hey everybody, brittney writing you from the land of shirk. my, what a windy day today! i went out for a cigarette and nearly caught air. i've always dreamt of being able to fly, but today's just not the day.

i finally got the majority of my halloween costume in gear yesterday; i headed to malibar , only the best costume shop in toronto, and got myself a wig, a cigarette holder and a garter belt, for (ladies and gents) i'm going to be the best goddam betty boop you have ever fucking seen. i already tried the cigarette holder; it makes the cigarette taste like metal. we'll see how sick i get.

i'm in the mood for creativity, all things fall and spontaneity. i need to get into painting more, playing more music and putting more effort into everything in general. i'm also in the midst of deciding on who will be the featured music piece for the november issue of dead sexy magazine. any suggestions?