1. mascara
i am a huge mascara nerd; i've pretty much tried everything twice, except for that vibrating mascara which i saw my old manager trishelle putting on at work and it freaked me out. i think alongside my hair that my eyelashes are my best and most favorite feature so i gotta keep the lock down on those bitches. great last and covergirl lash blast in very black are the bests, me thinks.

2. blush
and also rosey cheeks are a must for every fair-skinned girl like me. it instantly wakes up my tired or washed out face. may i recommend joe fresh's blush? it's super cheap and fantastic.

3. hair spray
i don't really use much hair product at all, but my hair is very thin and very straight so it doesn't take to keeping volume very well; hence me using hair spray! it stays as apposed to gel's and waxes which pretty much do nothing.

4. cigarettes
noted and understood.

5. american apparel briefs
i'm a huge fan of classic, sexy and staple women's lingerie and i love lace and bows and pastels and sweet little things like that... but when it comes down to it, i want to wear american apparel briefs every day. they are super cute, comfy and come in every colour under the rainbow. 

6. perfume
there is nothing more important when trying to make an impression with a special boy or girl (aside from being memorable, funny, sweet and totally awesome) is your signature scent. the sense of smell is the strongest linked to memories; i can still remember the cologne my first boyfriend wore. i personally enjoy very sweet perfumes and am currently wearing, hilariously, juicy couture's viva la juicy; it's ever so tasty.

7. john hughes movies
are you kidding me?

8. my pets
need i say more? they have the most amazingly ridiculous personalities, they hang out with me, they play with me, and they keep me company. i hope they get old and fat along with me as long as possible.

9. ipod
i don't do anything without music; eating, drinking, talking, reading, smoking, showering, walking, thinking... i need music on AT ALL TIMES. having an ipod back in my life has been wonderful, and barely a second goes by in my day where i'm not listening to tunes and that's the way i like it. here are the top songs that are on constant repeat:
  • message in a bottle - the police
  • if i ever feel better - phoenix
  • as we go along - the monkees
  • blue skies - noah and the whale
  • walkabout - atlas sound
  • astronaut - beach house
  • crazy - patsy cline
  • evident utensil - chairlift
  • walking - the dodos
  • cut me up - har mar superstar feat. karen o

10. friends/family/yadda yadda
(your face here)

11. coffee
if you're one of the luck mother fucks who gets to live with me, you know that before i even open my eyes i have somehow managed to get myself to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee. i drink a hell of a lot of tea too, but i don't need tea like i need coffee.

12. everything i own that is wool and or knitted
socks, sweaters, scarves, cardigans, hats... i am a real creature of comfort. and in shitty winter times like these, i need to be nuzzled and toasty. and if it has shiny beads sewn onto it or even shoulder pads then that's a double plus.

13. my tattoos
they're obviously here to stay and not going anywhere, but i sincerely love my tattoos. and i get a lot of nice compliments on them. and again, i'm happy with them. 

14. the mighty boosh
my favorite show and my favorite oddball escape with my favorite british comedians; i will never grow tired of this and i'm crazy excited for more new material. pleeease give it a try if you haven't already.

15. the beatles

16. wine/beer/liquor
i sure love my beer and my wine; i'm still sort of a puss with hard liquor, but i'm trying my best. i'll pretty much drink anything, who am i kidding.

17. my mac
without my beloved baby, i wouldn't be able to write this blog. that and i wouldn't have the internet. fuck, i love the internet. i owe most of my nerdy, world-famous reputation of being a bottomless pit of useless knowledge to the internet; i love to research, learn and investigate. i also love to stay in the loop. thank you, internet.

18. my camera
now, i don't really have a camera per-say, but i plan on getting myself a nice fancy pants one. i really enjoy having photo evidence of most of the stupid things i've done in my life or shared with my favorite people. nothing sucks more than getting tagged in a really horrible photo, but at least you can learn from your mistakes. 

19. cadbury cream eggs
when it comes to chocolate/candy, whatever, i'm usually not a big fan. i don't have much of a sweet tooth. but there's just something about cadbury cream eggs; i'm going to throw it all out there and say that these are my absolute favorite chocolate/candy in the entire world. nom nom nom.

20. love squeezin's
yeah yeah, sure. i'm a tough girl (i think) and most of the time i prefer being alone. but there's nothing like good love squeezin's. hugs and kisses. what really beats that? there's nothing that can really top good cuddle sessions.   

21. value village
i love shopping in general (i think we all have gotten a good jist of that by now), but what other place can you find a jacket, a shirt, pants, skirts, a dress, a purse, shoes, tacky artwork, old ashtrays, a baby casio keyboard and a casset tape collection from the 70's which could potentially all come out to under $50? yeah, YEAH.

22. frilly/flashy/tacky things
i'm such a sucker for shine. i like simple, classic things, yes. but i also love a little touch of sparkle. rings, earrings, sequins and fake diamonds; gimme gimme mooo. 

i've spent the last 10 minutes trying to find you something to use as an example. just picture something huge, tacky and borderline godawful and there you go.

23. shirk
i can't believe i've been writing this blog nearly every day for almost two years, and that people actually read it and enjoy it. it brings me great joy just to write it for myself, so it's even more of a pleasure when other people find joy in it as well. i'm going to keep this going as long as possible because i believe i truly understand the rule to writing a great blog; live the best, most exciting life you can possibly live and describe it word for word. thank you for reading.

btw, i'm aware i spelled recommend wrong in my headline. meh, IT'S MY BLOG.


i don't know, anger just seems to be flowing in the brittney townson blood today for some reason. i woke up after hours and hours of strange, angry dreams including visions of a giant house party going all wrong. people doing donuts on my front lawn in their civics, people spitting on my floors and ex boyfriends showing up like they're invited. it was just horrible. ANYWAYS. i shook my head, made a coffee and had a cigarette. i figured that doing some mental shopping online would cheer me up. i hadn't checked out the urban outfitters website for a while, and within a few minutes remembered why; does anyone else notice that this store is totally coasting on stealing other famous fashion line's designs and pretty much doubling the asking price? and do you really think i'm stupid enough to buy this:

yes, i will purchase your shitty faux-vintage t-shirt with the sex pistol's album art work so that i may appear more bad-ass for fucking TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS. and after looking about some more, i noticed i already own half of the "new" items they're selling because i picked it up for half the price at either h&m or american apparel. not like any of those lines are better (especially american apparel) because at times they could be a complete rip off, too. but i would take anything h&m over urban outfitters any day. 

i'm going to say i buy something from urban outfitters maaaybe once a year. sometimes, you've got to admit, that they have a special item that you really can't find anywhere else; mostly because it's an item from one of their featured labels which actually has credibility like SILENCE AND NOISE. the only thing i would have to say that shopping at urban outfitters is actually worth is their shoe selection. i'm a real picky bitch when it comes to shoes and more often than not i actually find something i like there. for example; i really like these and will probably buy them:

the jewelry is pretty fantastic too, i've got to admit. here i am starting off angry trying to have an argue why someone shouldn't shop at urban outfitters... but i can't lie that when it comes to foot wear and jewelry they're doing a good job. my point is, if you're looking for an interesting piece of clothing, whether it be something vintage looking, graphic t-shirts, dresses or whatever.. it's most likely that the exact same thing can be found elsewhere and for cheaper. i don't know why, don't ask me; this is just the way it is. i would take h&m or american apparel over urban outfitters any day. sorry u.o... you're still cool sometimes. good try, though.



earlier this week i sat down for an awesome interview with toronto-based indie synth rock band the framework for dead sexy magazine! the interview will be coming very soon for the new february issue online, so make sure to visit dead sexy online to read!

song of the day

can you do it by the contours


toronto-based electo/house dj pair real talk, consisting of Mark Beshai and Jonny OC, just released online a new track. support local talent and ch ch check it out!

song of the day

as we go along by the monkees

no pants, no problem.

my favorite new found blog of the day!



so to celebrate...

i'm super proud/happy/excited to be co-hosting an evening at tattoo rock parlour next month with pinkmafia/the in crowd/the mansion inc.

come party with me as i celebrate all thinks SHIRK.
look good, drink good, dance good.

i'm a firm believer that any item of clothing, no matter how ugly or out of date or completely useless it may be can be worn as long as it's worn WELL. i've always been one who uses the mentality of simplicity while dressing myself, and i will live by that rule until the day i die. so really, i hang onto every item of clothing i buy because i buy smartly; if it doesn't work with most of the stuff i own, and if i can't see myself wearing it and using it down the line in my life, it's usually not worth it. but there are a few trends that were just plain awful to begin with, yet i still witness it being recycled over and over again in my every day life as i watch sad, clueless individuals walking about looking like complete douche bags. let me explain.


when will people get a fucking clue? okay, seriously... girls, i understand. a really good pair of jeans seems like their a lot of money, right? thus is why the women who don't head out to value village or vintage stores (which is really hard to find a good pair of jeans in) usually head to places like urban behavior or some other shit store with the word urban in it to get ourselves a good, cheap pair of jeans. now, i'm not going to lie; i have a few pairs of jeans from these so-called crap shops but they're NICE looking. next time why don't you avoid really badly faded jeans with butt-fucking-ugly washes that are so out of style and out of date already anyways, and put your money towards a black or dark wash jean; they go with everything you own (i promise) and make you look slimmer. fucking lose the glitter and chinese dragon stick ons and leather strap tie up's along the side of the leg; let's be fucking honest with ourselves.

and for men; when the fuck are YOU gonna clue in? baggy jeans are so incredibly unattractive, i could go on for hours. this is my predicament; men are not born with curves or shape; they are pretty rectangular, thus not really meaning that there should be any reason to give them the appearance of having fat thighs and a big dangly ass; do you really think women find that attractive? first of all, it's fucking 2010. have you seen or read a magazine in the last 15 years? secondly; do you want to be taken seriously at all at any point in your life? thirdly; i am laughing at you as you run after the bus and miss it because you're about to show everyone on the side-walk your underwear because your pants are falling down. you will look sophisticated, appealing and daring. not only that, you're fashionable. and men, ladies fucking love that. also, men have been wearing tight pants since the invention of pants; why all of a sudden lately do you boys insecure with your sexualities think that wearing so makes you a "faggot"? get with it, losers. a girl will want to fuck the "faggot" over the "dude with his ass out" any day. trust me.


you know what i'm talking about. why do people wear these out with jeans? the worst is the all black running shoes half of the male population wear. if you're getting up at 6 am to run around the block and eat that special yogurt that makes you poop then by all means, wear these. use these. just don't go out with your friends, be seen in public or wear these on a constant basis; please. like i said, go to vintage spot and get yourself a pair of cute flats for 6 bucks and you'll automatically look a million times better. in my opinion, the first thing i judge a person on is their shoes, it says a lot about them. and men, please stop wearing these sad excuses for "i'm a grown up with money" shoes. to me, along with a lot of other women, this is a clear indicator that you still need your mother to dress you. buy some converse then give me a call.


yawn. next.


yeah, the blonde is cute; i'll let her get away with the tights. the couple on the right are not getting off so easily. they are the perfect example of raver/punk/mall goths that for some reason still exist. but now we have a new wave of "raver punks" and you can find them as gay promoters and hanging out at circa nightclub. this was a flash in the pan 5 minutes too long.


and etc.

song of the day

colors by hot chip


shirk's got some big news coming at cha soon...


this is what i do when i should be doing other things.



starting to design something and then giving up half way. i wish motivation was buyable.

song of the day

i in no way endorse or support the "art" of ke$sha, but for some goddamn reason i love this song.

your love is my drug by ke$sha



another case of the value village bug having bitten. some of these things are just super ridiculous, but completely workable. the sequin number and the black and white frock cost me a total of ten bucks for both. though it is incredibly see-through. the lace dress was found at silver falls vintage on ossington ave. for 20 bucks. it just needs a nice coloured nylon and belt combo and we're ready to go. the black shirt with the awe-inducing sparkly shoulder pads are courtesy of h&m; i plan on wearing this as much as possible.

but at the end of the day when i'm workin' from home, making iced tea mix and occasionally tuning into the food network, i find myself always going back to american apparel. it seems almost impossible, even after all these months after leaving, i cannot get dressed without at least one american apparel piece. it's versatile clothing, what can i say. WHAT. can i say.


are you a promoter? musician? looking to get a fancy blog-rollin'? or just want something pretty? i'm the gal for you. as well as running and writing shirk magazine, i'm also a graphic designer. as a matter of fact, shirk was born out of my final year thesis project at george brown's school of design where i attended! i'm looking to get the ball rolling again, and if you know of any creative projects you need whether it be promotional posters, flyers, merchandise, logos, album artwork, online graphics or illustration please contact me! i have great rates, good ideas and i'm real fun and easy to work with; believe me.

as well as shirk, i have another blog mainly for my graphic design work that you can check out HERE.

i majored in editorial design, and have assisted in laying out many magazines both for online and print use, such as LEB, SHIRK and i was an editorial intern at VICE MAGAZINE.

i've created logos not only for bands and small companies such as THE VICIOUS GUNS and SHINE STUDIOS, but i've designed the main medal's for the TORONTO PRIDE marathon.

and just a few examples of flyers/posters i've done for my own band, not including the many flyers i've designed for acts at venues such as the drake, the social the mod club for dopplehertz and other promotional events.

contact me if you need me!