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hello 2011, goodbye 2010.

PHILADELPHIA spending the last four days in philly has been fucking amazing. mind you, the drive down was a total ball-licker but it was totally worth it. spending it some of the best people i know really made the trip, as well. we were lucky enough to have pretty good weather, so walking around and seeing the city was surprisingly enjoyable for the end of december. there are three things that really stuck out like a sore thumb that i will take with me from philly; the architecture, the food and the people. all were amazing. here's the city hall, and it's really hard to tell how large it really is unless you're standing right next to it... but every time i passed it i had an incredibly overwhelming feeling of ant-like importance. but it was fucking beautiful.
then we head over to the reading terminal; picture the st. lawrence market by 10,000. tons of amazingly fresh foods, philly specialties and cheap, cheap, cheap beer. justin, jenny, jesse and i split apart and all agreed to meet in the cafeteria area with at least two different types of sandwiches where we would all then sit down and try a little bit of everyone's findings. i got myself two philly cheese-steaks; one with american cheese and one with provalone. one of the best things i've ever had in my mouth. jesse got some pulled pork and a few other meaty, juicy sandwiches. that, along with the $3 beers... heaven.
and shopping was great. everyone loves macy's. though, i almost got lost and i was sweating a lot. none the less, i ate well, lived well, and had a wonderful stay. i'd go back in a heartbeat.

TREATING MY INNER-LADY yeah, i can be a lady at times. this christmas i was totally spoiled rotten, but there are obviously certain things that we would love to get for christmas that we can really only buy ourselves. thus, i managed to pick myself up some delicious vices whilst shopping in the city of philly:
a bottle of chanel perfume

this lingerie set by Jezebel (available at Macy's)

extra long capri cigarettes

MY BOYFRIEND i sorta make him a favorite thing every week, don't i?

MY HILARIOUS FRIENDS here's a photo from the annual posse christmas party. too bad we're all grown up, have 9-5 jobs and couldn't get too royally trashed together, but when we are together it's greatly cherished. here's to 10 years of the tightest group of friends in existance.

NEW YEARS EVE it's not going to be over-hyped this year, folks. bangs & blush are throwing one hell of a raping new years eve party tonight at the savoy where bowties and party dresses are a must. 60's soul and rock & roll all night long, babies. no excuses; IT'S FREE!



TONIGHT! Drop everything (including your boxes) and come dance with the girls of Bangs & Blush all night long at Clintons! Soul + 60's rock & roll ALL NIGHT!


right now, i'm sitting in my cubical at work. how/why i'm here, i'd rather not even think about it. after 5 days in a row that all ended in christmas parties, it's finally caught up to me. not only was i insanely ill last weekend with one of the worst colds i've ever had, but i've learned the hard way that though i may still have the mind of a 17 year old, i definitely don't have the 17 year old bounce back from a night of violently drinking like i used to.

but really, it's worth it. i put my body through this personal hell for the sake of love and friendship. i've had a wonderful week of smiling faces, gut-busting laughter and holiday cheer. i consider myself one of the luckiest people on the face of this earth; the people i am able to surround myself with are truely the best of the best in terms of human being quality. my high school friends, who i am still super tight with, have crossed the line in terms of relationships to the point where i consider them family. we've just accepted that, like family, we're stuck with eachother for the rest of our lives... so tough shit.

my pals from other pals, toronto living, work and abroad are just as wonderful; and my boyfriends friends have been the best "boyfriend-friends" i've ever had. they, too, are like family. and of course, it's a true judge of character when you judge the people that someone surrounds themself with. if this is the case, my boyfriend is the best of the best of the best (which is true). the last year has been the best of my life and a lot of it is because of jesse. i've never felt so right about anything and anyone, and every waking moment i'm remembering how lucky i am to have someone so perfect. not only is he funny, but he's smart, tough, loving, talented and has the cutest damn face i've ever seen.

then there's mom, dad and pat. and my cat. i can't wait to come home to all you today. even though i'm out on my own, and that jesse and i have our own little love nest now, coming home is something so relieving in the sense where i can forget that i have to go to work and be an adult and pay bills; i can curl up on my couch with my cat and have my mom play mom and i can play kid. it's my favorite.

well, this has become somewhat of a "thanksgiving" speech, hasn't it. i'm getting my holiday spirit wrong. but maybe not.

merry christmas everyone. be with the ones you love the most, relax, smile, and be safe.

brittney townson
shirk magazine



photos from the official no warning christmas party at the midpoint
tuesday december 21st 2010
all photos by brittney townson/jesse labovitz/ryan gavel


yes, those are o.j. simpson pogs


jesse and i's "holiday" card. we tried to tag all of our friends on facebook, but facebook cut us off after tagging about 50 people. if you are a facebook friend of ours and you weren't tagged, here's your card from us to you!
click to enlarge


well lookie what lindsay's got! picked up this shirt for lindsay's christmas pressy (and gave it to her on keith richard's birthday; how appropriate, right?) and it suits her just nice like. i was mega sick over the weekend and used up about half of this big bottle of strawberry milkshake scented bath soap lindsay got for me in my borderline-boiling bubble baths. i hated blowing my nose, but enjoyed smelling like a dessert. we're both happy.

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bruno at toni&guy bloor st. go now. lindsay darling and i wear on it.



top tweets of two thousand and ten
shirk magazine jumped on the twitter band-wagon just a little over a year ago now, and it's become one of the best tools the internet (and myself) has ever seen. it's quick, to the point, and accessable at any time (and from your phone, which can sometimes equal trouble when you're wasted at 3 am) and i'll be honest... sometimes i read my old tweets and laugh pretty damn hard. so, i went over the shirk magazine twitter account tweets (SHIRKISH) and these are officially the top tweets of two thousand and ten.

''We saw a comet shooting over Carlos Santana.''
3:10 PM May 9th via txt

''Time travel's not possible, there are barely any Delorians left anyway. Everybody knows this.''- Uncle Mark
8:53 PM March 22nd via web

guys, i've only been here for an hour and someone stole my lighter. guys? anyone?
11:46 PM May 7th via txt

whoa whoa, what is this? what do i look like, a juice dumpster? chill out on all that juice. jeeze.
5:44 PM May 7th via web

''Love is for fools; embrace death.''- my dad
12:53 PM May 7th via txt

"I have more blood than anybody''- Jesse
3:16 PM May 3rd via txt

A Babushka is not just a scarf, it's a lifestyle.
5:19 PM May 2nd via txt

Its a gassy Wednesday.
10:04 AM Nov 24th via txt

Dry humping... that takes me back.
1:17 AM Sep 17th via txt

"Can you please remove all of the candles? Enrique Englasias has a fear of them."
11:51 PM Sep 2nd via txt

when i give my cat the middle finger, she understands.
11:27 AM Aug 17th via web

I cant believe I found half a choclate bar in my purse. I love DJing.
1:31 AM Jul 30th via txt

What did the German police officer say to a bellybutton? "You are under a vest."
12:36 PM March 21st via web

To-do list for tomorrow: count coins, stare, offer my dad beverages, destroy my porn collection, lift weights.
1:52 AM Mar 17th via web

i think i'm a little "too real" for this place
1:04 AM Mar 9th via web

i'm gonna puke. i'm not a good person.
1:42 PM Mar 5th via web

Romance is out this year.
12:08 AM Feb 7th via txt

these sugar cookies that you speak of; are they real or symbolic?
3:14 PM Jan 30th via web

''So you're like aw Im a fetus and then BAM, I'M A BABY.''
9:03 PM Jan 20th via txt

These big vagina ladies are getting away with murder
12:35 AM Jan 8th via txt

Tits like garbage bags full of water.
12:08 AM Jan 4th via txt

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one happy-ass brittney.
today i got my christmas present from jesse a little earlier than expected; so i've been spoiled on many levels with this wonderful gift; my brand new radio! it's currently sitting on top my 1950's kitchen table and it sounds like the sound equivalent of sex. does my boyfriend have taste or what?