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shout outs and hugs to my far-away friend will. he likes good, cheesy 90's dance music just as much as i do.
my lovin' (you're never gonna get it) by en vogue



i finally got around to watching in it's entirety michael jackson's "this is it" today, and when "beat it" came around i noticed mj's guitar player is a tiny little blonde australian bombshell completely ripping it on the guitar. i started doing my research. this bitch shreds.

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pretty in pink by the psychedellic furs



in honor of galadarling.com, i've decided to make today the beginning of THINGS I LOVE FRIDAYS!

WHEN MY FRIENDS ARE HAPPY-DRUNK there's nothing better than going out with your friends after a long pre-drink session, or meeting up with your friends when they're already half-in-the-bag and along comes the kisses, hugs and the "i fucking love you" every five minutes. while dj'ing at bangs & blush last night, i had a lot of those encounters and they fucking rock my world. usually in these situations i create a lot of inside-jokes with pals that we later reminisce over.

SURPRISES FROM BOYFRIENDS i love boyfriend surprises, don't you? last night my boyfriend came to surprise me at work when he said he wouldn't be able to earlier. the cherry on top of life, i tells ya. 

ICE COLD BEER i just walked about 5 blocks in this bloody-hot weather in leather boots with a case of 15 bottles of beer. my arms are still shaking and i think i sweat out a cup of water. but goddamn, do i love my cold beer.

AND THIS if anyone remembers my cell phone voicemail message, they'd recognize this. this has always and will forever make me laugh every time i hear it:

song of the day

it's been a really busy week! last night in the tattoo basement, the sultry ryan gavel and i killed it. but right now, i'm nursing a hangover, gonna eat something greasy with my boyfriend and give you a nice song of the day. lots of photos and more to come my babies!

slow ride by foghat



poster design by brittney townson

song of the day


whole lotta shakin' going on by jerry lee lewis


BANGS & BLUSH presents...

bangs & blush, aka myself and lindsay darling, are taking over the city of toronto next month and there are tons of chances for you to get your ass up and shaking with us! our birds & the beats tour goes as follows:

Thursday July 1 - Tattoo Rock Parlor, Dirty Basement Party, 567 Queen St. West
Saturday July 3  - Motown Party at 751, 751 Queen St.
Thursday July 8 - Tattoo Rock Parlor, Dirty Basement Party, 567 Queen St. West
Saturday July 10 - Czehoski, 678 Queen St. West
Thursday July 15 - Tattoo Rock Parlor, Dirty Basement Party, 567 Queen St. West
Saturday July 17 - Threesome at The Piston, 937 Bloor St. (by Ossington Station)
Thursday July 22 - Tattoo Rock Parlor, Dirty Basement Party, 567 Queen St. West
Saturday July 24 - Czehoski, 678 Queen St. West
Thursday July 29 - Tattoo Rock Parlor, Dirty Basement Party, 567 Queen St. West
Sundsay August 1- Motel, 1235 Queen St. West


shirk had a good run at this year's nxne in toronto, though my camera only made it to and through one show before it died on me. here's some photos from mad one's at parts and labour! super-rad 90's alternative; that's my buddy ryan gavel on bass and having a smoke outside (below). 




i've got myself an addiction to sunglasses. i got myself a killer pair at h&m today, but the thirst continues. it never wavers. it always lingers. this year in shades fashion is all about drama; kick back a little on the colour (but sometimes a little touch is nice) and think more about sharp angles, dramatic size and chic-ness. 


brittney bought herself a new pair'a everythang, baby! you can see me wear them when i deejay thursday night; they're that hot.

song of the night

ego by beyonce


last night's premier of BANGS & BLUSH went beautifully; i think we got at least 7 guys laid last night. and as for today, jesse and i were on our way to see a show when i stumbled across a copy of this month's Xtra and oh! the ad i designed for this year's pride and remembrance run for the toronto pride week has swallowed up up a mother-fuckin' page. annnnd boom goes the dynamite. 


i'll let my beautiful partner take care of the girly-girlness tonight at the premier set of bangs & blush; i'm feeling a little too rock and roll for floral!
hat vintage 
shirt vintage
bodysuit american apparel
zipper-pants american apparel


tonight in tattoo rock parlor's basement. get yourself in check.


BANGS & BLUSH presents...

BANGS & BLUSH are very excited to be bringing you two awesome events this month with more to come. the hottest babe deejay duo in the city of toronto bringing you 60's rock, pop, soul & motown with a touch of 70's rock and brit-pop too. how could you resist?

both flyers designed by brittney townson of diamond design


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songbird by oasis


my incredibly talented design school bud ahmed h has taken the time to create these two amazing posters for me, which he included on his awesome blog http://sheikhusein.blogspot.com/. i've featured ahmed on shirk beore, and you can read it here. his stuff...you have to see it to believe it; the guys' a designer genius. he even wrote up a little shpeal on me! gotta love the guy. go check out his blog RIGHT NOW!



samuli (21) hel-looks.com
just received a scary email that my band perplexity of things might be asked to play north by north east in toronto this year; two weeks from now. can we do it? we'll have to see. perplexity, my buddy brent bartleys' brain child, has just released a brand new three song ep which is available free for download for a limited time only! grab it while you can. click on it! you can check out our myspace too: myspace.com/perplexityofthings

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main offender by the hives


song of the night

this has become one of my most favorite music videos of recent times. good jorb, black keys!
tighten up by the black keys

it's back! tonight at 9pm sharp, the shirk fm JUICY JUNE show!
to listen live!

this is not a new topic of conversation whatsoever for us torontonians, but after reading an article in today's metro news and having the exact debate last night with my boyfriend, i couldn't believe that i hadn't touched upon this on shirk magazine yet.
what the hell happened to much music?

for the last 5 or 6 years, much has decided to drop everything it once was and slowly become an mtv 2 duplicate. the years of music videos (what the fucking channel was started for in the first place) are now dead. as i visit muchmusic.com, the live to air schedule on the right side of the page shows me a line up consisting of "my date with...", "love court", "punk'd"... what the fuck is love court? what the fuck does it have to do with much music? i personally haven't watched much music really in the last couple of years due to me having bell satelight and for some reason much isn't a part of the package. when i'm over at friends houses, i tend to stop and watch to give myself an "update" of what much has turned into. first of all, where did all of these vj's come from? where did all of these shows come from? where did all the music go? secondly, has music television become a thing of the past? it seems that entertainment when it comes to movies, television and gossip have joined forces with music and apparently gossip counts as important news; important enough to take over half of the channel's broadcasted material. i don't give a fuck about where justin beiber ate lunch last week, can i see some music videos from talented local musicians who desperately deserve the attention?

what's even worse is that much music runs in my blood; my eldest cousin christopher ward was music music's very first vj. there he be above to the far left. these vj's revolutionized the music industry, the music video and rock & roll in general. my whole life every time we had a big family get together, i would have him cornered for hours as i grilled him on who he's met and who he's interviewed, and my god, he's met them all. i would have him explain to me in stupid detail everything my hero's like robert smith, george harrison and mick jagger said to him and then sit in silence for a few moments letting it soak in. here's chris talking to george harrison himself.

those were the days. the days when i actually remember being excited to see the debut of a new music video, or impatiently awaiting a huge interview or hey, remember intimate and interactive? that shit was amazing. people were excited, thrilled and would drop anything to see or hear the latest thing. things do change, and it seems this generation listens to our music on our phones, and we get our music videos from youtube and iphones and we hear about new "it" bands from apple commercials. everything is disposable, and there's something newer and better every 5 minutes. since when do artists have two new music videos a month? cough, rihanna? no longer does the album count, but it's the singles. and the singles are flying out from artists like coupons from mcdonalds. not to say the 80's and 90's were any better than it is now music-wise, but i think it was handled with care a little more; more appreciated. and look at half of the music videos and albums from that era; forever those great songs and videos will be held as classics. i can't think of a single music video from the last 5 years that will even be remembered a decade from now. well, maybe single ladies.

music videos these days, just like independent records, can easily be made by anyone for anyone. you don't need the million dollar budget because you can film it on your ipod video, throw it on your mac and edit it then bam - youtube. fuck, my old band even made a music video (but with a really talented film maker simon j young). even if you were to have the awesome opportunity to have a music video made for you and it to be shown on much, you'd get absolutely no air-time. maybe at 3am. there's too many fucking reality shows that do nothing but slowly kill all of our brain cells that are apparently more important than supporting local talent. 

more like much bullshit.