Thursday Night’s at Tattoo with Bangs and Blush DJ’s

“The thing about Motown and Soul is that everyone loves it!” -B
And while Jock Shop rocker and pretentious head-setters are soullessly collecting dust and awkwardly strewn throughout the city, Bangs and Blush are happily fluttering through crowds of popular cats and showing their guests how babes party. Wearing the hippest frocks and perking about with contagious smiles, this DJ duo is a gala of good cheer.
“I’m addicted to dresses and I don’t have any pants.” -L
Lindsay Darling and Brittney Townson, metropolitan by day and cosmopolitan by night, are plumping the Rickity-Queen-West-MoTown scene and putting to shame old time chivalry.
“I’ve always been about party dresses and heels, going out and looking good!” -B
Rambunctiously skirted, Bangs and Blush conduct the electricity for ‘All Girls Summer Fun’. Together the two are splashing around in the pool of party throwing and cleaning up with the style and wank of drop dead 1960’s pop anthems.
“As long as we’re both having fun, our sets flow really nicely and we’re able to mix it up!” –L
Connoissieuses of the gin martini, and with an asserting bodega attitude,Bangs and Blush are among the seen and heard in Toronto. If appearing in arm wrestling grudge matches at 751 and spinning corporate events for Banana Republic doesn’t rattle that heart on your sleeve, stop in for yourself and grab a slice of their wit and charm in the sweat and flesh of their shows.
“When we DJ, I always think of the route I’m going to take. And whenever I’m stuck for a second, Lindsay is right there reading my mind with an amazing follow-up.” –B
Hip and meme friendly, Bangs and Blush are the Canadian Pop Culture symbol to the Canadian Club Culture swigger.  Getting their crowds singing and dancing to the hits of the 60’s they get every blazer/cardied man dripping to the bone on the floor and the pretty ladies dancing all night long!
Get to Bangs and Blush tonight at Tattoo Rock Parlour.
Photo Credit: Al D
Written by KAY


were featured in an almost full-page photo in this week's NOW MAGAZINE. i'm over how nasty i look; it's more the less just fucking hilarious. look at lindsay kicking my ass at last friday's women's arm wrestling at 751!


photo by parker allan d

song of the day

pour jesse
don't get my wrong by the pretenders

bangs & blush are hosting another amazing party this saturday at CZEHOSKI (678 queen st. west) and we're bringing party hats to celebrate mick jagger's belated birthday! if you haven't been to a bangs & blush party at the big C yet, you can check out a few pictures here to see how nuts it gets. motown, soul, 60's rock and roll and it's free free freee! dancing included.



some photos from our banana republic mad men line launch party! it was a good time; almonds and such.


THE CURE it's hard for me to love a band more than i love the cure. die-hard. incredible band, incredible albums and they're incredible live. not to mention my favorite song of all time has been the same since i was in my mid-teens, and that song my friends is inbetween days by the one, the only, the cure.

GIN AND TONICS if you ever come to see me dj, or want to take me out for drinks, now you know. now... you know. "i'm feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic".
STRIPES if only you could be peering into my closet as i am right now; all stripes. mostly black and white. it's just such a classic pattern that adds so much to a wardrobe because it will NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. and it looks adorable on everyone. and i've always wanted to be a frenchie in paris. so there you have it.
jen and i doing what we do best. boy do i look hooched or what.


song of the day

there is a light that never goes out by the smiths

today BANGS & BLUSH are djing a very special event at the Banana Republic in Yorkville, Bay and Bloor down town Toronto! i'm not a banana republic girl, and getting dressed is already hard enough for lindsay and i as it is (you should see our text conversations). i decided this look was a little too night at the opera for today (considering we're heading right over to tattoo afterwards to party in the basement), so i've decided on a more slender, less dramatic black cocktail dress. but i figured i'd share anyhow. look, there's my cat elvis!



baby giraffe (aka toronto's michael newton) has just dropped a brand new 6 song ep/album/disc, whatever you want to call it, and as usual shirk magazine is gobbling it all up. you might recall our past interview/skype date with michael, (you can read it here to get the scoop on him) and since then he managed to create an album in a week. heres your horizon was recorded in the first week of july, 2010 in his bedroom completely solo except for a few songs that received some help from michael's roommate and fellow musician michael crumpton. if you've heard baby giraffe's past work (this IS his 5th release) you would know how multi-layered all of his songs are, so to hear that he managed to get so much done, and it being done so well in so little time, is quite impressive. 

it's clear to me that just before the month of july, michael was strongly stricken with a lightening bolt of inspiration; you'd have to be to create such a piece of work. the album opens up with understatement; it's a song where no vocals appear for nearly three minutes into it but the build up is intense and moody. once again, my ears were filled with that staple baby giraffe sound where the vocals are incredibly reverbed and masculine. safewords then comes after with a very strong, nine-inch-nails-esque drum line; if you thought it was hard to understand the lyrics before, they're a lot harder to compute in this song due to newtons almost whisper-like singing. but something about the wonder of what he's saying only adds to the mystique of baby giraffe. co-sign has some of the most interesting guitar work on the album, and it has a real dirty, raw, moisture dripping down the walls feeling that might make it my favorite song on the album. and then when lullaby follows right after, the mood completely shifts as i seem to find myself feeling like bill murray in lost in translation as he drives out of tokyo. this is when i realized that this album drips of kevin shield (my bloody valentine), even though newton has always sort of had him as a clearly indicated inspiration. only, baby giraffe seems to take it to a darker level. take daylight for example; still that very raw, shoe-gaze sound but it seems deeper, darker, more echo-like; as if you're getting a private concert from newton himself that takes place in dark, damp cave. finally, here's your horizon ends on the darkest note of the entire album. the title track is slow, draining and filled with insane piano playing and ghostly vocals. where i would like to tell newton to cheer the hell up, what can i say; he's good at what he does, he has a clear vision that continues to successfully construct itself in his music and it's different from all of the other shit we've been hearing from independent torontonian artists. not to mention, he leaves off with a good message to all: "Don't get discouraged." 




"The Bangs and Blush girls have been blitzing the city lately, deejaying parties at Tattoo Rock Parlour, Watusi, Motel, and now Bloor West hotspot the Piston at an impressive pace. This time the busy duo of Lindsay Darling and Brittney Townson are joined by Ryan Gavel for an auditory three-way, and as usual will be bringing you ass-shaking rock, soul, and motown hits from the 60s and 70s. Cover is one dollar for each DJ."

-Blog TO, review of Threesome party, July 17th 2010
source link 

yes yes ya'll, bangs & blush have officially begun our dirty, take no prisoners rapage of the city of toronto and shit's getting sweaty! here's a few things you cannot miss!

  • BANGS & BLUSH will be dj'ing at a banana republic special event this thursday from 6-9 to celebrate the launch of their new mad men line
  • right after, we'll be rushing to the basement of tattoo rock parlor to bring you another sweaty basement jam to motown, soul, 60's rock & roll and maybe even some 70's rock, pop... disco? 
  • friday night at 751, lindsay and i will be featured in the women's arm wrestling league that will raise money for the canadian women's shelter! it's going to be so much fun!


for some reason someone said that pink and red should never be worn together. what kind of ridiculous rule is this! and what kind of a jerk store must this person have been to think they could tell me what the hell to wear! pink and red can be worn together with wonderful results if done correctly; other wise you could end up looking like a valentines day massacre. who the hell said never to wear pink n' red?



i think we've all realized by now (especially if you're a long-time shirk reader) that i have an addiction to stripes. i was shopping with my mother earlier today at h&m and before we walked in she told me i wasn't allowed to leave with anything black and white striped. well i showed that biatch (i kid) because she automatically didn't care because it came out of the sale section. $10, mother fuckers!

song of the day

realized i do believe in modern love, david bowie; i really do. i miss my boyfriend!
modern love by david bowie



today was full of awesomeness; i a) suffered the worst hang over i've had in years and b) my man left for yellowknife to play a music festival all weekend. alas, i am here, make-up-less with a coffee table in front of me covered in dozens of half-drunken beverages, pajama-clad as i spiral emotionally out of wack watching films like amelie and lost in translation. i have become one of those girls. but i will cheer myself up by celebrating once again,
PINK SUNSETS i'm a real sucker for staring out windows'n'shit. tonight was one of the most beautiful sunsets i've seen all summer; light, white clouds scattered scarcely in the sky with a mix of purples and pinks. it really calms me down; chills me out.

ALL-NIGHT KITCHEN PARTIES the one i experienced last night after the ride the tiger show was which evidentially lead to this god-for-saken hang over, but at the time it was awesome. random strangers, drinks pouring, dancing and being twirled to ipod playlists; i just love.

MY CAT ZOEY my pussycat is fantastic. she's over-weight with one of the most beautiful tabby coats i've ever seen on a feline. she drips sarcasm and dirty looks, but she always comes and sits on my lap when i'm lonely, sad or aching for a cuddle. we play together for hours at a time; me chasing her around the house, then her turning the tables and then chasing me around the house. she cracks me up, and when she dies i want to make her into a hat. too much?

UHH, MY BOYFRIEND? need i say more? my man is top-notch, and i'm a very, very lucky lady. and i'm very, very happy. yay love!


song of the day

it's days like today with my windows open, a fresh breeze blowing through, a black cat on my bed and fresh flowers in a vase that i realize i was born in the wrong era and country.
guilty by al bowlly from the amelie soundtrack


once upon a time in a little town called streetsville, a three-piece band all the way from australia boarded a plane with their guitars, drums and keyboards played a show that rocked the socks off/ melted the faces of a bunch of suburban mississaugian kids. to this day, that show brings warm memories, gooey feelings and smiles to all who were in attendance. ladies and gentleman, this band is sekiden and i was one of those kids.
i'm pretty sure this was taken around the time of the sekiden show. jesus christ.
i can't quite recall what time of the year it was, though i do believe it was summer. my buddy theo and i were having gingerale's in my room when we slipped on our beaten up converse and drove to the masonic lodge in streetsville ontario; the place where i lived, breathed and sometimes even ate music and was where my only social life outside of high school existed at the time. we had heard that the entire show that night was consisting of bands outside of ontario, so we were super psyched to see who would come to play. i remember the opening band were an american foursome called the attractive female twins; power-pop, synthesizers and electric guitars with bright sparkle finishes... a combination never to be unadorned.  after their set, up on the "stage" comes seja, simon and mirko with a simple drum kit, electric guitar and a few synths. they then blew our minds. i remember it as one of the best shows i've ever seen at the lodge, and i bought their cd, a pin and a place in my heart for them that night. i must've listened to their album over 100,000 times and it never gets old. it takes me back, makes me smile and it will always be relevant in my life. so much so that i, shhh (super lame brittney townson tidbit) got a sekiden tattoo.
earlier this year i was lucky enough to interview keyboardist/vocalist seja for the promo of her solo album which is also quite amazing (you can read it here). i didn't want to talk about sekiden too much; didn't want to be a fan girl. but man, it was awesome to talk to a member of one of my favorite bands and see how far she's come and how she's progressed as an artist. there's something in the water down there in brisbane! it's one of those things where you need to listen to the album in it's entirety to truly understand, so i recommend that you give yourself a little taste of it. just ask any lodge kid who was there that night; sekiden still lives strong in our bones and memories and will forever be on my party playlist.



Isaiah Mustafa is his name and making me fucking die laughing is his game. everyone has seen the new old spice commericials, so if you haven't don't shit on my head and tell me it's a hat. these have got to be some of the best advertisements i've seen on tv ever; smart, funny, to-the-point and both men and women love them. "SWAN DIVE"

but i must admit, these un-aired commercials are pretty hilarious too. i love that guy, too! check them out.


song of the night

september by earth wind and fire

my fellow shirkters! it's been a long, crazy week. bangs & blush absolutely raped the basement of tattoo on thursday night in support of a SKATE FOR CANCER event, and then we had our official launch at CZEHOSKI this last saturday and it was incredible. thank you for everyone who came out; we showed you that lindsay and i can throw one hell of a party and we hope you come party with us again soon.

catch us again in the basement of tattoo this thursday (where it's guaranteed a sweaty basement party) and this saturday we're extra extra excited to be putting on THREESOME at THE PISTON this upcoming saturday with our very special guest and good friend ryan gavel from RIDE THE TIGER. 



the most underrated movie soundtrack of all time? i think so. adventures in babysitting was essentially a made for tv movie released in 1987, but it made no difference to me because it ended up being one of my favorite films of all time still to this day. it's still so bad-ass; they just don't make kids movies like they used to. when it comes down to it, all quirky jokes and elizabeth shue aside, the soundtrack was the thing that immediately grabbed me as a child; it was and still is incredible considering the plot lays on four upper-class suburban white kids getting lost in the "big city". let me explain; the soundtrack according to imdb follows as so:

1. Then He Kissed Me 
Performed by The Crystals
2. Just Can't Stop 
Performed by Percy Sledge
3. Gimme Shelter 
Performed by The Rolling Stones
4. Expressway to Your Heart 
Performed by Southside Johnny and the Ashbury Jukes
5. Evil (Is Going On) 
Performed by Koko Taylor
6. Babysittin' Blues 
Performed by Albert Collins feat. Elizabeth Shue
7. Twenty-Five Miles 
Performed by Edwin Starr
8. The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock 'N' Roll 
Performed by Muddy Waters
9. Real Wild Child (Wild One) 
Performed by Iggy Pop
10. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) 
Performed by Junior Walker & the All-Stars
11. Bring It On Home to Me 
Performed by Sam Cooke
12. Future In Your Eyes 
Performed by Southside Johnny and the Ashbury Jukes

exnay a few of the songs featuring elizabeth shue and bam; you've got a pretty fucking solid soundtrack. "and then he kissed me"? "gimmie shelter"? "twenty-five miles"!? "BRING IT ON HOME"!? you've gotta be kidding me. seriously my friends, it's a winner. under-ration sucks! making up new words rules! RESIST THIS:



so i've been following the laying down game online for nearly a year now; not only is it fucking hilarious, but at times incredible. if you don't know what the laying down game is it's become a total internet phenomenon where people send in their photos where they are laying down completely flat wherever they may be. i've decided to add a little piece of myself to the laying down game spectacle.

and now...


this saturday night, i (one half of bangs & blush) am pleased to be presenting alongside my partner lindsay darling and the wonderful staff at czehoski's BANGS & BLUSH'S OFFICIAL LAUNCH PARTY! we will be bringing you motown, soul and 60's rock & roll alongside other things such as awesomeness, hotness and wickedness. 



MUCH MORE RETRO man, i love much more retro! i just finished watching videos from some unforgettable artists such as twisted sister, blue rodeo, berlin and poison; any complaints? none. i'm a sucker for 70's, 80's and 90's hits and one-hit-wonders. as a matter of fact, i strongly believe that if i were to be on rock n' roll jeopardy (R.I.P.) that i would fucking slay.

HOW GOOD YOU FEEL AFTER YOU SNEEZE i'm not talking about cold or allergy related sneezes, you know those random sneezes that just come out of no where. but after you get it all out, that awesome tingling all over your bod and a sudden feeling of a little more nasal clarity feels pretty fucking fantastic. i wish you could bottle that sensation.

WHEN MY BOYFRIEND SHAVES don't get me wrong; i love a good stubble beard and it can make a dude look pretty rock & roll; but my boyfriend happens to have just about the most adorable, smooth face i've ever seen in my life and it should be seen by the world, dammit! so soft, so cute! i just want to touch it all day. all. day.

SALONS/DAY SPAS THAT GIVE YOU A HEAD MASSAGE BEFORE YOUR HAIR CUT i got my hair did the other day, and there's only one place i go to where i can trust that i'll leave happy. i usually cut my own hair, but i've been going to CIVELLO (just a block east of much music on queen st.) and my lord i love it. it's a bit pricey, but the staff is awesome, friendly, well-trained. when you arrive you're complimented with a free beverage, even an alcoholic one if wished, and then before they wash your hair they give you a head and neck massage with aroma therapy oils. just thinking about it makes me want to melt into a puddle. 


song of the day

sweet child of mine by guns n' roses