so, as of today i have decided that i'm finally going to get my ass off my damn seat and record the album i've been wanting to record since my old band modele broke up. oh, by the way, if you're so inclined my old singer and i have decided to release our last album (self-titled from 2008) online for free! so if you want it, get it while it's up by clicking here. meanwhile, i'll keep you posted on the status of my yet-to-be-titled ep. yay! as a matter of fact, after deciding that today and after reading my now magazine horoscope, a light went off. a little too perfect?

Taurus Apr 20 | May 20 Taurus genius Irving Berlin (1888-1989) has been called the greatest songwriter who ever lived. Among his 1,500 compositions were iconic tunes like God Bless America and White Christmas, as well as scores for 18 Hollywood movies and 19 Broadway shows. And yet he never learned to read or write music. Was he embarrassed about his handicap? Not at all. He even bragged about it. He felt that having such a minimal grasp of the conventions of songwriting was an advantage, giving him the freedom to be extraordinarily original. Is there any way in which you’re like Irving Berlin, Taurus? Do you have a seeming limitation that is actually an aid to your creativity and uniqueness? Celebrate it this week.


so aside from staying in tonight due to lack of funds (storyofmylife), and being hungover from one of the drunkest nights of my life ( THE SHIRK MAGAZINE PARTY WAS INSANE! if you missed it, you missed out bad) i recorded a few demos and put together this little gem of a ditty. i think i'm suffering some mad cabin fever.