it's like that. and that's the way it is.


DOGS ON THE STREET something as simple as puppies waiting outside of stores for their owners, or people taking their canines for walks about town make me so happy. it's impossible for me to see a dog and not smile. it's even better when they let you pet them. 

WEARING YOUR BOYFRIENDS CLOTHES there's nothing more endearing. jesse has the best collection of warm thermals and hoodies and i usually go grab one of them before one of my own any day. im wearing one now. thanks jess!

HALLOWEEN i am the halloween queen and i can't believe we're only a day away from my favorite holiday of the year! i've got my costume ready to go, a pumpkin to carve and i'm ready to throw one helluva halloween party tonight!

MUSICALS the truth it out, boys and girls. brittney loves musicals and i'm not afraid anymore. not afraid to hide the secret. and fuck, one of my favorite musicals happens to only pop up around this time of the year.

song of the day

go robert, go!


bought myself and my roommates pumpkins! i seem to be way more overly insane over halloween than them, but they can suck it up and CARVE BABY, CARVE. picked up some classic fake cobwebs so that i can decorate my dj booth on saturday night!
currently my wig storage unit

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monique lahey is a torontonian web host/producer and vloggerthis girl be tearin' up the city with her delicious wardrobe and bubbly personality, interviewing some of the best of the best when it comes to toronto culture. here's her collection of interviews from random torontonians about their obsession with fashion, and i'm one of the peeps she included! look for me!

visit monique's blog at http://moniquelahey.blogspot.com/



when i was growing up, i got so much flack for liking this cult classic. what the fuck is everyone's fucking problem? yes, there are men wearing leotards. yes, there is lots of lesbian and gay sex goin' on here and there. but FACT: this is one of the best musicals and super-cheese b-movie ever! i grew up on this movie, i know the songs word for word and i will not rest until i've been every character in this movie for halloween at least once. ladies and gentlemen; the rocky horror picture show.



everyone knows i'm fucking insane over halloween. it's my favorite day of the year to go along-side with my insane obsession with ghosts and goblins. choosing the right halloween costume is always a hurdle to get over; it's gotta be good and it's gotta be done right. last year i went as the infamous betty boop and killed it; but i wanted something awesome that would go well with my shake, rattle & roll bangs & blush halloween party at clintons on the 30th. i think i came up with the master plan.

song of the day

if you see me walking around in public making fuck-faces with my ipod earphones in head, it's most likely because i'm listening to today's song of the day.




just in the midst of our shake rattle & roll celebration. 
come see us this saturday for the best dance party in the city!

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STARBUCKS ICED PASSION TEA have you had the pleasure of trying this delicious drink? my god. i woke up this morning as hung over as thursday's laundry and i knew that a certain thirst-quenching beverage would help big time; AND IT DID. it's oh so tasty and chuggable. seriously, it's the only thing i buy at starbucks. i got my boyfriend addicted, too.

MY BOYFRIEND'S NEW HAIRCUT jesse is world renowned for his luscious curly long locks. they just dance in the wind. shirley temple's got nothing on him. but the other day he got a little snip-snip for the first time in a while and lordy lord, he looks absolutely delicious. 




She Does The City's Caitlyn Holroyd interviewed us ladies of Bangs & Blush just in time for our Shake Rattle & Roll party tomorrow night! Read it, don't weep.

Bangs & Blush, our favourite lady DJ duo, are taking over Saturdays at Clinton’s with Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Bangs & Blush, our favourite lady DJ duo, are taking over Saturdays at Clinton’s with Shake, Rattle & Roll!
Lindsay Darling and Brittney Townson are two of our favourite ladies who together make up the hip-shakin’ DJ duo of Bangs & Blush. They’ve been working their magic all over the city and tomorrow night, they’ll be taking over the digs of Clinton’s famous sweaty Saturday night dance party - and we can’t wait! What can you expect? What 60’s icon should you channel on the dance floor? Which songs are most optimal for getting your groooooove on? Bangs & Blush fill you in!
Shake, Rattle & Roll vs. Shake A Tail...
B&B: The Shake A Tail boys knew what they were doing; they knew their music and over time the city knew their Clinton’s party as a go-to. We want to carry that spirit on at Clinton’s, but bring something different, a new energy. We love DJing and we love the music we DJ but we also love to party; we want to go out and have just as much of a good time as anyone else on a Saturday night and so we can't help but join the dance floor! We believe that a good party is not only the music we play, but the enthusiasm we bring as well.
Look forward to...
B&B: A sweaty, out of control dance party. All types of people coming together and partying like they've never partied before with an amazing 60's soul and rock & roll shindig. It's Bangs & Blush's motto; drink, dance, get messy.
Ultimate 60's icons...
B&B: Mary Anne Faithful, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, The Supremes, Patti Boyd, Aretha Franklin, Jane Birkin... so many!
Top 5 party-starting tunes...
Do You Love Me - The Contours
I Want You Back - Jackson 5
Gimmie Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group
Land Of 1000 Dances - Wilson Pickett
Twist And Shout - The Beatles
--By Caitlyn Holroyd


girl crush


She Does The City + Banana Republic + Maple Pictures invited Bangs & Blush to provide some swingin' tunes for their private party for the screening of Nowhere Boy last night and it was a lovely time! Check out the SDTC article featuring some pictures (you can spot Linsday and I chuckling away). YAY!

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busy life, now that i've got one. all you need to know is that you should come to savoy on friday and clintons next saturday to see bangs & blush dj; bringing you the best soul and motown party in the city of toronto. meanwhile, i'm going to enjoy my boyfriend giving me a foot rub.


STRESS BREAKS there's always going to be times in our life where everything comes crashing down, a billion things need to be done at once and we develop an eye-twitch due to the unbearable stress in our lives. but then when the dust clears a bit and the weight on the shoulders lightens up, doesn't it feel like you've been holding going to the bathroom for a year and then you FINALLY GET TO GO. it's a great feeling. i just hope i'm not getting ahead of myself here by relaxing, but i must admit i feel a hell of a lot better stress-wise than i did this time last week.

SHOPPING FOR YOUR 1st PLACE (knock on wood) my boyfriend and I are moving out together and the excitement of buying new furniture, dishes, etc. is just BLOWING. ME. UP. i'm a closeted interior designer who has been collecting weird odds and ends for years with the prospects of them some day being in my own home. if you want to see what my room looks like now, you can only imagine what my house will look like. i already have a little ikea shopping list. I NEED ME A GOOD COUCH!

WHEN YOUR HAIR GROWS there's nothing better than one day taking a peek in the mirror and suddenly noticing that your hair has grown a few inches. i have a really hard time growing out my hair; i usually give up and cut it short again. but luckily i've got myself a good, symmetrical hair cut now (haha) that allows me to grow it in length without wanting to gouge out my eyes. cause just wait; i'm gonna have super long hair and i'm actually following through with it this time! JUST YOU WAIT.