sister im a poet! says: (8:43:34 PM)
can you please pitch a story about dudes who used to be willing to smack a beer bottle out of someones hand but now will gladly accept the income from bar sales?

please, people. i've been talking about this for months and i'm glad that i finally have someone on my page about this.

what the fuck is going on in toronto? not only is the scenester (aka social, circa) scene looking sadder than kiss and poison's scenes in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years, but apparently any fucking loser on the street can be a bar-filling dj.

not only that, but i'm starting to notice a huge rush of ex straightedgers ditching their hardcore roots and djing electronic music at bars, DRINKING at the bars, and pocketing bar sales... hence, my friendly quote above.

i'll stop bitching. the truth is, most of toronto is pretty rad. it just seems like there's barely any diversity music/dj wise in the city right now. i used to visit strangelove for the 60's dance pop nights, and visit shake a tail occasionally... but basically if i want to hear justice, i could just go to EVERY OTHER BAR IN THE CITY.

i remember seeing an episode of the new music a few years ago talking about toronto's new club electro scene. and there, in the video, the same god damn faces you see on every poster, every event invitation and in every photo uploaded the day after on facebook.


time for something new, toronto.