if there's one thing about this city that i know it's that toronto loves to dance. we're the type that when the dance floor is bare no one would dare be the first on there (unless completely smashed) but once it starts it just will not stop. maybe i'm not alone in this, but i'm very particular with my dancing music; you can go to the social for some justice, which i'm sorry i can't dance to, or i could go to wrong bar to see crystal castles dj'ing but no thanks. not to say i don't love my electronic music, because i do, but when it comes to dancing there has to be something in your gut telling you that when you hear that song that there's no way in FUCK you're staying still. so that's where motown/soul/60's rock and pop, dirty and glam classic rock gets me; there's just something about it. and i can't sit still. luckily for people like me one half of the in crowd, lindsay darling, and one half of pie & mash, rich cavagin, have joined forces to bring us some danceable classics at their night simply dubbed "carnaby street" at ossington ave's watusi. i visited their last gig where the drinks were-a-flowin', the kids were-a-dancin' and the songs were-a-pumpin'. not to mention rich and lindsay are just completely cute as buttons and boy, do they know their music.

rich and lindsay (left) and cutie-pie waleed (right)

andrew and friend who was celebrating his birthday and very drunk (left) and friendly stranger (right)

andrew really knows how to serenade a girl

but i must say even after a super-cute evening that i'm incredibly excited for what's in store next for this delicious duo. they're presenting the premier of their new night perfectly titled ROCKS OFF which will be happening friday march 19th at the uber-awesome venue Czehoski on queen st. their mission is to spin the best of classic, dirty and glam rock and i can hardly wait. bowie, stones, zepplin, sabbath, beatles, dylan... oh it's going to be a good one. it's about time this city had a classic rock night that wasn't for the +40's over top of the goddamn hard rock cafe! 

in simplest terms, these two (again) really know their music, know how to work a dance floor and are super sweet. i can guarantee you a fun night of drinks and dancing where ever you find them dj'ing. no snobbery, no lameness and no songs that make you wanna sit down and take a break; with these two the dancing is an all-night non-stop workout. fuck joining goodlife, just go give rich and lindsay a visit!