here are some photos of me having a bang on time at the premiere THE IN CROWD event at tattoo last week, taken by my friend and fellow dead sexy-er petia. 'twas a packed house. looking forward to their next week's installation, where there will be a vintage photobooth present. oh la la, make sure to look dapper, babies.

also, visit dead sexy magazine early next week for my brand new interview with the in crowd kids themselves, john and lindsay.it's gonna be one for the books.


outfit of the day

off to work.

shirt: tri-blend shot scrimmage shirt in grey, american apparel
skirt: full woven skirt in white seersucker brown, american apparel
tights: shiny stirrup tights in midnight, american apparel
flats: moccasins, value village
bandana: navy with white polka dots, value village

the final day.

featured song: walkabout - atlas sound



band rehearsal with perplexity of things. decided we should start documenting some of our musical hijinks. adam, aka penny, plays drums, and brent is the singer/guitarist/keyboardist along with me giving my soulful synths. tonight was fun, as usual.

check out our myspace.

or, listen to one of our songs now.


listen. to. this. song. now.


here's the ghetto-ass mural i did on my basement wall like, 6 years ago. i talked my folks into making my basement my "studio"; i painted the walls a nice sea foam, and even painted the cement floor a nice fire truck red. took some black acrylic paint, and some sharpies, and just started doodling the most random stuff. i used to do it a little thing here and there, and then eventually stopped once my brother and his friends turned my so-called "studio" into a That 70's Show reminiscent crack den. i took a photo to always remember the randomness.

as well, the last of my pet family was taken away from me today. i'm pretty beaten up about it. i'm fucking twenty-three years old, and here i am begging my parents to please please PLEASE keep my kitten, SOUP. her mom and brother were taken away a few days ago, and she was super lonely. she was still feeding off of her mom until the very moment they were taken away for another family. she cried and cried all day, but when she was with me, she was happy and purring. she never left my side, made direct eye contact with me and wouldn't sleep unless she had her paw on my hand. i'm really going to miss her; it was devastating to me. i lost my dog, and two cats already... and you would've thought i'd be heart broken then. i was more heart broken when i came home to see that she was gone, and i never got to say goodbye. my mom gave her to the family moving into my house, and i guess that is that. yeah, okay so what. i cried a little. whatever.

bye soup. i'll really, really miss you.



today at work, kara and i (oh, check out her band KARAMEL http://www.myspace.com/karameltheband) and i were fucking bored, as usual, and when the store was completely empty she decided to start putting lame bandeau bras on her head. i decided to do the same. strangely, it started to look good. well, i think it looks good anyways.




featured music: little bitty pretty one - thurston harris

best moments of the night:

- two 13 year old kids having sex in my bathroom; me banging on the door in front of 30 people; "LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY'S ELSEWHERE, ASSHOLES!"

- "hmmm. did you... hmm.... wait, did you just put out your cigarette on my living room floor? hmmm. GET THE FUCK OUT."

- broken vintage chandelier. mystery ghost person sweeps it up.

- shower curtain + rod in the bathtub; blood on the edge of the tub; perhaps person who smashed their head on the chandelier?

- SMALLS making my cd player skip every. fucking. time.

- jen's baked goods, and telling some drunk chick who's been stealing our beers that she's a "fucking disgrace." thrilling.

- adamo. i. "ain't no mountain high enough."

- american apparel storms the townson household. kara steals my motown cd.


- darren being cheered on by 50 people in my garage as he climbs to the rafters of the roof.

- patrick and i. eating veggies and dip in the kitchen. 4 am.


- 600 mississauga kids showing up.

- my dad coming home early with a bag of mcdonalds and going to his room.

* correction, blood found on the side of the tub: totally mine. just looked down at my knee; huge gash. dry blood. can't remember anything. AT LEAST SOME OF THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED.



here's an amazing video from last night's IN CROWD event at TATTOO ROCK PARLOR. i went there to exclusively interview the IN CROWD DJS for DEAD SEXY MAGAZINE, and you can see me (in a little white dress with black triangles on it) shaking my booty. it was a great night, and lindsay and john are super awesome cool nice people.

make sure to got to TATTOO every thursday night for the in crowd dance party!


LATER, 1601.

TOMORROW IS THE NIGHT, YA'LL. the very last party at the greatest mississaugian party house in history, 1601 Trotwood Ave. you've got your invite, and you best be there. to think of all of the amazing house parties i've hosted... i've gone DOWN in history. all you toronto promoters; i was doing it when i was 16. and i was better at it. SO I SAY, GOOD DAY.

looking forward to partying with you!


baby, put on that party dress.

i just had a day dream that i show up to the THE IN CROWD ( toronto's best motown, 60's dance and mod dj's) event tonight at tattoo rock parlor and there's another broad wearing my dress. that would really suck. but she probably wouldn't look as good. i'm off to the event to shoot lyndsay and john, who make up the in crowd, for i have asked to make them the main music feature for the september issue of dead sexy magazine. should be a great time... how would it not with such perfect music?


as you know, i'm moving. i've only talked about it nearly three hundred fucking times. today i was wish-list making online, and even flipping through my recently delivered 2010 IKEA catalogue. considering we're majorly downsizing (and i'm pretty sure i'm getting the children's bedroom at the new place) i need to do some major revamping to the items going into my room. but really, to tell you the truth, i plan on getting rid of everything. i'm hopefully finally getting a new bed (i've been sleeping in a single bed since i got out of the crib) and if jen and i are moving out on our hopeful schedule, i would appreciate some new things to bring to my future apartment. here are some of the things i have already, and what i would pretty pretty please like to get. i have a wish list on urbanoutfitters.com, cough cough.

here's the ikea expedit shelf; i really wanted the huge version of this with like, 12 shelves on it... but i will obviously will have no room. it's perfect for records, and i don't have a proper storage place for all of them. so this works beautifully.

this is the drawer set i bought, its nice and spacious, clean and plain. i should get the matching bedside table. also want to get myself some greenery for my room, as well.

as for urbanoutfitters... here's my geeky wishlist so far:

along with those things, i've still got my awesome orange leather chair and little red drawer set that i found on oakville garbge nights. not to mention, the mirror that my ex boyfriends mother was going to throw away, and the clock that his grandfather wanted to get rid of. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT THESE.

send you cheques or cash orders to...


my absolute new favorite site, which i will probably be on all day every day, http://www.laphotocabine.com/.
it's in french, but it's pretty basic to get around. the website design is absolutely adorable, and it's everything every photobooth should be!

Etes-vous prĂȘt ?

Who want's to bring Brittney to Paris? Attention all hot multilingual men, submit your reason why you think you should come to Paris avec moi. But first, these are a few musts:

1. Cute. You've gotta be cute. Preferably a boy, as well. And you better look damn good in a beret.

2. Speak french? Good. You should. 'Cause I can't... what the hell am I going to do when I want to ask someone for a light?

3. Wine and dine me; we'll rent bikes and ride to street vendors and buy fresh bread, cheese and pastries. Then we'll crack open a bottle of french bubbly and cheers under the Eiffel Tower. Could I be anymore typical?

4. Must make out with me somewhere fancy as you work your way from kissing my hand up my arm past the neck and up into the face. Oh yeah, Gomez Adams style.

5. Take me to art galleries, cafes, bed and breakfasts and jazz bars. Most importantly, though; shopping. Loooots of shopping.

6. Paris is the city of love; prepare to fall in love with me.

Any takers?



the boxes are being packed. the shelves are bare. the drawers are being emptied. a week from today, 1601 is no longer my home. to think that i moved into this house when i was barely 4 years old makes me cringe a little. i remember my street used to be so ghetto at one point, every house had a ditch in front of it just off the curb of the paved street. when it rained, i would put on huge rain boots and stomp around in the ditch; the water level almost came up to my knees. then one year, i think i was 9, huge trucks came onto our street and filled our ditches up with dirt. there was a pile of huge plastic tubes that they put in each ditch to keep the water flow going. remember that scene from honey i shrunk the kids when they slept in the tubes of the giant piece of lego? that's how huge it was. and i think i slept in a tube, as well. only... i didn't have a gigantic ant friend. darn.

then there was the time where when i moved in, there was an irish family about 4 houses down from me. they had 4 daughters; Iona, Brona, Carla and Lourna... Iona was the youngest, and i'm pretty sure she introduced me to ace of base, so she'll forever be in my heart. as a matter of fact, my dad tells me that a few years ago they randomly visited (they moved back to ireland years and years ago) and came to the front door looking for me. i was out! WHY! why that day! they never left a phone number, or address... nothing. so, i hope she doesn't decide to come looking for me any time soon.

to think of all of the crazy shit that's gone down in my house. nothing too crazy; just basically my entire life. first kiss, first love, first break up, first heart break, first drink, first smoke, first first first first. i'm not entirely too saddened over having to leave this place; it needed to happen eventually, and i kind of like fresh starts and clean slates. but i look at these walls and i know where every scratch in the paint is from, i know the meaning behind every stain on the carpet and i swear to god if this house could talk it would be a tell-all best fucking seller. all of the pets! oh man, let me try to list them: sylvester, chester, seymore, ozzy, elvis, daisy, mickey, cleo, chubs, chico, my five fish all named after the spice girls, soup and salad, peaches, pickles, mel, sparky, and there has to be at least two more that i can't seem to remember. wow.

all of the house parties, late night fights on my driveway, smoking weed and walking to the park at the end of the street, and the nuuuumerous bike rides around my neighborhood to get away from it all. i fucking love this house. and i'll always be so thankful that mum and dad chose it.



here are two bands that you need to listen to by the end of the day.


hailing from melbourne, australia, the temper trap are an indie/post-punk/atmospheric band that i heard for the first time last week and have been hooked up on since. their debut album was only released a little under a month ago, and they've sky rocketed to successful heights all over australia and the uk. when i listen to them i hear a dash of coldplay, a pinch of arcade fire and even little sprinkles of sigor ros and band of horses. they put me in good moods, and make me wish i could fly.

song to download: sweet dispositions



hailing from mississauga/toronto, these boys used to go to my highschool. little did i know then what i know now, that these guys have just about the sickest taste in music out of a lot of groups out there. devo, new order, gary numan and depeche mode; are you kidding? for a couple of home town boys, these guys are fantastic. they should be in europe, not ontario. amazing new wave dance beats, sassy synths and amazing manly vintagesque vocals.

song to download: learn to love


"we all go a little crazy sometimes" - bobby, the killer from scream

who would've thought a serial killer could get something so... DEAD... on? yours truly from shirk magazine thinks that she's suffering from a mental break down. according to wikipedia:

Mental breakdown
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mental breakdown (also known as nervous breakdown or snapping) is a non-medical term used to describe an acute, time-limited disorder that presents primarily with features of depression or anxiety.[1]

hmm. it's also telling me that i need to seek professional attention...

i'd rather just sit in my room, smoke and listen to joy division.

the last few months have been rough ones. i bad break up, selling my childhood home, losing members of my family (aka, all of my pets) and so many things on my plate to consider and plan for that i can barely wrap my head around working in the fitting rooms in a fucking retail store. they say change is a good thing. i've never been one to be accepting of such things, but because i've been forced to go through so much of it i've realized that perhaps it isn't all that bad. but when there are ten or fifteen MAJOR changes, that's a whole other story.

and what's funny too, is if you know me personally you could probably confidently say that i am one of the most laid back people alive. i rarely stress out over anything, i never try too hard or too little. i've always been a nice, calm and well-balanced person. and jesus, when DON'T i have a smile on my face? even when in my mind i'm picturing smacking people's faces, shredding pillow cases apart with my bare hands and punching holes in walls, i'm always calm. cool. collected. but, maybe i've realized that i'm some what controlling?

controlling in the way that i know how to get what i want, and i'll go for it and won't really give a fuck if anyone disagrees or what they might think about it. i'm not a bitch, i just plan my route and go down it. i'm independent, and can take care of myself. i also have quite a vibrant sixth sense about things; i think hard about something before i commit to it and i always measure out the consequences before any major decision. i would never put myself in a position or a situation where i could do harm to myself, or anyone else, or even do something regrettable. i've got a good head on my shoulders.

but when i lose that control... it's not good. i feel lost. when i lose sight of my path or plan because someone or something else gets in the way, i panic.

why do i find myself constantly having to pay for other people's stupid mistakes?

it may sound stupid, but sometimes living and trying to do what's best all the time doesn't work in my favor. i've tried to be a harder, harsher and stronger person than i already am. but inside, i'm as soft as cotton candy. and i'm fragile. my friends tell me that they cannot understand why i seem to be so competent through struggle and sad situations. maybe it's because i know there's nothing left to do but move forward. but one can't just keep going and going, for basically it's just running. running from sadness, regret or reality. and it does catch up with you. OH BOY, does it ever.

maybe it's an escape i need? or to stop letting my heart think for my head. maybe i should take my head out of the clouds, and stop being so god damn nostalgic? i seriously don't understand how i could get to be any more grounded and in check with reality than i already am, but it seems to be something that needs to happen. not just grounded, but underground... to the depths of hell.

it's a shitty shitty thing when people who love and live with their hearts out first and foremost are the ones who get it broken. and once it breaks, that's it; it's over. they will never live like that ever again. and there needs to be more people like us... er, the old me, anyways. maybe that's the real thing i've been struggling with this whole time? not that i need to pack my things in boxes, give my cats to new owners, or relish in my freshly single lifestyle. maybe this is all secretly me trying to mourn the passing of the sweetly ignorant little girl i used to be. a girl with a whole heart, completely intact, ready to give it at the drop of a dime.

i feel as if when i leave this house, everything aside from my belongings and my physical body will remain here. the same with how when someone you love leaves you, they take your heart with them. now i feel like i have nothing. i guess i have my fingers, and my vocabulary and my imagination. and my joy division.




what a fun day! my friends and fellow rockstars jenny and richard, who make up the vicious guns (www.myspace.com/theviciousguns) and i set up a spot on their front lawn this morning and rocked the rocks off saturday morning yard sale vultures. i made 90 bucks, ate some vegan cupcakes, got drunk on beer before 11 am and talked to some awesome people looking for some great, fashionable deals! check out some of the highlights.

here's richard and jenny; the official hosts of of the ROCK & ROLL YARD SALE; sitting on the front porch of their place in little italy. it was fucking SCORCHING hot, and we had to do whatever we could to stay cool... which means any shade we found was taken.

jenny and i.

vegan cupcakes and bud lime; breakfast of champions.

i literally took this photo just as i arrived to start setting up my shit. an hour before the yard sale was actually supposed to start. yard sale yanks are INSANE!

we put butters (the master chicken himself) on a leash and let him play with us in the front yard. he loves grass.

i spent the majority of the day in the shade laying on the grass. i was sweating buckets all for the love of rock and roll.

one of jenny and richards friends came by to serenade us with some guitar stylings for a few hours.

sarah bought this dress/skirt off of jenny and immediately found a corner to change into it. now THAT'S a passion for fashion. she brought her quirky friend along who sat with us and told us some of his personal encounters with ghosts.

then my woman, jen, came by to say hello. i think we were both speechless and slurry due to the insane hot weather. so we just sat and smoked. and drooled a little.

jenny had a killer rack of clothes consisting of cheap monday, betsy johnson and some american apparel. here's betty trying on some cheaps!

overall, it was a lovely day. if i could, i would do this every saturday. beer, food, clothes, music and sunshine. what's better?