my awesome pal from design school, jordan, put together a little clothing line as his final year thesis project. like me, he's taken his project and kept it going. and for him, his clothing and designs are not only being scooped up and bought in shops all over toronto, but he is now shipping to his devoted fans globally!

with a keen eye for amazing and intricute designs that are so much from his own originality, his clothing is a breath of fresh air when it comes to graphic fashion. why, i just placed an order for my very own:

only $30!

and these are some selections that are my personal favorites

visit his blog, http://apjproductions.blogspot.com/ to check out his clothing, a lot of his personal artwork and to place an order!

or, if you're walking about kensington market, visit the shop DROOL to find his stuff there! just drop him a line; he's a very nice guy.


there's a possibility that my old band might get back together.
i used to play in a band called modele (www.myspace.com/modelemusic), who used to be called another season.

good times.

here's three songs off of our 2006 release Lights



DAY 4, 5 & 6

i've been slacking of late on my music challenge, due to me having to get a lot of articles written and other things... so therefore, i've combined the last three days into one entry. short and sweet.


i downloaded the entire 2008 album Devotion by baltimore-based band, beach house, a few nights ago. i first heard them about a month ago as i was out and about driving with my friend paul; the windows down, the wind in my hair and a cig in my mouth. it was the perfect sound to summer that i was looking for. i won't go into too much detail about this specific album, only because i can't choose a favorite and i think this album should only be listened to fully or not at all. all i can say is that it's hauntingly beautiful, delicate and as sweet as candy for the ears.

okay fine, download the song "apple orchard". it's not from this exact album, it's from their debut. but it will give you a good taste of what to expect. and you'll enjoy it.


i had seen matt pond pa at the mod club a few years ago with some friends of mine. didn't know any of his music, but he played a great set. violins, cellos... perfection. i started to get into his music more and more over the last few years, having a few of his songs as some of my favorites. then he came out with his album, The Freeep, which was a free ep download off of his site and myspace. it's quite good. matt pond has always written about canadian winters, landscapes and romances; he seems especially obsessed with montreal. when i listen to his music, i think about when the leaves turn colours in the fall, driving through george town and taking photographs while wearing mittens. please download this entire album for free here:


if you want a taste, watch this; one of my person favorite matt pond pa songs:


without getting too scenester on your asses, i've been hearing a lot about this band. playing sold out shows all over the place, and have been featured in NYLON mag (for crying out loud)... these guys are sort of worth the hype. bringing back the early 90's shoegaze/brit pop/folk-indie thing, i really like it. don't know what else to tell you except to download their debut album that's self-titled. it's cute, romantic and relaxing. and i think this is about the best god damn album i could ever think of to make out to. not to mention, they're one of the most attractive bands i've ever seen.

one of my most favorite songs on the album:



toronto based journalist/host/hot-ass-biatch nadja sayej is running the game at art stars*; a video blog that covers all events, news and gossip around the toronto art scene. they like to call themselves "the TMZ for the art scene". i love digging the latest news about upcoming art shows, interviews and etc. on art stars*, but personally i love watching for nadja's latest wild and crazy outfits.

here's my personal favorite.

and be sure to check out http://artstarstv.com/ for more videos! or, visit their facebook page here



here i am being completely unfaithful to my music challenge, and instead creating outfits that i want to wear.


outfit of the day

keeping it cute and simple, i've been too lazy (and sweaty) to put too much effort into dressing up this past week. so here's basic vintage black skirt with a cute little nautical themed t-sweater. planning on wearing my black pointy toe flats, and my brand new sunglasses i bought in the k-market for $5.


my directorial debut, starring myself and the ravishing jennifer stewart, enjoy "Around The World In 30 Beers".


stop the presses!

i'm having huge writers block today. i like to call it "writers blockade". a whole fucking army of little fuckers fucking up my writing patterns. fuck.

because of this, i'm putting my music challenge on hold for one day. THOUGH; i did download the album i was going to listen to and write about. the band is called BEACH HOUSE. phenomenal. i've heard some of their stuff in paul's car.

so! maybe their music will get me through the night? and let me finish my two articles due tomorrow for DEAD SEXY MAGAZINE?

the new issue comes out on august. i've interviewed the amazing VICIOUS GUNS, who are featured as the main musical act. also, i spent the last week in and out of kensington market doing a huge article on some new and favorite shops and cafes. there will be a video that we shot along with the article as well!

make sure you check it out on wednesday.






when i was about sixteen, i remember my mom had just dropped me off at the masonic lodge on a friday night. it was pouring rain, but i waited until she drove off to share a cigarette with someone. as i met up with my new friend paul, we were slowly walking down the lodge steps to the basement so not to slip on the wet steps. all i heard on my way down was "Pony" by Genuine. a band was actually covering the song. i lost my shit and ran down the rest of the steps. that, my friend, was the first time ever seeing the junction live. and they were one of, if not my favorite bands of the lodge days. i haven't heard much of their new stuff, but their brand new album was just fully released on their myspace page, www.myspace.com/thejunction, but i have pretty much every song they released before that. i had to start packing some of my room up for the big move in a month, and chose to play all on my junction collection.

consisting of brent, matt and mike (and from the old days, keyboardist joel), these guys made hundreds of friends, and put hundreds of smiles on peoples faces. not to mention, you were guaranteed a definite dance party when they were playing the show. i remember seeing them play when i was about seventeen, eighteen at the brampton united church (i think?) and everyone at this show got a limited edition, hand-made collection of rare recordings they did. i still have mine, and it's still on my itunes. over all, the junction is a band who writes and plays songs that make me feel good... and me being the nostalgic bitch that i am, they remind me of sweet times.

if you're going to download annny junction songs, download the following:

i really still love the original version of this (used to be called we come in components of four), but i'm going to have to say they're newest version is tweaked to perfection. you can find it on their self-titled release.

i remember seeing them live the first time they ever played it for an audience. it's a good one. find it off of their album "and with this comes tomorrow"

a great one. a good sing-along, too. they re-recorded this for their album "and with this comes tomorrow", with the fabulous ex-key player/singer joel. fantastic.

another unreleased track. one of my favorites. i don't know how you'll find this song, but i know i have it... so... boourns to you.

unreleased, but was played pretty much every set. a dance-along no brainer; they had the room in the palms of their hands with this one. bring it back, boys!

now, i haven't heard their new album yet. i know, i really need to get on that. but, i definitely plan on listening. and i suspect i will write about it once i do. in the meantime, head over to their myspace, listen, buy their albums, and support a great torontonian band. they're having their album release august 13th at the horseshoe, as well. aw... nostalgia.





crystal caaastles. ugh. i know. well, they were like one of the most popular bands in the world this time last year. on the cover of fucking NME for crying out loud, like, three times. opened for THE CURE? like... THE CURE? are you kidding? headlining music festival after music festival... these guys got really big really fast. hailing from toronto, rumors are these two kids met while doing public service for various crimes they committed during their teen years. yeah, i don't buy it either.

i've seen them live three times, and even snuck into their green room when they played U of T last year. i gave a copy of my album to Ethan Kath, the dude. he knew about my old band Modele; he asked me, "Hey, didn't you guys like, open for Metronomy once?" I said, "Yes... yes we did." i shat my pants a little. i thought he was a really nice guy. Alice Glass, on the other hand... playing the typical bad-ass rock star chick just sat there and drank herself silly all by herself. whatever.

so, yeah. we've all heard some crystal castles song at one time, i'm sure. i have to admit, i never really listened to their album fully. i want to know what the big fucking deal is. i remember going through a period when they first became popular, going "Ugh, these guys fucking blow" to "weeelll maybe they're alright." it was almost always more about the toronto street cred for them than the actual music. playing clubs like the social at 2 am to a bunch of drunk scenesters, of course they're going to think you're good. but as an actual album, can it stand? i'll have to see.


1. Untrust Us
This song is bareable. I really enjoy the sampled voice saying "La cocaina no es buena para su salud" aka (in english) "La cocaina is not good for you". I guess Alice would be the best person to ask, so take her advice.

2. Alice Practice
This song is completely unbearable.

3. Crimewave
I enjoy this song. Toe tapping. By this point in the album, the rediculous over-use of Nintendo sound samples hasn't gotten too annoying, but as long as Alice isn't screaming on it... I can deal.

4. Magic Spells
I remember this was the very first C.C. song I ever heard. I like it. I've always liked it. Because there's nothing to it, no vocals, just a nice steady slowish beat. It's nice background music.


6. Air War
This song is alright. More little boy sound-clip sampling. Meh.

7. Courtship Dating
This is my personal favorite song on the album; if you're going to download any C.C. song, let it be this one.

8. Good Time
Cute little lyric repeated over and over and over. Closest thing to pop you're gonna find on this album. Listenable.

9. 1991
Another instrumental. You can dance to it.

10. Vanished
This one is good. Another downloadable tune. It's a lot less in your face with that bullshit video game sampling going on. And there's a vocal appearance from a dude from Van She.

11. Knights
Annooottther instrumental. I actually find this song a little annoying. Next.

12. Love and Caring
Ah, Alice shut the fuck up. Next.

13. Through the Hosiery
Am I in the final level trying to beat King Kupa? Next.

14. Reckless
Instrumental. Not worth the 2 minutes.

15. Black Panther
I am in a Swedish gay dance club circa 1993. Take that as you want.

16. Tell Me What To Swallow
I love this song. Because it doesn't sound like a game boy having a microchip melt down. Doesn't sound like Crystal Castles either. Download.

over all, i find this a pretty mediocre album. but there are definitely a few highlights that i have listened to, and will continue to listen to. it's just not something i would go, "oh, hey! let's listen to some crystal castles!" it just exists to me. and that's about it.




is pretty much the only woman i would go as far as fuck. are you kidding me? are you an actual human being? are you jesus?
one half of the kills/lead singer of the dead weather (jack whites 10 billionth new project). friends with kate moss and other disgustingly hideous/totally righteous british rock stars, this girl is already cool to begin with. then throw in the fact that she's a fucking badass on the guitar, a stellar vocalist and she's got a closet that i would kill a human being over. AND HERE SHE IS HOLDING HANDS WITH MY FUTURE HUSBAND (below). it's okay, you hussy. you can have him. um...yo, al... wanna make out?




starting today for the next fifteen days, i have decided to embark on a strange musical journey. yours truly will choose a different musical artist or band for each day, and i will only be allowed to listen to that artist for that given day. i've noticed that i have a huge collection of music; lots of which i only know a little bit of, or even haven't listened to it much at all. this way, i will give each of my chosen bands or artists time to prance upon my earlobes, and actually be given a real listen to. i can really decide for sure if they're shit or not. SO! without any delay...


okay, so i sort of cheated with depeche. i'm aware of pretty much every single song they've recorded, and i have all of their albums. i guess i'm just depressed that i'm not going to their show at the molson amphitheater tonight. i was told that i was going to be getting tickets from my birthday from a certain ex boyfriend, and clearly that didn't end up happening. i was offered some tickets, but they were just too ridiculous in price. i should've bought when i had the chance, i guess. ENOUGH ABOUT THAT. if you're someone who knows very little depeche mode, these are the following songs and or albums i recommend to listen to:

Listen to "Everything Counts".

Listen to "Blasphemous Rumours", "Master and Servant", and "Shake The Disease".

Listen to "Stripped" and "Question Of Time".

Listen to "Strangelove", "The Things You Said", "Never Let Me Down Again" and "Behind the Wheel".

This album in it's entirety is Depeche Mode's best work. Just press play from the first song and let it run. Amazing. Listen to "Policy Of Truth", "World In My Eyes", and "Enjoy The Silence". Oh, and "Personal Jesus" is on this, too.

This album was barely released, just in the midst of lead singer Dave Gahan's severe drug problem that nearly killed him. The songs are a lot darker, even for Depeche, but they're some of the deepest songs they've written. Listen to "I Feel You", "Walking In My Shoes", and "Judas".

ULTRA (1997)
Listen to "Home" and "Barrel Of A Gun".

EXCITER (2001)
Listen to "I Feel Loved" and "Dream On".

Most of this album is great, aside from a few bombs. Listen to "A Pain That I'm Used To", "Precious" and "John the Revelator".

Don't really like this album; need to give it some more listens. Best song on the album is "Wrong".


open letter to brittney, tuesday july 21st 2009:

this is it, kiddo. this is the big day. where everything starts, and everything ends. you'll be fine. just keep your chin up, and remember that people do love you. in the wise words of mick jagger,

you can't always get what you want.

but, hey. if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. right?


visited the market (kensington, that is) to meet some new shop keepers and taste some new foods that the hang out is offering these days. i'm writing a peice on kensington for dead sexy magazine, coming out next month. ANYWAYS. walking down kensington street, came across GOOD BLOOD BAD BLOOD. the sign outside was made out of nails and sky blue paint; how could i not go in?

in this quaint little shop, i found hand made screen printed tshirts, prints, jewelery and clay figurines. if i wasn't as broke as a joke, i would've bought something for sure.

met the shop keeper christopher, a very nice lad, and told me himself along with a group of his artist friends started the shop together. you really gotta see their stuff, it's quite awesome.

found their blog, too! check it out!




i just found my old collection of photograph taken over the span of three years back with my old band, modele. it was just too good NOT to post. all photos were taken by the always awesome david waldman, except the last photo is by carl w. heindl.



nothing special, but i bought myself a new skirt from work, american apparel, the other day.
and now that i'm a faux ginger, the colour turquoise looks great on me.

this was my outfit to the very successful art show opening that jen put together last weekend. i could've tried better, but i just wanted an excuse to wear my new skirt.




an interview and break/beats/culture festival coverage

last night, i ventured down to the toronto harbor front center for the break beats and culture festival. i was on business, for i was covering the two big acts of the night, Broken Social Scene and Parallells, for the toronto magazine DEAD SEXY. i arrived quite early because i knew from the festival last year that it gets fucking packed really fast, and then you're stuck without a seat or standing behind the tallest guy in the place. i was just early enough that as i passed the amphitheater to meet up with my photographer petia and my editor tom, and i was lucky enough to watch the last half of BSS's sound check. everyone was on stage, even feist. but i'll get more into that later.

walking into the little tented square at the harbor front, i arrived in the little open grassy area just in time to catch the beginning of parallels set. i sat cross legged on the ground, lit a smoke, and got out the note book. i had been hearing a lot about parallels over the last couple months since i was at nxne and they were definitely one of the big buzz bands of the week. also, as an obvious claim to fame, the drummer cameron had been on tour the last few years with crystal castles. i listened to the myspace and really enjoyed what i was hearing; a strange mixture of that underground new york dance rock meets new order meets little itty bitty touches of the cure, depeche mode and the gossip. i was really trying hard to find a distinct comparison music-wise to them, but they were really in an element all their own. as holly, joey and cameron took the stage, all dressed in black, they cranked out great song after great song. it's not easy to play busy music festivals where a lot of people don't really know who you are, or care for that matter. but people stopped, paid attention and even tapped their toes. holly was reminiscent of a scenester stevie nicks in her long, sheer, flowy black dress... but she had the voice of an angel. very tight, very catchy and very awesome. after their killer set, i met up with holly for a brief but awesome chat. and what a sweetheart she was, too!

Shirk: That was an awesome set! So, tell me how Parallels came together; how did you Cameron and Joey meet?

Holly: Cameron and I had been friends for a few years, playing music together for fun. He had been busy the last few years touring with Crystal Castles and were just doing our own thing. We started to write Ultralight together over email and decided to start Parallels right after he quit touring with Crystal Castles. Joey, we had just known him for a long time. He's a good guy.

Shirk: Yeah I've definitely seen Cameron play with them a few times; great drummer. So, I really dug your guys tunes; I'm a huge New Order fan, and definitely felt some touches of their styles in your songs tonight. What would you say were your biggest musical influences when writing Ultralight?

Holly: We never really had any in mind. I mean, we all had our own things we listened to when we were growing up but we never sat and tried to pin point a certain style. When we started recording, we had used a lot of vintage equipment and anolog synths laying around, so... we got what we got!

Shirk: Ultralight, the 12 inch, was just released... what was the process like for writing and working on the album together?

Holly: Cameron and I wrote it. We started over email, then moved into a studio together to complete it. We recorded at this place called Marigold Studios, built in the early 80's late 70's. It was full of lots of cool equipment, and it was a lot of fun. It was very different working in the same room as apposed to over email. We had been solo artists for so long before, but it was a lot of fun.

Shirk: And with Cam being in Crystal Castles for a few years, he got to tour the world, play insane sold out shows, meet lots of cool people... I'm sure he has a lot of stories and learned a lot of good and bad lessons about being in a touring band that massive. Did he bring anything to the table from his past experiences when you all started Parallels?

Holly: I don't know, he would be the better one to ask, haha. I know for sure that he's exhausted! He was on tour non-stop for nearly two years, and Crystal Castles are still touring now. But being on the road, you see the world without really seeing anything at all... it's strange.

Shirk: What are the future goals for Parallels for the upcoming year?

Holly: We are recording and finishing up our album right now, and we hope to have it ready for the fall. We have a music video coming out as well. But mostly, we would just like to play more shows and meet more people.

Shirk: Speaking of shows, what's the worst show you guys have ever played, and the best?

Holly: The best was at the Steamwhistle Brewery; I don't think I have to explain why. And the worst was NXNE last month. It was total chaos; just a food court of bands, plug in and go, lots of distortion.

Shirk: Describe for me Parallels in three words.

Holly: Synth pop trio.

Shirk: And last but not least, what do you consider dead sexy?

Holly: I was going to say Michael Jackson, but that might be too literal.

Shirk: Okay then, let's just say the highest caliber of sexiness then.

Holly: David Bowie.

Shirk: I couldn't have said it better. Thanks Holly!

check out Parallels on myspace here or catch them when they play the TIME festival later this month in toronto.

after saying my goodbyes to holly, i ran over to the main stage just in time to catch broken social scene's set. the entire area around the amphitheater was fucking ridiculously packed. i saw a few buddies of mine, one of which being the quirky and super talented brandon sprouse, and he had a pretty good standing spot. i still couldn't see a bloody thing. but they started off with some new tunes, brought feist on stage, and there was an appearance by emily haines and james shaw from metric as they performed a slower acoustic version of their last big single, here comes the sun. amy millian from stars was also there singing backups. i was very pleased that they decided to make their set truly memorable, considering they were very vocal about feeling pretty shitty for canceling their olympic island show only weeks prior. but they had a good reason: they knew the garbage strike wouldn't allow for easy access to the island, and that it wouldn't be a fun cleanup afterwards. but the crowd was amazing. i ran into my two gal pals kara and erica, who randomly ran into the middle of a group of dudes dancing as they wore balloon animal hats. they even shared their hats with them! and while i was watching the soundcheck earlier in the day, i saw how on the side of the stage all of the BSS members had their wives, husbands, friends, kids... everyone was there. and that's why i think i love broken social scene so much; it might sound cheese, but they are truly a family unit based on love and friendship and good times. i bet a lot of the crowd never even heard a broken social scene song before, but everyone was dancing, laughing and being awesome. it was all about unity, and broken social scene is all about unity. it gave me a nice gooey warm feeling inside.



to celebrate me being awesome, i went out and got myself a tasty little tattoo friend today. happy summer!


a good ol' nogoodforme.com steal


Listening: Lots of Belle & Sebastian, Bloc Party, and I finally just downloaded the entire album of Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros
Watching: Switching back and forth form CNN to MTV for the Michael Jackson memorial service. Ugh.
Reading: Nothing at all. I've been procrastinating into buying myself a new book. Any suggestions?
Wearing: This disgusting brown over-sized v-neck mens wool sweater that I stole from my ex-drummer Braedon. And these cotton knee-length black shorts. I just grabbed whatever I saw first in my closet.
Wanting: My cheque a client owes me, for people to stop looking at my house even though we're obviously selling it, and a new job. Oh, and I want to move out soon. There.


As someone who's entire life has revolved around music, to hear that someone who has (in a way) taught me a lot about what I know has passed is quite sad. Martin Streak, who was on Edge 102, and involved in Toronto radio for 20 years, committed suicide on Monday night. He had just recently been fired (for what reason, unknown) and I guess... figured there was nothing else left for him to do.

Really sad for me... I pride myself on my vast knoweledge of music and other useless musical trivia, and Martin was one of those guys who opened my eyes and ears to the world of music, especially underground and indie rock, and always gave me something to have to talk about at the ol' watercooler. He also gave a lot of bands who would have usually gone completely unknown and unheard a chance.

From eyeweekly.com today:

EYE WEEKLY has learned tonight that former 102.1 The Edge on-air personality Martin Streek has committed suicide.

Streek had been one of the local modern-rock station's most recognizable voices for two decades, hosting the popular Thursday 30 countdown as well as live-to-air weekend broadcasts from the Phoenix Concert Theatre and Velvet Underground. However, in the wake of recent station restructuring, Streek and fellow Edge veteran Barry Taylor were shown the door this past May. Late Monday evening — following a reportedly grave Facebook status update — I was informed by a former Edge colleague that Streek had taken his own life.

Sad, sad, sad.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here on my couch watching CNN. Yes, I'm planning on watching the live coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial. A part of me feels this media circus is so distasteful, and another part of me believes that this is just the way that the celebration of a human life should always be; with people coming together, rejoicing and saluting. All I know is, Mariah Carey and John Mayer are said to perform. What the hell? Am I the only one totally confused by this? How can I get them to perform at my funeral and pretend that we were good friends when I was alive?

This past month has been full of so much death. What the hell is going on? I've had two close friends lose their grandmothers, M.J., Farrah Fawcett, the Oxy-Clean guy, and that guy from the Tonight show. I know, I'm horrible. But this shit is getting overwhelming!


you and i.


i thought i would share with you the grotesque outfit i wore the other day to work. isn't it grotesque? i felt like grossing out some customers that day. so gross! gross.

and i know that i may happen to be an american apparel employee, but whatever you do, never buy the Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt, what i'm wearing in the photo. it is the most fucking uncomfortable item of clothing i own. it doesn't sit well on your hips, it doesn't sit well at the high waist, it poofs out at the ass and makes it look fucking huge, and its really stretchy at the elastic band waist, but SUPER TIGHT AND NON STRETCHABLE at the bottom. not to mention, the inside material feels like that fake plastic sod that used to be on 1970's porches. so when you wear nylons with them, it gives off the most horrible feeling on your legs... like the equivalent to wearing nails on a chalk board.

ugh, i'm so unimpressed, i could start a facebook group! but. i won't.



it's been a busy day here on shirk, but here's one last note.

my interview with BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW is now up and readable now! find it on THE SPILL.

black moth super rainbow interview for the spill


SHIRK is very proud to present a brand new featurette:


with jen stewart

this week on ARE YOU AWARE: teenage boy egos.

Are you aware that your teen-age PEUNIS will never be enough to pleasure a woman? Are you aware?

next week: good shoe sales




my dear friend jen stewart is hosting an upcoming toronto art show titled DISFIGURED that we are all very excited about. featuring the works of some of the most talented free lance artists i've seen in the city, it's going to be a very classy and interesting evening to say the least. i hope you all can make it.


featured work by shaheer zazai, who's art will be displayed along side three other artists; abbas rixvi, chris ciric and susie park



proud to say i am officially part of the amazing line-up of people who are behind deadsexymag.com, toronto's newest and coolest culture web magazine. check out the brand new july issue, up today, and keep yourself in the cool loop.

i covered nxne for D.S., and have some more awesome things coming up with them!



in my opinion, anyways. forget that TIME LIFE infomercial "best love songs of the 70's", shit. these songs are, in my opinion, the best love songs. not necessarily songs about the happy side of love, especially. i think some of the saddest songs of course are to do with love, too. right? let me take a jab at this list, and your heart strings.


this song is a very personal song for me. gets me every time. i'm a real baby, and have always had an intense fear of abandonment. and it's happened to me too; so this song sits deep in my gut. Walk in silence, Dont walk away, In silence, See the danger, Always danger, Endless talking, Life rebuilding, Dont walk away. Like, seriously? Sung by Ian Curtis? And the somewhat chorus of the song that overwhelms the ears with a sudden wave of synth and chimes... very breath taking.


okay, you're in love with someone. more than anything. and then you really fuck up. that pain, and guilt, and yearning and aching for that person. we've all been there. If you still want me, Please forgive me, The crown of love, Is falling from me, If you still want me, Please forgive me, Because the spark, Is not within me. Sung by Win Butler, with a shaky near-tears voice, complimented by a harmonized string section and an old out of tune piano. Ugh. Tears!


THE ultimate love song. Bjork sings about being banished to the top of the mountain with her lover, forever to be forbidden from the world below. But she doesn't mind, because she's with him, and that's all she needs. I go through all this, Before you wake up, So I can feel happier, To be safe up here with you. In typical Bjork fashion, it's definitely not your typical love song. But it's a song like I've never heard before, oh so beautiful, and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful songs ever written.


You're going to make fun of me for this, but... I love this song. It's really cute, and slightly humorous. They talk about a boy who walks into a down town Toronto store, he sees a girl, falls in love. They move in together, fall in love, but she holds back because she believes that all men are jerks. They break up, he visits her store to spy on her. Genius! The girl works at the store sweet Jane St. Clair, Was dazzled by her smile while I shopped there, It wasnt long before I lived with her. I sang her songs while she dyed her hair. I just think it's cute.


Bloc Party, usually seen as a dance band, write some pretty beautiful love songs. This is one of my favorite. It's almost a song of that one point after a break up, you realize acceptance, but you will never forget. If that's way it is, Then that's the way it is, I still feel you and the taste of cigarettes, What could I ever run to, Just tell me it's tearing you apart, Just tell me you cannot sleep.Gorgeous.


A song so simple, yet so iconic, this is a song Robert Smith wrote for his wife for his wedding gift to her. However far away, I will always love you, However long I stay I will always love you, Whatever words I say I will always love you, I will always love you. And pfft, it's The Cure. Duh


This is a beautiful song. One about giving second chances, but not that easily. You have to make someone work for your lovin'. And it's not even about playing hard to get; it's about, I want you to love me...but show me how much you do, first. Is simplicity best, Or simply the easiest, The narrowest path, Is always the holiest, So walk on barefoot for me, Suffer some misery, If you want my love, If you want my love.


Now, this song isn't really one of their best. In fact, the lyrics are pretty shit. But the video for this song is one of my all-time favorites. Every time I hear the song, I think of the video. Young love, first times, and hardcore make-outs... brings me back to those days where I thought that being in love was without any obstacles or hardship. Whew, if only we knew then what we know now, am I right? I'll say it one last time, I've got to let you know, I've got to change your mind, I'll never let you go


Tom Petty has written more great songs than a lot of other musicians never ever will. Here Comes My Girl is a song that I would always hope a guy to hear and it'd make him think about me. Here comes my girl, Here comes my girl, Yeah she looks so right, She is all I need tonight.Oh Tom, you're such a cutie-pie!


Complimented by one of the most heart-warming and gorgeous music videos I've ever seen, this song... cannot ever be topped. It makes women swoon, and it's so darn simple. Something in the way she moves, Attracts me like no other lover, Something in the way she woos me, I don't want to leave her now, You know I believe in how.George, you were too good.