i stumbled across this awe-inspiring photo on coolhunter today; a photograph of an actual bus stop in rotterdam (netherlands). i don't know if you can tell right away, but the advertisement on the bus stop wall, to the right of the girl, simply shows a number. well, the ad is for the netherlands biggest fitness and gym chain, fitness first. when you sit on the seat, innocently awaiting your bus's arrival, the pure shock and horror of peering to the right to see your BLOODY WEIGHT IN BIG RED LETTERS FOR EVERYONE TO READ.

i have to admit, having majored in advertising and being a person with a quick, witty mind that would probably come up with something as awful as this, i can definitely say this is one of the most EFFECTIVE advertisements i've seen. fuck, what the hell would YOU do! i'd be like, shit... guess i'm joining fitness first. am i right? right.

at the same time, i'm equally able to voice whenever i see that advertisements take it too far. and at times they do. it gets the point across, and in that it succeeds, but do we need even more eating disorders and weight insecurities? not saying this ad would trigger such things, but people could equally take it as "Yeeeeah. You're fat."