thoughts on this very snowy january afternoon

so far, it's been a pretty odd 2009.
a lot of intensity, am i right? a lot of dramatic situations. i just got over the worst illness i think i've ever gone through in my twenty-two years on this earth; i was curled up in a ball of pain for nearly a week. i'm glad to say that i'm back on my feet, drinking fountain soda and playing with my little kitty Peaches (of course, named after the Geldoph, not the Canadian electro-lez).

here are some key things i've noticed today.

1) I buy way too much clothing. I'm going to say that 60% of every pay cheque of mine goes towards clothing. I still have stuff in bags on my art desk that I haven't even taken tags off and worn yet. But I am christening a sweatshirt that I purchased for a mere five bones at the dirty yet delightful underground black market the other day.

actually, let's delve into that, shall we? here are some things i've purchased lately.

I love buying tapes, even though I'm pretty sure I don't even have a tape player. They're fun and cheap to collect, and some day you just might have someone ask you if you've got any good tapes; like last month when Christopher borrowed his dad's ancient peice of shit car with only a tape player in it. Perfect! I found three New Order tapes; Brotherhood, Technique and the Blue Monday single. As well, Depeche Mode 101, just a collection of some of their best.

I already have quite the collection of scarves, big and small, but I recently bought a few in some really nice pinks and pastel and floral patterns. This is one of them. I realized I have way too many red and blue and primary coloured scarves, so I went on a little more of a feminine pick.

Here's that sweatshirt I was telling you about. It's nice and warm, too.

I bought these sunglasses a while ago, even though I already have about 20 pairs, but I think everyone needs a pair of heart-shaped glasses at least once in their life, am I right? I wish they were red. And I wish it were spring and sunny so that I could wear them more. I think I've worn them once outside since I bought them. Don't worry babies, you'll be on the bridge of my nose soon.

One of the things that got me through my winter cabin fever so far this year has been the constant over-play of Joy Division - the documentary on bell expressvu mpix. Then they started showing "control", the film released last year about ian curtis and joy division. it was good, mainly because it was based on this book: touching from a distance by debbie curtis, ian's widow. it's pretty good, if you're a joy division fan. but you'll grow to really hate ian; he seems to have been a real dick.

other than that, i just have a lot of other crap. a lot of american apparel crap. nothing else, really.

and i've spent the majority of the day watching a ghost busters marathon on mpix, again. you always get me, mpix. i did hang out with my dad today, though. i bought him lunch at this little burger joint on dundas, and then we head over to our favorite place to shop together, value village. i picked myself up ANOTHER pair of sunglasses, a few little pins and scarves. my dad is crazy; he always manages to find the most amazing things that are worth ridiculous amounts of money; like a mint condition leather ralph lauren jacket for $9. i bought it for him. but when we got in like to pay, he came up behind me with a decorative wooden painted Loon. you know, like the ones you see on the mantle place at someone's cottage? yeah, he bought it. my mom has yet to come home from work. she's going to be pleased.