project shirk magazine party: success.
thank you for everyone's attendance, smiles and bitchin' dance moves.
photos are coming soon!




amsterdam based artist/graphic designer RafaĆ«l Rozendaal makes my head hurt with delight.

please click HERE to start one of many adventures Rozendaal has provided us with.
once you open the page, you will notice dozens of little icons at the top of the page.
please click all of these. each will individually open in their own window.
with each link you will experience art like you have never seen before.
you will be amazed by how amazed you will be and for how long.
i guarantee it.



toronto's it girl that you know and love, anna von frances has already dominated most of toronto's night life scene and if you don't know who she is by now crawl out from that fucking rock you're living under. being the face, brains and power behind the infamous PINK MAFIA promotional company (behind popular events such as sport pig, get er done and shit loads of after-parties), she's up to her sparkly blue's in special events, packed dance floors and camera op'd hotness. not only is she driven, business savy and can throw a killer party at the snap of her fingers, but she's a sweetheart too. i opted to ask anna a few questions on behalf of shirk magazine. look at how cute she is!

I have so many there isn't enough room to list them, but my favourite is "Hot Tub".

May 16th, 1979 (the day before Jordan from New Kids On The Block)

Labrador Newfoundland

Trophy Wife Full time, and part time Don of the Pink Mafia.

Innovation, cowboys, Old Spice, a warm mustache, tops, do-wop, marketing, travel, Italian men, cats, and classic metal.

Bottoms, status quo, metrosexuals, perfume, beards, nu-metal, accounting, hometowns, men in sandals, and dogs.

The Cure, Metallica, Lady Gaga and No Warning (rip)

I just watch the John Hughes stuff mostly, but that notebook movie sure makes me cry


A Favourite Game, Lolita, 22 Immutable Laws of Markerting, and Famous Last Words have all been read by me more than once.

Vodka Soda, 3 limes is my signature

I guess Sushi but for decadence, a proper Newfie Scoff with salt beef, fish & bruise, lobster and home made white bread would be my last supper.



It's a tie between wife beater and jeans.

Alexander McQueen/Stella McCartney and for style, I would say the 40s- the only time tough women was really feminine.



Like a bar? Rock Rock in Osaka and Bovine in Toronto.

That I want to see? Sam Cooke Live at the Copa (le sigh).
That I have seen? Def Leppard

It's too salacious for here!

The early sport pig days were all very magical.

We almost had a homophobic moment at a sport pig once that coulda gone south fast. We were all appropriately appalled.

Travel as entertainment. The first five years was about what people do with their nightly time off, the next five will be about what people do with a weekend or week or month off.

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well aside from me being slightly impressed with how much in common anna and i have, (the cure? john hughes? being a taurus? hating nu-metal!? holy fuck!) i'm also glad to call her a friend and the head miss for the first official shirk magazine party which takes place tomorrow! don't forget to follow PINK MAFIA on twitter (not only can you get the first deets on upcoming hot parties, but you can win tickets and prizes too) and check out the official blog as well:



stumbleupon is great for boredness. not so great for headaches. 

every girl owns a token little black dress. my problem is that all i have is a collection of little black dresses. i tend to own a little too much black in general, and it's time for not only myself but for every girl to no longer fear a bold, brightly colored dress that pops! try forgetting that black exists for one night; see what happens. va va voom, bitch!


(things i hope to do before i bite the big one.)

1. find a lipstick that works
2. ride the tour de france
3. see the remaining beatles live
4. swim with a shark
5. design my own clothing line
6. appear on jeopardy
7. write, direct and star in my own short film
8. front a really awesome band
9. skip rocks on lake loch ness.
10. talk my mother into getting a matching tattoo with me
11. travel, travel, traaaavel
12. learn another language, and learn it well.
13. write the story of my life
14. take a photo of myself in front of every wonder of the world.
15. fall in love in paris, break a heart in paris
16. invent something
17. win the lottery, lose it all.
18. visit where my grandparents were born
19. backflip into a crowd of people
20. buy a baby sloth

i'm sure i have way more. i'm just hallucinating and bored. it's a rough combination.


tonight at 8pm sharp, click the link above to listen to the live one hour broadcast where i, brittney, will be spinning my favorite motown/60's pop and soul!

spring has seemed to have sprung today as it was an outstanding 4 degrees today! keep it up, god.


i'm oh so proud of my torontonian boys the cancer bats, and especially good good friend scott middleton (far right) for the amazing success thus far into their careers. their new album is dropping in april, they're about to embark on a HUGE tour and their brand new video for "sabotage" has just debuted. i literally just finished watching it and i lerrrrved it. watch this video; it's an amazing beastie boys cover and it made me laugh a lot.

remember what's coming up soon? just posted today by lindsay darling, one half of the in crowd dj's, this video's majority of the beginning is me and my big red mop bopping about the place. i'm inviting you to come celebrate all things shirk with lots of booze, 60's rock, pop and motown and me dancing around like that bitch from flash dance.



as i try to stop myself from drooling, staring at these shoes have got me all hot and bothered. only one problem; i can't walk in heels. girls, what am i supposed to do? i'm 5'1, one of the shortest people pretty much in every social situation or public scenario and i'm such a sucker for comfort pleasures that i just can't be bothered to try to get through a day in heels. you should see my shoe collection: flats, flats and more flats. but these shoes are just so goddamn gorgeous and i truly believe shoes complete the outfit. i could be wearing a goddamn bed sheet with a rope and one of these pairs of these babies could carry me off in a cinch. how does one learn to walk in heels?

to read my interview with toronto's the framework, and the rest of the fabulous new issue, visit dead sexy magazine right now!

song of the day/no turning black

there comes a time (about once every two months) where i change my hair. constantly, constantly. i see friends often, but it comes a shock to me when they sometimes don't recognize me. do i change my hair that often? is this normal? maybe i just can't make up my mind. maybe i get bored a little too easily.

well ladies and gentlemen, i think i've grown tired of the red. that's right. i'm going to go back to black. what do you think?


February 14th, 1537

King Henry VIII declares by Royal Charter that England will celebrate February 14th as "Saint Valentine's Day". To recognize a King best remembered for marrying six women, divorcing two of them and then beheading two more as the formal founder of Valentine's Day might cause a few modern snickers. 
excerpt from weddingpaperdivas.com 



yesterday, february 11th 2010, one of the most inspirational designers to the world and to me, alexander mcqueen, was pronounced dead. suicide is the top ruling for reason for death. what a sad sad sad day for fashion, art, culture and the world in general. see you in the big catwalk in the sky, baby.


with another bloody snowfall in the can for toronto, this weather has me dreaming harder for spring to arrive. i'm going to go all out there and say that spring is my favorite season; it's the excitement of wearing flats without socks, sunglasses and going jacketless. summer is truly wonderful, but the sheer thrill of a sort of freedom that comes with spring and i just cannot wait. throughout my fashion blog/magazine browsing, they always like to predict the trends and shades for spring 2010's style-savy trendsetters. well, i'd like to believe that i'm in the loop but i do very much march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to fashion. what will i be wearing this spring? oh i can hardly wait.

greyish browns/nudes/beiges
i'm usually found wearing grey's and blacks anyhow, but there's something extra sweet and romantic about light, frilly or even woven nudes and beiges on girls. i just think it's a no-brainer. i've already got myself a few jackets, a par of loafers and scarves in an array of nude shades and i tells ya; it goes with everything. nude nail polish and lip glosses are great as well for fair complexions; spring is for looking fresh, dewy and tasty.

shorts and tights combo
i often wear the ol' shorts and tights combo; it's a quick way to get dressed for your day, you can wear practically any top with it and you'll always look cute as a button. i'm a big fan lately of the really light wash or dark denim; anything in between is sort of weird. and especially loving the high-waisted shorts so you can tuck in your cute little cotton t-shirt. and have fun with your tights! there are more and more options now for interesting tights; i suggest checking out american apparel; i've got nylons with hearts, a grid pattern and lacyness. this also allows us ladies to wear our flats and shorts in the colder of weather; who says shorts are only for the summer?

big up the gaudy jewelry
i usually don't wear much jewelry at all, so you might as well go all-out while accessorizing, and i will always believe that rings are the best of the best of the best. it's awesome to wear a few rings on one hand at one time; and have them all match, or not match at all, your choice! i'm a huge fan of huge, gold rings; the skull ring for example; how ridiculous can you get but it's just so goddam fantastic. really completes any outfit. 

touches of yellow/gold/green
there really isn't a better colour combination, so get yourself some cheap sunglasses in kensington market for $5 and go all out in colour; go bright yellow to even out the massive amount of grey you're wearing. scarves around the head or around the neck are also sweet touches to a really simple outfit such as a white t and denim shorts. or get yourself some cute little pins or charms at value village, or make your own from a bead shop and decorate a boring jacket that you never wear anymore.

get yourself a hat that goes with everything
i'm totally in the wool toque phase right now because it a) goes with everything and b) covers up horrible hair days, but in the spring and summer you can't really rock something so heavy weight. i usually don't wear hats (i occasionally wear a head scarf) but i've got myself a stroker hat i look forward to wearing (pictured above). just for days when i feel like wearing a jean jacket, shorts and flats. 

valentines day is approaching. i hate valentines day. this is going to be the first valentines day as a single girl since i was 14; what do single people do on valentines day? i don't even really remember doing much while in a relationship. i've had the odd occasion of a boyfriend actually making an effort to be somewhat romantic, which is sweet considering the majority of men in my life tend to completely dodge it in every way. and i don't blame them; i would feel so damn awkward if i were to receive a gift for the sake of the valentines day; i mean, have you seen the commercials for spence diamonds? "tell her you love her with this disgusting, tacky and cheap heart pendant on a chain." no thanks. 

if it was up to me, valentine's day would be in the summer. and a boy would insist i throw on my shorts, flats, sunglasses and grab a blanket because we're going to have a picnic in the park with a bottle of wine (or tall boys hidden in paper bags). afterwards, we would find a photo booth and blow about $12 in change. maybe go back to his place (or mine), smoke a joint and cook some dinner. perhaps karaoke? perhaps walking the streets hand in hand with sharpies or spray paint cans and graffiti on the walls our favorite catch phrases or inside jokes, or maybe stuff like BRITTNEY LOVES ____. head to a tiny candle lit hole in the wall, down a few pints then have some sweaty, passionate yet completely adorable sexness. then afterwards sit in the dark while we smoke cigarettes and shoot the shit until we fall asleep in our underwear. that just might to the job of changing my attitude towards this ridiculous holiday. 


quick, someone fucking take a shot of this; i'm not wearing any black. this is borderline terrifying.

dress: h&m
belt: value village
tights: american apparel
cuteness: all me

ALBUM REVIEW: Noah & The Whale

the first days of spring

hailing from london, england noah & the whale are a band that even though have recently been introduced into my life, have already made a huge impact. the band, consisting of several members, decided on their name after combining their favorite film's title the squid and the whale and the director of that film noah baumbach. their first full-length album peaceful, the world lays me down was released in late 2008, but it's truly their latest album, released august of 2009, the first days of spring that really grabbed me. just after their first album's release, founding member laura marling left the group after her and lead singer charlie fink broke up. up until the recording of the first days of spring, all of their songs had marling's delicate female vocals backing up charlie's. the lack of female vocals feels like almost as if her ghost is haunting him, for the entire album has to be one of the most heartbreaking things i have ever heard. if you're looking for the quintessential break-up album people, this is it. 

almost immediately with the album's opener and title track, the slow beating of a bass drum and strings take down your mood and heart rate. "it's the first day of spring, and my life is starting over again," charlie sings and without even knowing about the personal pasts of the group members i had known from then on that this album was going to break my heart all over again. songs like our window, i have nothing and stranger stand out as key miniture biographies; so blunt and harsh and sad. charlie sings of the feeling and knowing that it's over with his love interest, and how everything they once were has disappeared. he sings of feeling alone, confused and lost. in stranger, he whispers how he had slept with someone for the first time since breaking up with his girlfriend, and is so disgusted, disoriented and apologetic even. but with these tear-jerking lyrics that are accompanied by echoing guitars, string and horn sections and enveloping atmospheric sounds, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. in every song, here's at least one line where charlie sings about a glimmer of hope; "a year from now, i will be happy" is heard repeated in a few of the songs; creating a tight-knit story behind this album. but when it comes to the big one on the album, it has got to be blue skies. "this is a song for anyone with a broken heart, this is a song for anyone who can't get out of bed". the first time i heard this song, my breath was almost taken away. i'm a huge sucker for sad songs but it's a rare thing when someone can capture the things i've felt and do feel so perfectly. 

over all, this album from beginning to end is so free flowing and natural in feeling, musical arrangements and lyrics. i would go so far to qualify this as a break-up concept album, but as mentioned before, there is an empowering taste of hope as well. please please please, whether you're happy or sad, download this album, buy this album; listen to it from beginning to end. 

song of the day

blue skies by noah and the whale

please... try not to cry.


if you haven't tuned into shirk fm yet, then tonight's the perfect time to pop your shirk cherry! the last broadcast was friday night where myself and special guest host christopher huggett from modele/dragonette joked and spun some 80's new wave tunes. tonight at 8pm sharp, i'm extra excited to be broadcasting a 90's hour with my dear friend and hilarious dude andrew "smalls" mcgrath.

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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

this 2004 michel gondry film starring kate winslet and jim carrey is still, and will probably forever be one of my most favorite, if not my ultimate, films. not only is gondry a visual genius, but the plot line, the character development and the heartbreaking feeling of real love you feel from watching joel (carrey) and clemintine (winslet) as they're slowly being torn apart from each other both psychically and through their memories. could you imagine the person whom you loved for so long deciding to erase you and every memory they have involving you? it's something we all think about after a hard breakup, a death or an unpleasant situation. but when it comes down to the grain, holding onto the good memories is worth while even if the people or person involved still causes you pain. i will never, ever tire of this film; if you haven't seen it, please. see it. i still manage to let myself cry nearly every time i see it, but i'm not ashamed. here's, in my opinion, the best part of the movie: