trying my best to come up with cute outfit ideas that aren't completely black for fashion week; waldo-chic, maybe?



it's been a few years since i've attended toronto's LG FASHION WEEK; for whatever reason, i think it completely disinterested me last year. i did, however, attend the year before when project runway canada's lucian matis invited myself and my old band modele to watch the show and put a copy of our ep in every one of his gift bags; what a sweetheart. it appears that i decided that sequins were the way of the future/past? here's me with adamo ruggiero and christopher huggett. what shitty weather that year was. and maybe this year i can try to avoid wearing all black, but let's be honest. there's sure to be some fashion week coverage care of yours truly, so visit back this week for photos, stories and reviews! 

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soothe me by sam & dave


photos by brittney townson
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i arrived to the art condo galleries earlier in the day to assist with preparations for the big debut of dan augustino's mens line CULT DE LAISSEZ FAIRE. dan is a co-owner, along with main squeeze tania martins, of queen west hot spot carte blanche where they carry special couture pieces from europe, new york and taina's own designs under the brand pink cobra. if there's one thing i have always felt so badly for men is that there's barely any high-fashion mens lines that are attainable in this city; fuck, even the h&m's mens line is horrible. after many years of watching tania create her own collections, dan put all of his passion and love for fashion into his very own and very first men's collection, "what lies beyond". the art condo galleries was the perfect space for such an event; concrete walls, broken down brick and wood and lots of room for mingling. as the crowds started to pile in, a sea of black cotton and leather combined with clunky boots and shiny stilettos rushed in as the cities top style icons made their way to the bar. i had a great time shooting and chatting with a room full of creatives; writers, bloggers, artists and social butterflies. everyone looked their best. 

then about half way into the party as the room was nearly to capacity, a large projection screen at the back of the space lit up as the room came to complete darkness. a short film directed and created specially for tania's pink cobra line was shown to the audience and it was deliciously memorable; a beautiful model, long dark hair and red lips slowly cuts her dinner and sips her wine and ends it all with a cigarette. she puts it out in her food. to me, it perfectly expressed the attitude and statement her clothing represents. soon after was a short film created for dan's cult de laissez faire "what lies beyond" line. multiple male models, decked in dan's designs pose, spin and flicker in and out of focus before a white background. taking a good look at the clothes i appreciated how the pieces stay in the same colour scheme of black white and sometimes gray. white cotton t-shirts and tanks with bold-fonted letters, black jackets and button-up shirts, pea coats with sheer and sharp tailoring brings simple basics for men to a whole new level. a little cameo by dan himself in the film had the whole room up in a cheer. after the films debut, a relieved and relaxed dan and his crew of hard-working and devoted teamsters retired to the bar and the remainder of the party was full of thirst-quenching beverages, tasty finger foods, congratulations and thank you's. 

over all, as mentioned before, everyone looked fantastic and it was truly one of the more exciting debuts for a collection that i've been a part of. i've always appreciated pink cobra's sense of texture, material and simplicity and dan is incorporating all of these elements into his own line but taking his own spin on it so that our cute torontoian boys can look just as sexy (if not more so) than all of our ladies. fella's, this is THE line for you this year; all us girls agree.

additional installations by horrace and jean pierre braganza

*last two photos by Joel Di Giacomo

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policy of truth by depeche mode
and this video is just too fantastic.



it's strange; today alone i've had two separate conversations with friends about what songs they'd want to have playing at their funeral. what a dark and depressing subject of conversation for a thursday afternoon. i'm an avid fan of creating playlists for just about anything and yet have not thought up what mix i'd have for when i kick the bucket, ride the golden dragon to the sky, play battleship with the grim reaper etc. and i think we all know by now that i not only have a strange sense of humor but quite a sick one as well. you're all invited to my funeral; there will be good tunes and lots of finger sandwiches, i promise.

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if you have never heard of seja, now's the time. hailing from brisbane australia, seja vogal has been a part of some of the countries best bands in the last decade (she played syths and sang back-up and occasionally lead vocals for sekiden and regurgitator). "didn’t pick up a guitar or synth until I was about 16 or 17 when I started playing in an early incarnation of sekiden," she says. "even though the synth i used in the beginning (a korg delta) was a bit limiting, i thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard." but this sunday march 27th she's releasing her debut solo album perfectly titled we have secrets but nobody cares. having been a huge fan of her band sekiden for years ever since seeing her play at the streetsville ontario masonic lodge at age 16, i was super excited to hear what seja's solo work would sound like. it surpassed any of my expectations and frankly, i can't stop playing it. coming from a background of playing in power-pop and rock & roll bands with an electronic flare, i wanted to see which route she would take while writing and recording her new album. "i guess i have always been inspired by the simple pop song; sweet melodies and harmonies and something that sounds interesting to my ears. i am definitely drawn to interesting keyboard sounds like those of devo, stereolab, broadcast but i think i was listening to a lot of hip hop while i was making this album." in shirk's opinion, we have secrets but nobody cares takes us to a place of euphoria, floating and living in slow motion; it's reminiscent of hot chip colliding with boat house. soft and delicate vocals layered and harmonizing combined with an assortment of hard, punchy and at times ghostly synthesizers and drum machines; a perfect combination. 

having been in a few successful bands most of her musical career, the transition from being in a constant boys club to breaking out on your own must have it's own scariness to it. but there's no doubt that her past experiences haven't shaped her and shown her who she is and what she wants. "because i was in sekiden from such an early age, we grew up as a band; it really gave me the confidence to be a better songwriter and performer," seja tells me, "in regurgitator I learnt a lot about getting up in front of big groups of people and realising that its not the scariest thing in the world to perform to massive crowds. but i learnt that i am capable of making something good on my own. before i made this album i always needed affirmation and approval from others and i wasn’t particularly confident that i could ever produce something without other people. it was nice to think about all the sounds and harmonies on my own to begin with and realise exactly what i wanted before i got mirko to help me achieve some of my goals." and mirko not only happens to be seja's brother but also a sekiden member and main collaborator with her while making we have secrets but nobody cares. he jumped on board just after the main tracking began and mixed and mastered the album; after working together for over 10 years it seems that they not only make a great team but that mirko understood what seja was looking to do with this album. "his knowledge of sound is much greater than mine so when i say 'i need it more zzzzrrrrr', he would know what i mean and do it."

and not only does seja have a debut record to be excited about, but she recently joined forces with australian record label rice is nice and well, they do seem pretty nice. "when i first thought about releasing my album the only prerequisite i had was that the label who put it out had to love and care about it as much as i did, "she explains, "julia and ben (who run rice is nice) are both super dedicated awesome people and when they said they'd like to put it out i just had a good feeling about it." and i myself have talked briefly with julia, and she was super nice! rice is nice is not only a catchy name, but they're all super sweet; who would've thought. but the time's boiling down to the anticipated revealing of seja's debut record and i must say that i haven't been this excited for an album release in a long time. i ask seja if she plans on taking the new tunes on the road, "i would love to! i'm just about to play my first proper australian tour in april. hopefully i'll get to come and play in some other countries one day too!" well i would like to think so; it's not often that a indie rock band from brisbane plays small masonic lodges in small towns but thankfully years ago they did and i was there. seja tells me she's pretty excited about the big day, so i then end the interview off with my favorite question; i asked her to give me three words that best describe we have secrets but nobody cares. "synthie, ohh and ahh", she replies, "wait, do they have to be real words?"

NICKNAME Slayer or Sega
BIRTHDAY 21st of May
TURN ONS Zippy tones
FAVORITE MOVIE Edward Scissorhands
FAVORITE TV SHOW Freaks and Geeks
FAVORITE BOOK The Little Prince
FAVORITE FOOD Avocado sushi
FAVORITE CONCERT Summersault festival 1996 (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Beck, Beastie Boys, Bikini Kill)
FAVORITE SHOW YOU EVER PLAYED In Laos Regurgitator played an old Russian style circus building to a couple of thousand people. We had fireworks on stage (scary!), the power went out in the first song, and we had to wait to go back on stage for 20 minutes.
WORST SHOW YOU EVER PLAYED One Sekiden show a kid in the audience put a fire hose on me because he thought I looked hot. Which is ok, but I was worried for my synthesizers.
ASPIRATIONS To make some more albums and play some more shows
ANY LAST WORDS? Thank you :)

not only does seja have some killer talent, but she's got a wicked sense of humor. here's a video that seja with the help of a few of her friends made as a teaser for the new album that she posted onto myspace. it's truly work of mind-numbingly colourful art. and check out her myspace (link below); our favorite song is i'll get to you. once again! we have secrets but nobody cares debuts this sunday march 27th on rice is nice records! thanks seja!



i love making selfish little wish-lists for myself. my birthday is still over a month away yet, but while staring at myself in the mirror today i realized that i'm turning 24. not too old, not too young; i think i'm going to be okay with this age. you know, like the baby bear of life; juuust right. and in reality, i really have everything that i need but a girl can dream.

my whole life, my friends have only teased me for three things: dating the boy who turned out to be gay from high school, not having my drivers license (WHICH I NOW HAVE) and always having the worst cell phones ever. what can i say; i'm not that huge of a phone person. all i need is some way to text my friends and family and i'm satisfied. but now i want something prettier. i would be giving into all of this blackberry mumbo jumbo, but in reality i'm starting to realize that it might be a big help with my social and career life. 

while doing some research on one of my favorite ladies of all time, twiggy, i learned that during 1966 she released her own line of dresses for teens called "twiggy dresses". where on earth do i find one? i don't mind if i get a faux, i just want one. 

you can never have enough. okay, sure i'm running out of space on my shelves but i want more. anything, really; the broader the collection the better. this is a very realistic gift as well if you're wondering what to get me *ahem*. one of the best gifts i ever received was from an old boyfriend; he gave me the cure's pornography, the in between days, let's go to bed and love cats singles and new order's power corruption and lies and movement on vinyl. what a little package of deliciousness. but i need to build up my soul collection. ahem, again.

i'm a wanderer; a traveler. i love to explore and discover. and what better way than to do it with someone special. calling all friends and potential lovers; wanna go to paris? spain? stockholm? let's pack a small bag filled with only our best sparkly clothing, bring the camera and a lot of loose change for cocktail sipping on the subway. have a night picnic, try strange foods and slow dance by water fountains in the park. or, if you're a lady we can try on expensive clothes but never actually buy anything, smoke weed and people-watch in the markets and make strange new friends on the dance floor. it's been a while since these bones have left this town. anyone?

i think we all know by now how much music means to me; it's my life, no question. i always compare people, places and things to songs and albums. i always love learning what my friends are listening to, who their favorite bands are and etc.; to me it speaks volumes and can create an even deeper connection with them. if you're like me, then i want a brittney themed mix-tape/cd/playlist; songs that remind you of me. it's really the deepest form of flattery; just hold off on the liza minelli. 

i love books, i collect books and the more the merrier. i love design books, music books, photography books... i just love books. and if there's a book you've read that you think i'll love i would love it even more. BOOKS. 

the rolling fucking stones are coming back to toronto this summer and if i don't go i'm going to sell one of my organs on the black market. you don't want that, do you? of course not. so take me to see the rolling stones and i will forever love you and give you lap dances to "let's spend the night together", deal?

i'm an avid photobooth picture collector; i eventually want to have photobooth evidence of all of my friendships. even if you just pop into one on the way to the subway, give me your strip and i will love (and remember you) forever. here's some of mine;

i'm not a huge jewelry person either; i love my rings. but i would love a name necklace! how cute and classic; i'd wear it every day. thank god my name isn't barbara. no offense to all the barbara's; i'm just not a barbara. officially just lost the "barbara" demographic.

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first and foremost, i nearly cut off my thumb yesterday while preparing my design portfolio. it still hurts.

secondly, here is the song of the day to bring your mood up. pretend it's a sunny saturday. 
saturdays by cut copy