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all you need is love by the beatles

merry christmas, everyone!
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summertime clothes (dam-funk remix) by animal collective



buying secret santa gifts

there's nothing more fun than secret santa. especially considering i'm that son of a bitch who purposely buys horrible, horrific, completely useless gifts that when someone opens it, the eyes dart directly in my direction as to say "bitch, i'm re-gifting this next year and then you'll be stuck with this debacle." my friends and i have had quite an array of secret santa themes; for a few years we had "sexy secret santa" where, you guessed it, only sex and sex toy related gifts were allowed. it was pretty terrifying, considering half of the gang is made of homosexuals. this year, we switched to "dollarama secret santa" which actually turned out quite well. i got sheryl this year and gave her the gift of horrible music when i found a cd for $1.50 by a girl group called "the pump girls". the listening party was unforgettable.

decorating the tree

decorating the tree! my dad and brother and i usually throw on elvis presley's christmas album, take up the boxes, and gasp in awesomeness and horror as we relive memories with the array of ridiculous christmas ornaments we've collected throughout the years. and more often than not, the cats start jumping in the box, climbing the tree and gnawing on sparkly things. it's a great sense of accomplishment after my dad's face fades from bright red back to a healthy peach colour upon finishing struggling near-heart attack to get the tree up. good times.

christmas movies

christmas movies are fucking fantastic. i prefer only a select few though, aside from the classic christmas tv specials such as charlie brown's christmas carol, the original grinch who stole christmas, rudolph and frosty the snowman. i rather do enjoy the home alone's, preferably the second one. scrooged... clearly; bill murray. the nightmare before christmas, does that count? and then there's love actually, which is perfect. i was never huge into it's a wonderful life or a christmas story, but i will watch if need be.

christmas songs

once again, no words needed.

late night driving in snow

it's so peaceful, quiet and dark... you're sipping your hot tea or hot chocolate whilst wearing knitted mittens as you drive aimlessly; snowflakes lightly caress your windshield. it's one of my most favorite things about winter in general but during the christmas season it's made oh so much nicer with all of the light's and decorations throughout the neighborhoods. what are you doing later?


lights in general. i'm easily warmed in the heart by fuzzy lights and sparkly things. when i was a kid, i used to sneak down from my room with my blanket and teddy bear and nuzzle up underneath the christmas tree and fall asleep looking at the lights. it's just a thing i have.

delicious scarves, hats and coats

by all means, i love summer clothing. but i do become mildly excited when i can break out my peacoat collection, my huge scarves and matching mitts and hats. everyone always looks so snug as a bug in a rug all bundled up. it's impossible to not look cute!

work parties

everyone lets loose at the company christmas party. there's free booze, food, most likely music... you see a side to your fellow employees you've never seen before, and you know that the next time you see them at work that things will never be the same. sometimes it brings you closer, and others... well, remember when you made out with your assistant manager in the copy room? then you puked in a waste basket? etc. watch out for that spiked egg nog.

free shit

gifts, presents, etc. i actually prefer the act of giving, it makes me feel like a million bucks, but the free shit is always nice :)


cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate, stuffing, veggies, gravy, butter butter butter butter butter and so on and so forth. good luck giving birth to that food baby, because you're going to be in a sugar coma for a few days.


ah yes, my second favorite part about the holidays. everyone is ripped, and it's okay to be ripped. you get ripped with your friends, you get ripped with your family, you get ripped on your own; fuck, get ripped while you're wrapping gifts at 2 in the afternoon, no one gives a fuck! just get ripped.


friends, family, lovers, pets, strangers... all you need is love. and this seems to be the only time of year where people somewhat live by that verse, so i'll just take what i can get.


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song of the day

last christmas by wham!



"yo grandpa, any requests?"

ah yes, so the christmas festivities begin. off to a few christmas parties tonight, and really it all boils down to drinking as many alcoholic bevy's as one can consume and singing songs with the family. i started at a really young age, so i've got a lot of practice. you can't see that i've got Heineken in my bottle.

song of the day

taking off by the cure



one of my most favorite people in the entire world, rich fulcher from my favorite show the mighty boosh, has just released his first book simply titled, "tiny acts of rebellion". fulcher provides you with tiny little things to do in your daily life to help you rebel. basically, in his own words,

"The goal of the book is if you can do all of these, you’ll actually stay sane."

such acts include flipping people off under the table, flipping off buildings (rich prefers Big Ben) and pretty much flipping everything and anything off; "Tiny Act #91: flipping off everything in sight". running red lights and unbuckling your airplane seat belt before the light goes off are other fun ones, but he insists at the very beginning of the book that whatever happens to you while doing these acts is in no way his fault. he's had a lot of practice. when rich was asked what his favorite act was, he responded with,

"Well, on a regular basis I like to tell people that I just farted. Like if you buy something at a store, then walk away and then go back and say, 'Oh by the way, I just farted,' just to see their reaction. [Tiny Act #88]"

just check out these reviews:

'Richard C. Fulcher's prose sparkles like dew on summer com and makes one laugh with wonder as you would at the sight of a new-born foal.' --Julian Barratt (from The Mighty Boosh)

'Rich Fulcher is hands down one of the funniest men on the planet and I'm not entirely sure he's from Earth.' --Simon Pegg

If you want to stick it to the Man without the Man really knowing about it, Rich Fulcher is your guy - inventive, hilarious and wonderfully silly.' --Bill Bailey

i really want this book.


the comfiest thing i own
wool over-sized sweater from joe fresh



favorite 2009 albums
5. two dancers - the wild beasts
4. conditions - the temper trap
3. manners - passion pit
2. it's blitz - yeah yeah yeahs
1. wolfgang amedeus - phoenix

favorite musical discoveries
5. handsome furs
4. the dodo's
3. band of horses
2. atlas sound
1. passion pit

favorite sad songs
5. in my life - the beatles
4. letter to elise - the cure
3. you can't always get what you want - the rolling stones
2. the crown of love - arcade fire
1. atmosphere - joy division

favorite love songs
5. if i fell - the beatles
4. just like heaven - the cure (typical i know, so shut up)
3. the ronettes - be my baby
2. more than this - roxy music
1. something - the beatles

favorite dancin' songs
5. deceptacon dfa remix - le tigre
4. house of jealous lovers - the rapture
3. 25 miles - edwin starr
2. single ladies - beyonce (oh yes, i went there.)
1. i saw her standing there - the beatles

favorite happy songs
5. shout - the isley brothers
4. goods - mates of state
3. rebel rebel - david bowie
2. obadioblada - the beatles
1. little secrets - passion pit

favorite shows
5. beetlejuice
4. michael and michael have issues
3. diners drive in's and dives
2. dexter
1. the mighty boosh

favorite items of clothing
5. value village vintage jean jacket
4. american apparel high-waisted black nylon leggings
3. joe fresh boyfriend jeans
2. value village vintage navy blue with white trim cartigan
1. h&m black poofy-shouldered cartigan

favorite fails
5. getting dumped HXC
4. numerous horrible date stories
3. accidentally shaving off half of my head
2. losing my childhood house and half of my pets
1. killer unemployment

favorite wins
5. three words, beatles rock band.
4. all of the amazing stories from this year i get to tell
3. getting to meet and interview a lot of amazing people
2. interning at vice magazine, writing for dead sexy and making shirk the biggest it's ever been
1. being the most awesome i've ever been

favorite days/nights
5. the 1601 party
4. all my motown nights with my sexy bitches
3. serenaded by dan on the dance floor
2. jen dropping her bike in lake ontario
1. getting fucking wasted in niagara on the lake and getting driven home by a one armed man

favorite blogs
5. the cool hunter http://www.thecoolhunter.net/
4. style rookie http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/
3. too rude http://toorudemag.blogspot.com/
2. who what wear http://www.whowhatwear.com/website/home.php
1. hel-looks http://www.hel-looks.com/

favorite people
5. Ringo Starr
4. John Lennon
3. Paul McCartney
2. George Harrison
1. Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt

favorite bars
5. czehoski's
4. sweaty bettys
3. levack block
2. ted's collision
1. communist's daughter

favorite stores
5. carte blanche
4. the black market underground
3. h&m
2. value village
1. drake general store

song of the day

in between days by the cure



it's been a while since i've publicly professed my borderline insane obsession with the mighty boosh, so ...



FUCK $90 HAIR CUTS. pick up your own goddamn scissors, and i guarantee you that you'll be ten times happier with the result. un...unless you're not good at cutting hair.

song of the day

bouncy bouncy by the mighty boosh



if you're a torontonian resident, you might be anticipating the first huge snow storm of the winter expected to arrive over night. i don't know about you guys, but i've been wearing flats without socks up until yesterday. i guess i better get my ass into gear, because i'm too afraid to face the facts. too scared to see the reality of it all. winter is here. luckily for me, i have accumulated a
ridiculous collection of sweaters the last few weeks from random second hand shops and thrift boutiques.