photos by brittney townson

so this past wednesday i had the pleasure of attending the hump day in the midst of the LG sponsored toronto fashion week fall winter shows. the venue of choice this year was at the cne grounds, and it felt odd; the last time i have been to tfw was two years ago when they set up tents in the middle of city hall; that's the way i liked it. it had a better feel of it being a huge party to hang out with friends, dress up and watch magnificent pieces of art walk down runways. i'd call the look for this year "business conservative"; not a whole lot of personality, the security was the tightest it's ever been and the overall glimmer to it all was barely there. but! i was there to see the clothing, and with that subject i was quite satisfied.

the four shows i attended were at 6:30 Attitude; i didn't catch the name of the head designers but i do know that this line is only available at sears. for being a line available at sears (god, i don't even know what's in sears anymore due to me NEVER GOING IN IT) it seemed cutting edge so the thought of them upping the ante a bit turned me on. the models wore a lot of grey, black and navy blue wools and leathers; all the models were wearing these fantastic elbow-length black leather gloves and i've decided that next fall that will be my main pull-together for the majority of my outfits. oh, and the entire show my friend trevor was being heckled by two very blonde, very drunk, very leopard-clad cougars. one of the highlights.

the second show was andy the anh; this guy is quite quite talented and i can see what he's trying to do, but the majority of the designs just weren't for me persay. he had this spanish tango dancer meets office secretary vibe going on and... i don't know. but his work as an artist is impressive. didn't remember much about this show.

the third show, after hopelessly running around the exhibition grounds with trevor and raf looking for a hot dog, was pink tartan; a show i had been dying to see and i knew i wouldn't be let down. everything was pretty bang on from the major accessory being an old-school aviation hat, but the attempt to bring fur (like everyone else) into the collection was somewhat awkward. the models sporting the pink tartan fur skirt looked like they had literally picked up a door mat and wrapped it around their waist; in my opinion if an item of clothing doesn't flatter a MODEL, then it probably won't flatter anyone. but! overall pretty satisfying.

and of course, last but not least, joe fresh's show! there were 53 models in this show all wearing different outfits made of different items; so much stuff! there were only 3 male models though, so i sorta felt shitty for the dudes in the audience. but this collection actually makes me look somewhat forward to fall/winter 2010. lots of thick wool knits, fur, metallic sequins and earthy coloured cottons (lots of mustards, browns and pea green). every audience member got a sheet with what every model is wearing in the entire show and most outfits didn't go over $60. insane.
over all a lovely evening. got my fashion fix, can honestly say i'm looking forward to lots of furs, thick knits and leather gloves incorporating themselves into my future wardrobe and thanks to my main bitch sheryl davey. and russ martin of http://russless.blogspot.com/ for pretending to be a barbie with me, and taking a lovely mid-word photo of me.