking for someone who knows their shit, whether you need an album cover for your band, a flyer/poster for an event or a header design for your blog... i'm your bitch.

VACATIONS well it looks like brittney's finally going away on a vacation for the first time in years. and mind you, most of my vacations have been to new york or a strange land we call iceland. this time i'm going to let the typical middle-class white girl in me out; all-inclusive resort with non-stop booze and sun. though, i will surely refrain from coming home with beaded braids in my hair... i promise. just looking forward to wearing sun-dresses, sunglasses and big sun hats. as a matter of fact, i need to compile a visual shopping list:

BERCZY PARK this itty bitty park, located right in the middle of wellington and front st. just a little east of yonge st., is right outside of my office window. on a sunny day, it's absolutely breathtaking, and even in the winter it's quite a sight. i like to go sit out by the fountain whenever i get the chance to take a break and go outside. when i was a kid, my grandfather (who was a painter) used to always point out the "window painting" on the side of the infamous tringle building and every time i look at it, it reminds me of him. it's a little security blanket for me in this insane city.

toronto, 1895
toronto, now.
TODAYS SONG OF THE DAY i think i've said this before, but i wish i could go back in time, make the rolling stones let me sing on this song and then die really fucking happy. one of the most badass rock & roll songs ever in my opinion, i'll never ever get tired of this track.