CHOCOLATE MILK i fucking love chocolate milk. not only does it pair well with pretty much anything, but i often drink it after a meal as a sort of dessert. i definitely consider it a dessert. i will only drink it through a straw, though. IM DRINKING IT RIGHT NOW.

SWEATSHIRTS it's finally sweatshirt weather, and i'm starting to break them out! after i moved, i lost a whole bag of clothes (that i'm still absolutely pissed off about) so i need to get myself my sweatshirt collection back.

GETTING TO KNOW (AND LOVE) YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER'S FAMILY in the last week i've met most of my boyfriends family for a whole bunch of jewish events, including my very first rosh hashanah. it's been nothing but a bunch of laughs and lots of good food. and let's say, knock on wood, they were to become my family... i would have absolutely no complaints :)

FREE SAMPLES this is what you're going to do: you're going to google "free samples" and then you're going to find a list of canadian or american sites that link you to other sites that are giving away free samples of all kinds of shit. i literally sat on my computer for a few hours yesterday just applying for dozens of free samples; everything from perfume to mascara to shampoo. it's the best! what's better than getting free stuff in the mail? NOTHING.