london street

as some of you may know, tomorrow is the official end of LONDON FASHION WEEK.
my god, what i would do to go. one year, i swear i have to! i know i'm definitely going to TORONTO FASHION WEEK; but let's face it, it's no where close.

of course i'm always excited to see what the ol' designers have in store for us design-wise for the next fashion year, but i'll be honest; i'm usually more interested to see what people wear TO the fashion shows!


honey, i'm home

with so much running through my mind lately, most of it has consisted of... when and how the hell am i going to move out? i think it's about that time; i've just been putting my design portfolio together slowly piece by piece, and will start looking for some promising job opportunities in the next few months. whenever i land it, i plan on moving into my own little humble abode. the rent, groceries, money problems and etc.. weeeell, let's worry about that later. for now, i will simply dream of my own little perfect apartment.

and etc.


I cut my hair. Again.
BUT. I actually like it this time. It's like Moe from the 3 Stooges meets Joan of Arc meets... cool person.

And I spent an hour of my evening colour-coordinating my closet. It looks great, but now I realize that I have way too much black and not enough pink.

2009: MORE PINK.


i just raped h&m

today, christopher and i head to the queen st. H&M.
i have had my eyes on a few items for a week or so now, and i've been planning various outfits together in my dreams.
here are some of the treasures i picked up this weekend, and i apologize for the crappiness of the photos.

as i i don't have enough plastic bangles, but i love that i got a good amount and they're an awesome salmon-pink colour. $5

BRING BACK THE FLATS! i'm so goddamn tired of boots, so by buying these awesome hot-pink flats, it's brought me hope for the hopefully soon warm weather. i have a lot of whites and greys and pastels in my closet, and a little punch of hot pink looks amazing and brings the whole look together. $16

this is the baby i've been looking at for weeks now. this is an amazing high-waist skirt made of a thick sweatshirt material in a great greyish almost mauve colour. $44

there was a stupid side-walk sale at sherway gardens last week, so i stepped into le chateau, which actually has a lot of great accessories, and found this amazing yellow flower pin. $9.

and a habitual american apparel purchase, the basic yellow body suit in sunshine yellow. $21

as for the skirt, i took a photo of myself in the change room with it on. picture it with grey tights and flats, though. i don't see myself wearing this with my knee-high black suede boots.

annnnnd, check out how cute i looked today.

that is all.

Untitled - by british on Polyvore.com

i want to be wearing this right now with an ice cream cone in one hand and a smoke in the other in the sun. that would be nice.

SHIRK (in print)

there are only two known copies of the SHIRK in print; but i thought i'd give you a little taste considering you will probably never see the original. all of these spreads, and all written content were created for me and by me.

in case you didn't know, besides being a fashion junkie, i make my moola as a graphic designer.
if you want to see some other stuff i've done, check out my blog for my design company, DIAMOND DESIGN. <- here.

well, i was going to keep it a secret...

but, SHIRK has some amazing news!
i've been meaning to start an interview section on SHIRK for a long time now, but i felt it best to have recorded or filmed, just because they're sexier that way.

i've got a lot of planning, and a lot of people i'm dying to chat with; my favorite artistic torontonians, fashionistas and celebrities, so the first batch of video interviews are on their way very soon!



sunny day
sunny day - by british on Polyvore.com

it's been decided; i am officially addicted to polyvore. thank you VERY much, madimoselle robot; i'm fucked for life.
anywho, this is my dream "if-it-was-warmer" outfit at the moment.



two posts in one day!? it must be a wednesday night.

i found two things in my drawer tonight that i cannot believe i had put in the "next stop- goodwill" pile.
i added a little pizzaz to both, and now are completely useable and loved once again.

i found this "the 80's just barfed" dress on a sidewalk sale at 69 vintage an hour before i was to play next door at the Social with Metronomy. i was going to wear it for the show, but after purchasing it for only $10 of course i didn't even bother to try it on. I ALWAYS DO THIS. so i took it home and hemmed the bottom with really crappy stitching, and i thought... oh well, another dress in the junk pile. but after matching it with a pink plastic belt and a denim shirt, it's toootally back in the closet.
metronomy's myspace

i found this sweater on the racks of the dixie rd. value village yeeears ago. it just fits sort of weird around the waist (as in makes the sticky-outty pokey-outty parts of my tummy and love handles very visible. but by putting a cute big pin (also from value village) on my lapel, it gives the sweater a little more pizzaz, and takes the focus away from the weird fitting.


here's the pin from my denim jacket i photographed a few posts ago. up close! that's the little pendant that comes on the back label of cheap monday jackets. once again, i stole it and put it on a gold safety pin. and it is now my favorite add-on accessory.

the damage

i'm really bad at saving money.

and with the recent turn of events regarding me thinking i should probably move out of my parents house and get a career rolling soon, i doubt my constant spending of whatever little it is i make is helping.

and here i am, making a wish list post! enjoy!

these new cheap mondays are amazing; i've seen them at Carte Blanche, my favorite little shop on Queen St., and these babies are only $60-70, too. the highwaist looks oh so sexy, and i love the detail on the crotch-toral area.

i have been looking for a pair of oxfords like these for EVER. i found a boot version of these, but as usual, didn't try them on at value village. so i'm keeping my eye out.

i love shorts, and i especially love highwaisted ones. the dark denim, and the rolled up bottoms; so cute! i found these on the topshop website, and they would come out to about $56 CDN.

i've been wanting these shoes forever.
edit: i bought them.
they are fab, look great with everything i own, and are oh so comfy and a nice change for my feet other than all of the crappy support-less flats i've been wearing. i got these babies at urban outfitters for $100.

it seems that everyone i fucking know has this bookshelf, and i think it's my turn. when will it be BRITTNEY'S TURN!? it's going for $149 at ikea, and it holds everything; even records fit in.

the h&m website is pretty much useless when it comes to someone wanting to know what's new. but they just featured this new sweater designed by some european artist, going for $34.90, and there's just something about it that i love.

besides that crap, we all know i have a disgusting shopping habit, so i'm sure i'll find more things i want within mere seconds of posting this.


what's old is new again

i haven't worn this jacket since last winter; i guess i found that it just wasn't warm enough for a typical canadian winter. by my god, after trying it on i forgot how damn fabulous it was.

i purchased this baby for jut a little under $120 at H&M last autumn, and the shape is amazing. it bells out at the bottom, has beautiful big black plastic buttons and the sleeves bell out by the wrists. not to mention the big tall thick collar is absolutely the best part.

since the weather has warmed up a bit, i've been rocking it.

demonic denim

shirt: very old denim shirt without tag; mystery gear
tanks: american apparel's sebastian teller's sexuali-t in white and american apparel sheer racer back in beige
bra: american apparel tube bra in white
leggings: vintage
pin: cheap mondays/self made
ring: h&m

i always used to think my mom was going through an awkward mom phase when she used to constantly wear denim shirts.

she obviously doesn't anymore; she's gotten better at keeping up with trends, AKA: raiding my closet.
but i've recently raided her closet! and this is where you find the sexiness of my brand new jean-shirt. which looks absolutely phenom with a big white tank and my black hair. and check out the gold pin on my pocket; i made it myself! whenever you buy a CHEAP MONDAY jacket or sweater, where the label is, they sew a cute little gold tooth and chain. i stole this particular chain from my boyfriends black CM trench. slip it on a gold safety pin, and ta-da! a sexy pin that looks great on anything and everything.


thrift stores tips and tricks

borrowed from dirtylaundry.wordpress

PT. 1

1. Get out of the city - although some people would say that the wealthier areas have the better clothes, this isn’t entirely true. People in cities know their clothes’ worth (this is bad).

2. Make sure you are going to a thrift store not a vintage store, there is quite a difference as you’ll find.

3. Find an area that has a lot of thrift stores close to each other, so that if the first one’s not for you, you can always leave and move onto the next.

4. As a general rule, thrift stores that are lacking in one area (such a dresses), thrive in other areas (such as handbags). So once you realize you’re looking through Leelee Sobeiski’s blouses, head on over to another section.

5. Go alone or go with someone patient. Thrifting can be a tedious process and if someone is constantly nagging and whining, you won’t be free to find the buried goods.

6. If you find something you like, but it doesn’t fit or something is torn, see if you can tailor it (or have it tailored), if not, let go - you’ll never wear it anyway.

7. Don’t be afraid of bathing suits. Try them on with your undies ON but when you get home, you can replace the lining with fabric from an old t-shirt.

8. You can sometimes tell if the item in question will be a good fit by the quality of fabric. Better fabric means better design.

9. If you see something that intrigues you, but you are a little intimidated by, get it. It’s not like it’s costing you that much anyway.

10. If they have a special section for costumes, DEFINITELY hit that up, I’ve found some of my favorite things in that section. (think glitter and exaggerated cuts)

11. Check the kid’s section, a lot of the adult section is old, shoulder-padded granny jackets, but the kids is fitted blazers and funny t-shirts.

12. If the thrift store in question has no changing room, many people would suggest that you bring a tape measure, but I understand that just because it fits doesn’t mean that the cut looks good, so if you want to try on a pair of pants or a top, find a long, loose skirt and put that on over what you’re wearing, and change under it.

13. In the end, if you’ve been digging for hours and still not come up with anything you like, accept defeat and go home and take a shower.

PT. 2

1. Buying a bunch of old graphic tees is not what thrift shopping is about. Although this may be your first inclination if you’re new to thrifting, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you won’t have any luck.

2. If you find something that you think has a cool pattern or neat embellishments but it doesn’t fit right or look that great on you, don’t give up hope, try it on upside-down or use it as something that it’s not. For example, if you see a skirt with a neat design but it’s too long and not worth the tailoring, try it on as a strapless dress.

3. Sometimes it’s hard to see the appeal in an article of clothing when its surrounded with a bunch of junk, try visualizing it on a fashion icon of yours if you’re uncertain or try to build an outfit with it in your mind.

4. If you think you’ve exhausted all of the clothing racks in the store, don’t stop there; check out any old paintings or dishes they might have - a stylish lifestyle for a stylish person.

5. If you’re into DIY, look for interesting fabric, cool buttons and zippers on old clothes that you could use in a project, a lot of the time you’ll pay less for them this way.

6. Get to know they people at your local thrift store, they’re definitely the people to know in this industry because they might be kind enough to let you know when they get new stuff in, let you see clothes that aren’t on display and give you discounts on your goodies.

7. It’s very hard to tailor high-waisted pants into regular-waisted pants, so if you’re going to risk it, be sure that your hi-top pants DO NOT give you camel toe. Yucky.

8. The best outfit to wear would be leggings, an easy skirt, a tank top, a belt that you can wear at the waist or the hips (so you can explore options of clothes), a thong as opposed to regular undies, and pointy toed flats (they’re comfortable and will help you visualise what something will look like with heels on).

9. Be on the lookout for clothes that remind you of your favorite designers, but don’t even think about the label, it will probably just disillusion you.

10. Ask around with other people who thrift if they have a ’spot’ where they get most of their good finds, but try not to be offended if they’re reluctant, thrifting is pretty personal (and competitive!)



i love gwen, and it's no secret that she's a huge style icon. and yes, i know, we've all seen what she's done, but after finding my no doubt album collection tucked away in some ikea storage box in my closet, i've decided to dust them off and put them back on the shelf! here are some of my favorite gwen fashion phases:


return to venus wasn't as critically acclaimed or well charting as most of their other albums, but definitely one of my favorite no doubt albums for sure. not only is this video for EX GIRLFRIEND awesome, but if you can painfully get over the corn rows, the style in this video has always been memorable for me. hit about 1:40; the shirt, shoes, undies combo blows my mind.

my favorite all-time phase in the colourful career of no doubt's gwen stefani is definitely the pink hair/return to venus era. the glossy eyes, hot pink hair and bright red lips... why can't more women pull up their panties and try this look? but in my opinion, this is the best no doubt video. gwen looks amazing through out the entire video, and fuck... the pink leather boots? the sequined purple tank? can someone please buy me this outfit? hit 1:05 to see that shit.


before their breakthrough album, and before gwen started sporting the whole 50's pin-up bomb shell look, she had this strange 1920's flapper meets courtney love thing going on, and i loved it. the whole arm warmers, thin eyebrows and plaid pants... so awesome! here's her from the first time no doubt played snl.

from the EXCUSE ME MR. vid. i know, it's really small, but doesn't she look fucking awesome?


this video is so good, it deserves it's own header. gwen looks stunning in this vid, and it'll always be one of my favorite videos just in general. this is when they were really letting their ska sound seep into their over all look and style as individuals. and this is when gwen was a total true bad-ass.


i haven't been a huuuuge fan of gwen's most recent looks, i mean yes... i know, she's a mum. she's keeping the platinum hair, and she has a really awesome clothing line LAMB that pretty much every time you see her out and about in public, she's wearing her own line from head to toe. but i found this photo from a recent photo shoot she did, and she actually looks pretty couture, so i approve.

other than that, i think i should go off to do other things that aren't such a waste of time.


my mom's parents, granny and grandpa d, are probably the coolest people i know. even though my grandpa passed a few years back, i'm still learning so much about him and about how much of an awesome person he was.
it's my aunts 50th birthday and my mom insisted on making a cute little picture board collage with photos of her from birth all the way up to this year. my grandma dug up some old photographs of them holding my aunt when she was just a few months old, and i can not get over how fucking COOL my grandparents were.

my grandpa was an inspiring artist at a very young age, and got into a design and advertising agency at the age of 21 by lying to them and saying that his truly non-existent portfolio was lost in a house fire. genius.

he later went on to become a painter, and one of the biggest advertising writers and designers that canada has ever seen. my professor from george brown college worked under my grandpa at a young age in the 70's and said if it wasn't for my grandpa, he wouldn't be who he was today.

they always had a amazing taste in clothing, furniture, music and culture in general. they've been all over the world, wore the slickest designer threads, and collected expensive art work, books, vespas and would smooze with the best.

i have this one photo of my grandpa that i have to upload of my grandfather, 1960, sitting on a sofa at a party, smoking a thin cigarette as he wore a black suit with a white skinny tie, thick black frames and early frank sinatra-esque hair.

ANYWAYS. the whole point of this blabbering is, my grandma found these shoes in her closet and asked if i would care to have them. they're green leather, Calvin Klein, late 60's.

could you have more amazing taste? and now they're mine. i just need to think of the perfect outfit to go with them.
nothing is better than getting stuff from your grandma.

she also gave me her prom dress, which is a mixture of hot and baby pinks with plastic sequins and fluffy and mesh fabrics; it's fucking awesome. also another hot pink wool sleeveless turtleneck dress with big round pink beads sewn all around the neck.

i need to take some photos of this shit!

but yes. never under estimate the closet of your elders. i suggest you go to one of them now and ask if they have anything to wear that they don't want anymore. you'll be surprised by the treasures you'll find!