this is pure spring-cleaning weather; as a matter of fact, it took me two hours the other day just to clean out my goddamn undergarment drawer. what can i say; i have a thing for lace and american apparel loved their bra and undie's giveaways. but since relocating late last summer, i'm still stuck with a small bedroom and 50% of the space is being devoted to my clothing. while at the v-v boutique yesterday, this old lady informed me that if i donate some clothing i get some rediculous percentage off of my next purchase. not like the percentage off really matters because i can leave there with a bag of stuff for ten bucks regularly anyways, but the idea of getting rid of some of my clothes is probably a good idea.

though. i do have a clothing problem in the fact that i am very much an item piece buyer; i buy something that really stands out, that i know no one else has, and then i pair it with my very important basics. whenever i try to rid of one of these key items it turns out that about 2 years down the line i'm ripping apart my closet desperately searching for it until i realize that OH YES. i gave it away. it's really sad, actually. i'd prefer not to talk about it.

but at this point in my life, comon' brittney; do you really need that sea-foam green cotton spandex thong bodysuit? um, YES? see, this is already hard.

oh my god. i've just realized i'm a pattern whore. A PATTERN WHORE. someone! PLEASE. PASS ME A WHITE T-SHIRT. after an hour of organizing, folding, hanging and categorizing i've realized that there are two, TWO things that i was okay with giving away. one of which being that disgusting excuse for a shirt covered in pink sequins (bottom right), yeeeaauuuck. jeeeesus christ. is there a therapy for this? help.