song of the day

from my favorite man otis,
love man by otis redding

today i am high on life, good food, good times, good weather (for the most part), good vibes and a good dude. also, if you haven't noticed the post i made yesterday with the flyer i made personally for my dj night at tattoo for the DIRTY BASEMENT PARTY. i'm super high on excitement for that, too! but to tell you the truth, the only thing i can actually think about is the bison burger i just had at utopia. jesus christ was that good. i want to take that entire restaurant, shrink it and put it in my mouth and eat it. but for now, i need to get my boyfriend an intervention for his addiction to all-natural nasal spray. i can hear the ice cream truck, gotta go!


song of the day

one of my favorite new, upcoming bands right now - the national. these brooklyn-based boys latest album high violet was released earlier this month and it drips of arcade fire, joy divison and noah and the whale.

fake empire by the national


flyer designed by brittney townson


above is one of my book shelves. not pictured (to the left) is my collection of small zines including ion, but you can see my ukula collection, miniature vice magazine issues, a couple hand-made zines from a local artist that i purchased in iceland and a few little books i've received as gifts. the little box is full of polaroids and cut up photo booth photos and on top of it is a cigarette case my friend jen picked up for me while in paris. a few christmas's ago, my dear friend trevor bought a case of jones cola bottles with a photo of my posse of high school pals on the cover; one of my most favorite gifts ever. to the far right is a polaroid camera i picked up at a garage sale; i have yet to see if it really works.
this is the book shelf directly above the first one featured. to the left are some more of my books, mostly music and design related, and the little green binder contains even more polaroid pictures. most of the books stacked are from design school or books i've been given; can you tell i like getting books? right up top is a bracelet from tiffany i received for my graduation gift; it's far too expensive to actually wear so i intend on keeping it nice and safe to pass on to someone someday. and to the right is my plush little buddy; malfi. my favorite store in the whole world is magic pony and the company malfi is from, friends with you, is one of my favorite characters of all time. i got this a few years ago for a birthday gift from an old boyfriend.
this is the right side of my largest book shelf. i have a flower press i picked up at value village for 50 cents. behind it is an andy warhol print my aunt terry brought back from new york for me. behind it, though it's hard to see, is a framed mug shot probably dating from the mid 40's; i have no idea who the man is, but i picked it up at a junk sale on queen st. a few years ago. i have a framed piece of artwork i clipped from a magazine behind the warhol print, and the little red painting i bought from a street artist in new york for $10. my porcelain owl is from dollarama and behind that is the cover of new order's substance album where peter hook autographed it in the bottom right corner. in front is a bit of my sunglasses collection.
to the far left at the back is a 3D picture my friend lynda fixed up and framed for me. in front of it is a post card from paris that my friend jen sent me while there. the card with the boy with fries in his nose is a birthday card my artist friend liz made for me many years ago. the little rectangle card in front of it is also hand-made by liz. up front is the beginning of my snow globe collection; so far i have (from the left) one from germany, spain, niagara falls and new orleans. next time you travel, pick me up one!
because my room is so small, this little table is my sad excuse for a desk. right now it mostly just holds my record player. on the actual record table is a vintage record that my grandmother gave me. on it is a voice recording my grandfather made when he was 18 and shipped out to war, and he sent this record to his parents to let him know that he's been having a great time in new york city and that he's safe and sound. behind it in the frame is a design i made many years go behind it is the beatles abby road record, and in front of that is an orange vintage salt shaker i took the lid off of so that it can hold my sharpies.
these little shelves hold all of my little toys; yes, i collect toys. i told you i love magic pony! on the top shelf is a pee-wee herman action figure i got for my 23rd birthday from my friend ann-marie. she also got me the alice bobble head. the mister t action figure was found in a junk shop in port credit when i was 18. the beatles hard days night album cover was found at a garage sale last summer. the dinosaur was purchased from a toy machine at a gas station while on the way to new york while touring with my band modele. all of the little toys on the bottom shelf explain themselves; but check out my michael jackson trading cards still in the package!
this is the surface of my little red dresser dating from the 50's that i found in the garbage and painted red. to the left is a jewelry box i found at value village, practically exploding with junk. on top of it framed is a piece of art i clipped from a magazine. to the right is my table lamp and a picture of my dad and i as a babe playing with blocks. stuck to the wall is a zebra i drew, a polaroid of my parents when they were dating, and a water colour portrait i bought off a street artist on young st. a few years ago.
this is my bedside table; always bare and clean. all i have is my table lamp, my alarm clock and my glass skull candle holder my friend jen bought me for christmas.



song of the night

flashing lights by kanye west



"Pretty Green is an upfront, straight talking, classic British clothing range owned, founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. The Pretty Green team is made up of key industry professionals. The range is all subject to Liam’s final approval and includes designs across footwear, denim, knitwear, jackets, trench coats, parkas, t-shirts, hats, scarves and exclusive limited edition pieces."
                            - http://www.prettygreen.com 

sometimes, i wish i had a penis. oasis's liam gallagher as created some amazing clothing designs for his new mens clothing label Pretty Green, where he has to major lines; the green label and the black label. the green label is a little more classic and relaxed clothing for men where as the black label is contemporary, dramatic and drips influence from rock & roll, mod and sixties fashion. SOMETIMES I WISH I HAD A PENIS. i must say the designs are very clean, classic and it's a sure shot that any bloke will look bang-up in any one of these garbs. finally; get into those pants of that pretty girl... all by shopping pretty green! hello boys!



yay! today is shirk magazine's official PANTS OPTIONAL DAY! unless you're sitting at a cubical or riding public transit, take off those pantaloons and relax! nothing's better than doing everything in your underwear!



i think everyone needs a copy of this book. i don't; i might's'well've written it. but fuck, fuck it is some good words to live by.
photos by kingdom of style

sure, the breeze is beautiful but maybe there's love in the air for you, too? as the entire city adjusts to the desperately awaited warm weather here in toronto, the amount of fun things to do is never ending; but here's shirk magazine's guide to things to do and places to go with your summer sweetie pie!


grab your baby's hand and drag them out to the backyard for a pleasant little hammock ride; bring out a pitcher of home made lemonade, listen to music or read books. my personal favorite are rooftop patios at night; watch the sun set, the city glow and the strong heavy beams of the sun have settled into a mild warm blanket on your skin. bring up some beers, light some candles, bbq even! then when the stars come out the real romance begins.


the amount of effort it takes to put together a little picnic really pays off because it ends up being a really lovely way to spend a beautiful day with your significant other. preparing sandwiches, fruit, deserts, joints... whatever tickles your fancy, and bringing along a blanket and tossing it on the grass in the shade. ahhh. the best is when you kick off your shoes and snuggle up with your beau and you drift away so deeply that you don't even notice the ants carrying away your grub! i'm telling you, fellas; this is a real easy way to win the heart of a little cutie-pie you've been after!


i love dollarama, and the shit you can find there is incredible. you and your main squeeze can throw down $5 each and have an entire day of fun! buy bubbles to blow out the window or at the bike riders passing in the park, or get yourself a frizbee. maybe a little miniture golf putting game? some water guns? maybe get some balloons to make into water balloon bombs. how about some side-walk chalk and the both of you can create a work of art on a street corner! the possibilities are endless AND adorable.


if your sweetie pie has a car, that's always a plus. if not, i'm sure one of your buds does. get a little group together and hit the road, putting all the windows down with your feet hanging out, cigarettes, sunglasses and rock and roll on the radio; this is one hell of a combination that always equals fun and flirtation. even if you don't make it that far, getting a nice little change of scenery with a side of spontaneity will give you and your beau plenty of sweet memories. 


could i have chosen a worse photo?
invite some of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend's friends over for some drinks and board games; i'm telling you, you'll all end up in stitches (hopefully not real ones). board games are classic, and never get fucking old! ever! have you played apples to apples? cranium? best games ever! you could always stick to the old fashioned drinking games. put on roxanne by the police and ... well, you know what to do. 


staying cool in the summer is always a must but having fun with it makes it a plus! take your sweetie to the pool and splash around together; even better, why not combine your road trip with keeping cool and head to a lake! if you're stuck in the city, lots of parks offer little water parks and you could get your hose rolling with a sprinkler. when i was younger, i used to fill up an extra large tupperware tub with hose water and sit in it; for someone without a pool, i was quite satisfied. skinny dipping at night is always a super hot option.


there's gonna be a lot of them this summer! i think toronto's harbor front center is going to begin their free concert festivities soon where there are constantly really awesome bands playing during the weekends and you don't have to pay a cent. some of the bands i've seen there have been broken social scene, crystal castles, ladytron and parallels so you know that they're offering some legit concerts. grab an ice cream cone with your honey-pie and watch some great live music hand-in-hand as the sun sets by the water; it's a sure romantic, memorable and awesome night out for the both of you love birds.

song of the day

v.i.p. by gus gus



as i mentioned over a week ago on shirk, a very dear friend of mine nikki leblanc passed away at the young age of 20 years old. it's been a really rough couple of weeks for my family and i; we had watched nikki grow up since a wee one and she was incredibly loved by all of us. just this afternoon, we received news about her autopsy results and as it turns out the popular over-the-counter birth control YASMIN was the cause of her death. if you google yasmin, there are various results for pages giving all of the known side-effects of yasmin; some of them being breast lumps, cysts, prolonged bleeding and then liver damage and failure which is what ultimately killed nikki.

i've been on birth control since my late teens, and i know that the majority of young women these days also use birth control regularly. if you use yasmin, cease taking it immediately; this is an incredibly dangerous drug that can be fatal with little or no warning or side-effects before it's too late.

since nikki has passed, her incredible mother has been in contact with a hand-ful of families who have also recently lost their young daughters to the side-effects of yasmin. deaths are starting to increase because of this awful product, and i must stress again that if you are taking it or you know someone who is get off of it immediately.


song of the night

officially the first week has passed without my baby; my mac. things are going slowly, and i'm going a little crazy. but here i am, trying my best here and there to give you a little something something. here's the song of the night; i hope you're out enjoying this beautiful toronto evening. i'm on a roof top patio, over looking the insane little italy college st. with my beau and a jay. pretty much the most perfect thing ever. oh, and last night's shirk party with the in-crowd/rolling stones theme party at tattoo was a absolute gas gas gas; photos to come.



lindsay darling and myself will be djaying at queen west's newest little bar, MOTEL! what will be playing, you ask? whatever the fuck we want; 60's soul, 70's rock, 80's new wave... a sexy grab bag of musical deliciousness. the really cheap drinks ($4 pints of pbr) and sassy babes spinning your tunes doesn't hurt either. free free free!



W I L D   T H I N G   V I N T A G E

my fellow theatre-rock-star gal pal erica peck is a face and name you might recognize; she killed it as scaramouch in the toronto production of we will rock you and is currently receiving some rave reviews for her role in the stage production the wedding singer at toronto's stage west. when she's not rockin' the mic erica's been rockin' etsy; her brand new online vintage boutique perfectly titled WILD THING VINTAGE has just opened up shop and all of the one-of-a-kind items she's been posting on her site and are completely drool worthy. and she's offering them for bloody afforable prices, too. how can you resist? if i wasn't broke as a joke i'd probably have raped her entire catalogue all for myself.

vintage bathing suit / $23 us bones

"parrot envy" sweater / $30 us bones

"street-fightin' slip-ons" / $20 us bones
erica, don't sell these. they're MINE.

visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/wildthingvintage to shop at wild thing vintage and see all of the other wonderful treasure's that have spilled out of erica's closet!


song of the night

i want to sex you up by color me badd

this thursday shirk magazine is hosting the very last upstairs in-crowd party at tattoo rock parlour. not only is that exciting, but to top it off it's a rolling stones theme party featuring a rolling stones cover band Hot Rocks, the In-Crowd dj's, dj's Slater and Ty, a 60's themed beauty bar brought to you by Toni & Guy and some amazeballs giveaways and freebies from American Apparel and more. it's going to get sweaty.

in other news, the love of my life, aka my mac, has died. i'm taking it into the apple store tomorrow. i just can't believe this is the third big mac issue i've had from two different lap tops in the last five years. cut me a fucking break; i need that machine to live. wish me luck. and pray for me. majorly.



i've never been much of an accessory girl; i've had my few stints with earring obsessions, i usually wear rings but other than that i'm as bare as a baby's bottom jewelry-wise. but i've had a craving lately for some neck candy.

song of the day

i am a woman of taste, class and charm. hygiene, too. but for some bloody reason i can't help but love this song brought to you by the biggest dumpster tramp in popular music today. i guess there are things in the world that we just can't explain.

your love is my drug by ke$ha


song of the day

little bit by lykke li


sleep just won't come. here are my 25 most played songs on my itunes list and a little story behind each one. of course it's not completely fair because these are songs that have only been recently played, but you know.

1. Little Secrets
this passion pit tune is slowly creeping up to be one of my most favorite songs of all time. instantaneous good moods all around. and it's awesome to dance to. yeah, i listen to it a little too much.

2. Norwegian Wood
must i explain.

3. Like Eating Glass
bloc party knows how to write a good tune. the entire album is pretty flawless.

4. Our Swords
this song makes me dream about new york city at night in the summer. i listened to it a lot this past year to take me back to that. not only that, but for some reason i've always wanted to fall in love to this song.

5. The Caterpillar
the cure is tied as my favorite band in the entire world besides the beatles, and this is one of my personal favorites. it's just so cute and adorable. can i be your caterpillar girl, pwease?

6. 25 Miles
hands down my favorite soul song of all time, i remember i first heard this song when i was a wee one when it was part of the adventures in babysitting soundtrack. i think this was my first taste of soul and motown, considering i grew up in a mostly rock & roll household. and from there i was hooked.

7. Atmosphere
this joy division song is one of the saddest songs in existence, and i guess i was a sad a lot this past year haha. i do remember having this song on repeat quite a lot. all things aside, it's just an incredibly moving song.

8. Heartbeats
i don't think i will ever tire of this song. i think i heard it nearly two years ago while shopping in some store and it's life all time around me stopped. since then, it's been a part of my every day life.

9. Dyer Maker
gotta let the lead out. this is my favorite. another song i've been hearing my whole life but never seem to care every time i hear it. it's just like the first tiiiime.

10. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
i guess my itunes just decides to play the same songs over and over; i absolutely adore this song but my shuffle seems to adore it more. i think everyone has a memory regarding this song; i know i've had my fair share of drunken sing alongs, dance offs and other retarded circumstances while thins song plays.

11. In The End
this is a song by the toronto-based band perplexity of things that i played keys for for a while. it's a pretty amazing tune and i loved listening to it just to get excited about playing it.

12. Too Young
ever since seeing that scene in lost in translation when they're in the karaoke room as this song plays my heart was shaken. it's incredibly cheerful and a perfect party song and it always takes me back to wanting so badly to be in between scar jo and bill murray on that white sofa.

13. So Lonely
this is hands down my favorite police song. i grew up with the police constantly being played in my house, and fuck if i'm not tired of it yet then i never will be.

14. Tonight I Have To Leave It
the shout out louds are an inch steps away from being this generations cuter version of the cure; hence why i got super into these swedish baby faces. yet again, i'm a sucker for my feel-good songs.

15. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
my favorite stevie song. hands down.

16. These Arms Of Mine
i like to play this song late at night and stare at the stars with a cigarette. otis knows how to get me right where it hurts. oh baby.

17. West End Girls
the pet shop boys have created a fucking master piece and that would be this song. what will forever be in my top favorite songs of all time list, this song is not only fucking fierce, but hard-hitting and impossible to not like.

18. You Can't Always Get What You Want
i guess i'm trying to tell myself something by playing this song over and over and over.

19. Tidal Wave
the sugarcubes were an incredibly underrated band; having been bjorks first big bang on the musical scene, this group was cheeky, crazy and cooky. but this song always makes me feel super warm, fuzzy and read to crack open a beer and party.

20. Pictures Of You
what can i say about this song. what. can. i. say. this song means a lot to me. and it continues to grow on me. i've been playing this song over and over since i was fucking 16 for crying out loud.

21. Rebel, Rebel
ah yes. my sometimes-theme song. it's a huge bowie hit, yes, but it's for a fucking good reason. i play this song way too much.

22. Love My Way
this psychedelic furs song blew me away the first time i heard it; i believe it was on the wedding singer soundtrack. i still listen to it nearly consistently.

23. Just Like Honey
jesus and mary chain, how you've changed my life with this simple song.

24. In Between Days
now if this were a few years ago, this would be number one. this is still my proclaimed favorite song of all time, but i've heard it more times than i think i've taken breaths. it's still here, though.

25. Temptation
new order. yup. obviously.

song of the night

so here we are by bloc party

hey girl. i watched you grow up, you became part of my family and we all loved you unconditionally. your laugh echos in my mind and you never failed to light up any room you walked into. most importantly, you were good to my little brother. unfortunately, you were taken from us way too soon. you rocked our worlds. goodbye beautiful miss nikki leblanc.